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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hey, there. I'm coming back.:)

It's been a long time.
And fyi, I've finished my one-month-holiday in lovely Malaysia.
Yeah, the feel of goin back after one year was very addictive. Well, now I'm in the third block, which means the university exam is really around the corner, an INCH to reach the corner: to be precise.
And my feelings right now are mixed-up like a blended juice.

I'm SCARED for the exams as too much to be read and studied.
I'm LAZY as I just came back from holidays and actually now I'm still in the mood of holidays, really.
I'm IN LOVE and that is still under a cognitive thinking whether I should write over here or not, but yeah gotcha and I did it. Oi, don't think something else. I'm IN LOVE with the lotsa books on the table. Yeah, thinking that you have left the books for month and now you are trying to get back to it. :)

Have you guys been thinking that how the time goes so fast? It's like what people use to say: PEJAM CELIK PEJAM CELIK and tadaaaa it's done and new biggie things come in front of you, and the cycles continues.

* It's not that Sick Cycle Carousel by LIFEHOUSE. ngeee...

Maybe, after this I might be updated this blog seldom as too much tasks on the lists but I can't really say this because if I feel like telling you guys my daily story, I'll write. And for those who admit as my BLOG-STALKERS( haha) keep on stalking and commenting. I'd love that. LOL.

Okay enough of this.

I miss them so much like so much, really. :'(