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Saturday, September 22, 2012


Summary of the weekend:

  • Thanks to my mak and abah, Adam, Wa for the surprise. I'm so happy, to see you guys cz miss you guys a lot. :"). I promise I will work harder and harder after this!! =)
  • Thanks for joining again my family, thanks and I really appreciate it. :)
  • However, I just realized one thing. Maybe I am no longer your priority. Your friends are. I know, they are fun, enjoyable, easy to be treated, no sulking like I did. Yes, I am jealous to your friends, like a lot. Never mind, I will try to overcome. I will and always. 

Monday, September 17, 2012


I don't feel good tonight. I feel so alone, I feel so down, feel so sad, dunno how to explain. I feel so weak, feel like crying. Now, if I feel like crying, I have to cry all alone, no one is there to listen to my sadness, back to those time when I didn't have anybody, not that I 'really' don't have anybody, it's just that, if before this, I used to share my sadness, nowadays, it seems that I couldn't share the tears anymore, he can never see, he never knows, but still he can console me, but not by speaking to me, but yet, by typing to me. It's not the same:(.

To bother my friends, not a good idea I think, they are all busy studying, and end up, I'm in my room, wiping my tears alone. Even now, if I try to study, I can't really focus, feel so stupid, I don't know anything :( .

Then, I keep thinking about my future, my life and everything. Now, I may plan a lot of things, I may dream to have a lot of things, to gain a lot of things, but truth is, only HE will decide what will be my fate. What the only thing I can do is by PRAYING hard, hoping that my dreams and plans come true. And if, the plans don't go the way it should, I really hope I can face it with open heart.

 It's hard, really hard. Please give me your shoulder, so that I can cry without worries in my mind anymore. :(
Good night and Assalamulaikum.

Honeymoon Trip

Salam and hello everybody. Just now I watched some photos of my friend, just married. She went to Japan for honeymoon with her husband. So enjoyable and amazing trip, I think based on the photos! :)) Then, all of a sudden, a light bulb popped into my mind. Where would I go for my honeymoon later? Hehe, I know, it is too early to think about but who cares, that's my dream , so let it be right? ;)
I dream of one one place in which I think most of you who follows my blog would not. It's Eiffel Tower!! I've been told by so many friends who have been there, that not much things in Eiffel Tower, you just go there, and have a look at it, not much you can do. I know, I know, maybe they are right. But, I wish to go there myself and feel it myself. :)) .

So, as one of my honeymoon wish, I really wish to travel around Europe! :) Have to start saving money from now. :) I don't think I can spend a month for honeymoon since insyaAllah I will be a doctor one day, and you already know how busy the doctor would be. But, a week is enough for me, at least a week. Hee. Because I also know that once I become a doctor, there will be less less time to travel.. :( . But who cares! Europe trip please, Europe trip! And plus, my future hubby really so into Man U, and being able to visit the Manchester would be his dream too! Why don't we combine, and go there during the honeymoon? Hee. I'm too excited right now. :)) . Yes, we plan, and HE is the one who is the best planner.

But, so far, this is my dream. Europe Honeymoon Trip, with no one else but you, yeah you-know-who-you-are. :))

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sabar itu pahit, natijahnya manis:)

I felt so happy today, so happy.

Only HE knows why. :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I dialed the numbers one by one,
Hoping to listen to your voice,
For other kind of matters,
But, it is left unanswered.
I don't know,
It suddenly cracked my tiny heart a bit, a bit.

A text received, saying something else,
Ignoring the call, yes, the call,
No return call, none, nothing is there,
Silent, and ignorance,
Why oh why..
Now, it cracked a lot, yes, a lot.

Trying to hold on, but I couldn't,
I crumpled myself by the corner,
A warm drops of fluid on the cheek,
And that's it.

Monday, September 3, 2012

smell of you


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Birthday

Feel like typing today. Before I begin, I just want to say,


Alhamdulillah, I've already 23, one number is added to my age. I'm all grown up, am I? Haha, actually, I am still wondering whether I can be classified under the title, ADULT yet. Based from my actions, thoughts and behaviour, it seems that I am not compatible to be an adult yet. I don't think it's a good thing, however on the other side actually, I really wish people to be called me as teen, not adult, feel so young. Hehe, but yeah life continues and days passes, we are aging, so the term adult should be in my mind right now, yes, I am an adult already , so called. 

Special thanks to those who wished me, directly, like smsing or calling me, to my parents, mak and abah, my siblings, to you yeah you-know-who-you-are, and to my friends of course, who knocked on my door exactly at 12am in the midnight to wish me, while I was blurred and so messy during the time since I just woke up from sleep. Thank you thank you. :) Not forgetting to the people out there who wished me on facebook, on twitter, even on skype. I am so grateful to have you guys in my life, really. 

mira, zaty and me. ;) <3.

mun and syikin. ;)

Strawberry Marshmello Cheese cake. Thanks kawan- kawan :)

I'm already 23. Exactly the age that my mak got married with my abah. Hehe, it was 25 years back. Now, everything has changed. We live in a modern time, too early for me to get married, or maybe 'belum sampai jodoh.' But if in case, I will get married even during my medical course, I will let you all know k, please pray the best for me and him . :)

Last night, I watched Julie & Julia movie, hee, I'm so in love with the movie, not so heavy, it's just well within my type of movie, even actually, I should have started studying last night. Hee. ;). 

Okay, last two minutes. Love you all a lot. :) Salam. ;)