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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

update. not much

the driver last nite. my cuzzie. thanks dear. :)

drinks that woke us up along the journey from kedah.

bosan bosan.
 Thanks to my cousun. finally she sent me safely to the college back. 1200am on the dot that time. then she continued her journey to her place, Kluang, Johor. By 230am, she arrived there. Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, today's event. windmill. celebrating epah's 22nd birthday. my usrah-mate. happy birthday dear. =) *sorry, the whole pictures are with Kak Mehy, my other usrah-mate. =)
grilled chicken and fish at windmill melaka.

notice the drink? ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#Wishlist Number 3


-not my photos. I just googled. =)))

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A hard day.

I just finished my medicine clinical end posting exam, not the MCQs and MEQs part yet, with Dr. Lakshmi. She's cool, pretty great and one of the best doctors. But, I screwed up the exams this morning. ::(. I've never 'about to burst' but this time around, it happened. It wasn't a hard case, just a patient came with breathlessness which I correctly pointed out the diagnosis as acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma. But then, still, there were many things that she didn't satisfy. I didn't know why. Maybe I left some findings that I supposed to know. Luckily the patient was cooperative, and answered all my questions very well. Because I kept everything in my heart, just listened to her rising her voice, at the end of the examination, my voice started to slow down and change a bit when I answered her question about investigations. I could answer but because of the voice, it looked all unclear. Then, I tried to convince myself just to hold on and be strong because the exam was about to end already. Be grateful that the patient was cooperative enough, compared to other patients who were usually looked down to medical students. That is it. That's my day today. I wanted to share it with my parents to but I couldn't tell them since I didn't want them to feel pity for me. Maybe I shouldn't blame Dr. Lakshmi for that. Maybe it was my fault too. Be strong fit, be strong. :")

Monday, December 19, 2011

#Wishlist Number 2


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nothing much, just a quote.:)

If I text you, it's because I miss you. If I'm not texting you, it just means I want you to miss me too. If we aren't texting each other, maybe we should just call & simply say "I love you".
- Triston Causey

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I don't know how to explain.

I am NO good.

I am NO special.

I am an ORDINARY girl who always tend to do thousands of mistakes.

Sometimes I have uncontrolled EMOTIONS which goes in favour with SADNESS even for small

little things.

And sometimes, I feel GUILTY for always making you WORRIED and SAD.

You are NICER than typical me. 

I am NO great. Screw me. Screw me.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Salaah. :)

It's too much. Way too much. I just finished less than 50% of CVS while RS remains untouched. Test is just tomorrow. T_T. Now, my head is full already, have to write something to relax it before another trigger. Yeah, medicine. Don't mumble. It's your choice. Be grateful to Him for giving you the chance to study and to learn about all these stuffs. Not everybody is lucky.

Actually, there's something that pop up my mind since this morning, about how sick people perform their prayers. Based on the study I've read, 90% of Muslims( particularly in Malaysia) stop praying while they are sick. Quite a sad fact, right. We always get reminded that, Islam is easy, if you can follow. Islam never burden the slaves. But, why we use the excuse 'sick' to stop praying? It supposed to be this way: The more sicker you are, the more closer we are to the Highness. Kan? Hurm. Anyway, why this thing become the main topic is because I just read about this in the hospital itself. One of the writers said that, those who couldn't perform the prayer while standing can perform the salaah while sitting on the bed, or even if things are even worse, the patients can perform the prayers while lying down on the bed. Ya Allah. :"). It's not a problem at all for those who are admitted in hospital for chronic, acute or untreatable diseases to perform the salaah.

So think about it people. To those medical students out there, or doctors, use this chance to advise the patients to continue praying even if they are sick . It's our duties. Remember, Islam is the way of life, and it is simple if we really understand about it.

That's all for now. Gotta finish what's left. Davidson, MacLeod is waiting for me. Till then, goodbye and salaam. =)

Sunday, December 11, 2011



When I blindly said that I wanted to distant myself from you, it means that I can't resist that I love you way too much.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

#Wishlist Number 1

Almost in the middle of December. Yeahhh can't wait for January to show up. Not because I want to end this year as fast as possible, but because I want to improve many things in life and fulfill my wish lists in a good way of course. From January to December 2011, many many things happened. How I get through many things including bad, good journey and how I survived.

