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Tuesday, November 29, 2011



Friday, November 25, 2011



I will be away for a while.


mood: unknown.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


5 OUT OF 15. :(. Kinda sad, hope that I could do better than that. 

Maybe it's not my luck. Just keep on fighting and struggling.

Talking to the patient and his wife taught me a lot about how they believe and put all trusts to the doctors.

I'm only a medical student, not yet a doctor, but still they kinda put a lot of hope when I was taking the history.

"Pak cik, mak cik, jangan risau. Kami akan cuba buat yang terbaik."

Semangat, semangat, semangat! =)
P/s: Kami here refers to all medical students in the world. Especially YOU. =)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

this is today's thought.

hey. salam. pictures will explain everything regarding today. :)

Ttyl. Only smart people know. =P

Thursday, November 17, 2011

bad day

tick tock tick tock. that is the only sound I listen at this moment. The sound of the wall clock. Sigh. Sigh for no reasons. Yeah, there are too much reasons actually. T_T. unbearable ulcer pain at the inner part of left lower lip. feel like cutting that one away. I hate ulcer, but it keeps on bugging me at least once a month. usually I get ulcers because I am so stubborn to drink lots of water, but now I get the new ulcer because I accidentally bite my lip. I talked less today, kinda. Even when I was in the ward, where I supposed to clerk cases, I couldn't clerk well because it hurts when I talked a lot. So, I prefer to just chilling out and just read the cases from the case files. But, guess what? I managed to draw the blood from the real patient in the blood bank. It was so exciting, even at the very first place, I kinda nervous to perform that. :p..

Then, at the afternoon , I had my PBL session. I've not done well.:(.. Uhhh feel so stupidos. :(

At the evening, my little brother called. He lost his mp3, the one that I gave him before because of his good upsr results. He previously lost his handphone too, which I gave to him too. So dissapointing. Haihhh, little brotha, please be careful next time and please appreciate the one that I gave. I gave it with love, so keep it well.:(..

Then, come the story about ticket going back... to go or not to go? to leave or not to leave? am I able to be alone in the hostel? hmmm..

one thing that always keep me calm:)- At Umbai, Melaka.

Thanks mcd for the treat. looks yummy kan?:D- Umbai-
All in all, not in a good mood today. :( Salam all.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


sorry for the burden I've made.

sorry for the troubles I bring.

sorry because sometimes I demand a lot.

sorry for the undescribable emotions sometimes.

sorry for everything.

Friday, November 11, 2011

hi, weekend.

super-exhausted. super super super exhausted. even Dr. Lakshmi noticed the tiring face.:(

  • lack of sleep?

  • or because of the 4 and a half hours protocol presentation this morning?

  • or because today is the last day in O & G department for the third year?

  • or because emotionally unstable? ( nothing much, I just miss home a lot. )

  • I wonder what are the reasons. maybe all of the above? =.=

feeling like closing the eyes and dreaming the whole day. DREAMING. :)

anyway, I sweated a lot today. yeah, well what else if it wasn't because of the badminton. :p. 

Keep practising. Add up the stamina to the maximum level! 

11.11.11. Nothing special happened today. It is just a date. a special date. Guess today will be chosen for the couples 

to get married. Easy to be remembered till the rest of their lives. Even their small grandchildren will remember. :)).

Till then, salam. Say hi to weekend.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Salam.. Walking around the housing area, chit-chatting about many things were so way good after a busy life. :) Thanks to Syikin Wanzul for the sincere accompany. I think, it's been a long time since I last walked without aims, talking about things unrelated to study and medicine and postings. Feel so good! ;)). And on the way, I saw a known football boot, orange in color( if I am not mistaken). (rasa bangga sekejap sebab boot yang cantik tu saya la yang pilih. :P).

Today, not much things have happened. Just finished protocol challenge( one of the end posting exam) in the evening. Nothing much to comment. Let by gone be by gone. Focus for the next posting insyaAllah.

