Thursday, August 5, 2021


 Assalamualaikum, after a longgg hiatus for about 3 years, I produced a post again. haha

I have plenty of things to be done at work , but I need to stop and relax my mind for a bit. I'm tired, both physical and mentally. 

Before I begin, I would like to share some news. I am now a mother of three since 5/10/2020. My third born, a boy, we named him Muhammad Faheel Affan. He was born @ 38 weeks 3 days via SVD with BW 2. 75 kg, good Apgar score. Alhamdulillah , he is such a cutie like his big brother and sister, and alhamdulillah thriving well. Regarding working, I am currently being appointed as YM in a clinic in Perlis, it is really a big move for me, really ' going out of the comfort zone' kinda situation . I will further share my experience regarding that later, if time permits me. Lols. 

And another news is that, I am happily sharing with you guys that me and my husband have purchased our second house! Alhamdulillah. By purchase I mean, still monthly payment by LPPSA haha. I think this house is going to be our pencen house insyaAllah , we' ll see later on. But for now, I will reside here. I love being here. I love waking up without having to worry about stuck in the traffic jam. 

And I think it is a good place to settle down here, and to raise our little family. 


In three years time, one major thing that ever happened to us, is , this sudden pandemic that we have never crossed our minds at all dealing with a pandemic! A worldwide kinda situation, our world is being hit by a deadly virus, Covid- 19. I really have never thought of this. At all. But this virus has made too much of changes, many have suffered, many have lost loved ones, many have affected emotionally and physically, and financially. Pandemic taught me a lot of things. From PKP, PKPB, PKPD, PPN, etc. Perlis is already moved to PPN Phase 3 ( Pelan Pemulihan Negara) in which we already achieved few milestones that allow us to reach to this point. 

I am now a PJJ situation with my husband who is currently pursuing his study for master programme in Kelantan. I just hope Allah protects my husband wherever he is. I am now handling my three growing kids alone guys can you imagine. I pee 30 second, I take bath 3 minutes daily. Every second counts when you have a neonate. Phew haha. May Allah keep my sanity and at the same time, make ease of the process of both my husband and I and our beautiful kids. 

Will share with you guys later if time permits me . I need to go. I have tons of work to be done. 

stay safe, maintain SOP, 

XOXO, Fit.

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