I still remembered about 2010. Tears were my best friend during the time. From the beginning of year till the end of that year. Yeah, good things also happened but being masked by things that hurt. But, I learnt a lot that time, about true love, friendship, my heart desire, and family. Then 2011 showed up. Hello to 2011. Alhamdulillah, my heart became stronger than before, and some parts of my life chapters went well as what I wished and prayed. :). Thanks to THE ONE UP THERE who strengthened myself, so that I can stand well until today.

From now on till 2011 closes the curtain, I will write out about my wishes for next year, remind me if in case I forget and please pray for me that everything goes well. =). The wishes may not always be in order, since I will just write the wish that I remember first. :). Renew your intention people, and be ready for the upcoming challenges of life in front.

  • Note: I have registered my name for the driving class. Now I am searching for good and free weekend to start off. Good luck, Fit! =)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


sedih. they went back already. :(. but many good things happened too:). Thanks to mak and abah for willingly came and visited me. Thanks to my adik-adik too. They cheered up my busy daysss. :").. Enough of 'tuang' kelas as mak and abah usually said. ;p.. focus in my study! nak abeh belajar cepat- cepat!! =))))

By the way I forgot to update that we are already in the month of December. How time flies so fast. I am at the end of 22 already, about to become 23. But, I know and I realise that I am not yet a good, perfect, smart, hardworking adult. Yeah, ADULT. That's my middle name now. Jangan tak percaya. =P. Anyway, as before, I usually made a list of wishes that I hope they become true. Same like this year. Lots of things and wishes encircle my mind, but I think I will not yet reveal the wishes. Maybe the right time will come and that time maybe I will update about those wishes later. =).

Audry is still the same. No improvement. =.=.

Thanks to him too for willingly joined the club. Sorry for any troubles during our journey together. :). And just want to let you know that you look pretty much coooll while driving. ;))

Good bye for now. :).

video ni takde kaitan dengan post di atas. it is just that, i love the song. =). untuk kamu.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

how the feeling becomes when it is mixed up? :S


got it right?

Ma and abah are coming. *BIG SMILEEEEE*

big grin!

I have learnt the correct way of ECG *SATISFIED FACE*

Satisfied face of this child getting the ice cream is similar to mine when I am little bit understood about ECG. Alhamdulillah=)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011



Friday, November 25, 2011



I will be away for a while.


mood: unknown.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


5 OUT OF 15. :(. Kinda sad, hope that I could do better than that. 

Maybe it's not my luck. Just keep on fighting and struggling.

Talking to the patient and his wife taught me a lot about how they believe and put all trusts to the doctors.

I'm only a medical student, not yet a doctor, but still they kinda put a lot of hope when I was taking the history.

"Pak cik, mak cik, jangan risau. Kami akan cuba buat yang terbaik."

Semangat, semangat, semangat! =)
P/s: Kami here refers to all medical students in the world. Especially YOU. =)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

this is today's thought.

hey. salam. pictures will explain everything regarding today. :)

Ttyl. Only smart people know. =P

Thursday, November 17, 2011

bad day

tick tock tick tock. that is the only sound I listen at this moment. The sound of the wall clock. Sigh. Sigh for no reasons. Yeah, there are too much reasons actually. T_T. unbearable ulcer pain at the inner part of left lower lip. feel like cutting that one away. I hate ulcer, but it keeps on bugging me at least once a month. usually I get ulcers because I am so stubborn to drink lots of water, but now I get the new ulcer because I accidentally bite my lip. I talked less today, kinda. Even when I was in the ward, where I supposed to clerk cases, I couldn't clerk well because it hurts when I talked a lot. So, I prefer to just chilling out and just read the cases from the case files. But, guess what? I managed to draw the blood from the real patient in the blood bank. It was so exciting, even at the very first place, I kinda nervous to perform that. :p..

Then, at the afternoon , I had my PBL session. I've not done well.:(.. Uhhh feel so stupidos. :(

At the evening, my little brother called. He lost his mp3, the one that I gave him before because of his good upsr results. He previously lost his handphone too, which I gave to him too. So dissapointing. Haihhh, little brotha, please be careful next time and please appreciate the one that I gave. I gave it with love, so keep it well.:(..

Then, come the story about ticket going back... to go or not to go? to leave or not to leave? am I able to be alone in the hostel? hmmm..

one thing that always keep me calm:)- At Umbai, Melaka.