Aim for tonight: Washing clothes, clear my study tables and keep my clothes in the cupboard properly. And studying not to forget.

And today, I suddenly think about beaches. BEACH as in beach not the other 'beach'. Hee.. :). Calm and refreshing. Maybe romantic and memorable? Who knows? :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Well, salam and hello all! :)) Can see the smiling face next to what I have written? Yeah, it is kinda fake actually. :(. I just finished my long case end posting examination early morning today. Not much to comment, yeah Dr. Sachi, as the name suggest, he is kinda sarcastic to what he says and to what he acts. Anyway, he's a lot better than one other Surgery lecturer( name cannot be mentioned) who is labelled to be the most SCARIEST doctor on Earth. Yelling and chasing the students out of the class is just sooo him. I am so gonna face him very soon, well not so soon because surgery is my last posting. Can you imagine the expectations he is going to have on us since we are the last groups? Life is tough man. :(. Being a medical student is not as honeymoon as other courses. A lot of things to be learnt, to be read, to be practised and to be memorised.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Layman proverb that we use but sometimes we take that for granted, aren't we? We think we've done well but actually a lot more to be gained without simply sitting on a comfort chair while youtubing or facebooking. I am talking about myself. Maybe the way Dr. Sachi got mad with us just was kinda over-the-limit, since the questions he asked ALL were about the management but we know NOTHING about that because we think that managements are supposed to be covered by the seniors, not the freshie/ juniors/ new learners like us. Yeah, he was not supposed to get mad like that, but maybe at the positive side, it was our fault too, for NOT trying to read about the management thoroughly. It's like a lesson to me. Don't stop reading. Because new knowledge is not only by seeing or practising but it also comes with reading, reading and reading non-stop. Theory, something that we need to polish more, because without it, we can't afford to perform the examinations if we don't have any idea about the theory overlying the diseases. Okay. Fit, please, learn a lesson.:)) . Obstetrician in wish list, remember?:) The next posting is MEDICINE and hopefully I will try to improve on this. Good luck! :)

Next chapter: It's only one day and I miss them already. :(. Dear loves, please pray for my success. Love u all a lot. :).

tiga gadis yang tak berapa nak ayu. hihi

dua jejaka mata sepet.:D*anak abah la ni mata sepet*;p

ma, abah,adik aliff yang nak boot baru utk birthday*thinking about jpa if I were to give him the gift. :O

I keep on laughing because of these tiga budak gila gila .

adam, muka nak edit aje, nak amekau kak own tak edit hahahhaah.

I love them. so mucho much mucho. ( the pot belly is to be included if I meant the first sentence. )

Next next chapter: I've been bullied. By a big rounded like, pot belly creature. =p.. Boo!! Whatever it is, always and always, I would like to say "warong kap"..(^_^)

I don't mind if u have pot belly. Ily as always. *tutup muka malu*=p

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I am sorry. I know I have hurt u, I know I make u sad, please forgive me.

Thousands time I keep saying: I am hurt when you are hurt. I REALLY mean this.

Hopefully, you will get well soon. I love you.

Gonna have my end posting exam tomorrow. I hope I can focus well, insyaAllah.

Goodbye for now. Salam. :(

I am sorry. I can't resist the tears that keep falling.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Love u!





Wish to watch the latest movie of him, Ra. One!! =))))))

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Audry, be good with papa. :)

Audry. Please don't hurt mama.. :(.. I don't know why on Earth all of a sudden, I couldn't listen to any voices/ songs/ ringtones in my beloved Audry which happens to be my dear Samsung Galaxy. :(.. It happened without any clear reasons, there was no history of falling down, no history of high grade fever and no history of being assaulted for this little Audry. Papa took Audry already to look after it for a while. Please behave with papa.. Pity him because he has to take care of you for a while since mama don't know what to do and kinda blank to face the problems you have sayang. :( Please get well soon. We love you.

Mama to Audry. :")