Thanks mcd for the treat. looks yummy kan?:D- Umbai-
All in all, not in a good mood today. :( Salam all.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


sorry for the burden I've made.

sorry for the troubles I bring.

sorry because sometimes I demand a lot.

sorry for the undescribable emotions sometimes.

sorry for everything.

Friday, November 11, 2011

hi, weekend.

super-exhausted. super super super exhausted. even Dr. Lakshmi noticed the tiring face.:(

  • lack of sleep?

  • or because of the 4 and a half hours protocol presentation this morning?

  • or because today is the last day in O & G department for the third year?

  • or because emotionally unstable? ( nothing much, I just miss home a lot. )

  • I wonder what are the reasons. maybe all of the above? =.=

feeling like closing the eyes and dreaming the whole day. DREAMING. :)

anyway, I sweated a lot today. yeah, well what else if it wasn't because of the badminton. :p. 

Keep practising. Add up the stamina to the maximum level! 

11.11.11. Nothing special happened today. It is just a date. a special date. Guess today will be chosen for the couples 

to get married. Easy to be remembered till the rest of their lives. Even their small grandchildren will remember. :)).

Till then, salam. Say hi to weekend.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Salam.. Walking around the housing area, chit-chatting about many things were so way good after a busy life. :) Thanks to Syikin Wanzul for the sincere accompany. I think, it's been a long time since I last walked without aims, talking about things unrelated to study and medicine and postings. Feel so good! ;)). And on the way, I saw a known football boot, orange in color( if I am not mistaken). (rasa bangga sekejap sebab boot yang cantik tu saya la yang pilih. :P).

Today, not much things have happened. Just finished protocol challenge( one of the end posting exam) in the evening. Nothing much to comment. Let by gone be by gone. Focus for the next posting insyaAllah.

Aim for tonight: Washing clothes, clear my study tables and keep my clothes in the cupboard properly. And studying not to forget.

And today, I suddenly think about beaches. BEACH as in beach not the other 'beach'. Hee.. :). Calm and refreshing. Maybe romantic and memorable? Who knows? :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Well, salam and hello all! :)) Can see the smiling face next to what I have written? Yeah, it is kinda fake actually. :(. I just finished my long case end posting examination early morning today. Not much to comment, yeah Dr. Sachi, as the name suggest, he is kinda sarcastic to what he says and to what he acts. Anyway, he's a lot better than one other Surgery lecturer( name cannot be mentioned) who is labelled to be the most SCARIEST doctor on Earth. Yelling and chasing the students out of the class is just sooo him. I am so gonna face him very soon, well not so soon because surgery is my last posting. Can you imagine the expectations he is going to have on us since we are the last groups? Life is tough man. :(. Being a medical student is not as honeymoon as other courses. A lot of things to be learnt, to be read, to be practised and to be memorised.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Layman proverb that we use but sometimes we take that for granted, aren't we? We think we've done well but actually a lot more to be gained without simply sitting on a comfort chair while youtubing or facebooking. I am talking about myself. Maybe the way Dr. Sachi got mad with us just was kinda over-the-limit, since the questions he asked ALL were about the management but we know NOTHING about that because we think that managements are supposed to be covered by the seniors, not the freshie/ juniors/ new learners like us. Yeah, he was not supposed to get mad like that, but maybe at the positive side, it was our fault too, for NOT trying to read about the management thoroughly. It's like a lesson to me. Don't stop reading. Because new knowledge is not only by seeing or practising but it also comes with reading, reading and reading non-stop. Theory, something that we need to polish more, because without it, we can't afford to perform the examinations if we don't have any idea about the theory overlying the diseases. Okay. Fit, please, learn a lesson.:)) . Obstetrician in wish list, remember?:) The next posting is MEDICINE and hopefully I will try to improve on this. Good luck! :)

Next chapter: It's only one day and I miss them already. :(. Dear loves, please pray for my success. Love u all a lot. :).

tiga gadis yang tak berapa nak ayu. hihi

dua jejaka mata sepet.:D*anak abah la ni mata sepet*;p

ma, abah,adik aliff yang nak boot baru utk birthday*thinking about jpa if I were to give him the gift. :O

I keep on laughing because of these tiga budak gila gila .

adam, muka nak edit aje, nak amekau kak own tak edit hahahhaah.

I love them. so mucho much mucho. ( the pot belly is to be included if I meant the first sentence. )

Next next chapter: I've been bullied. By a big rounded like, pot belly creature. =p.. Boo!! Whatever it is, always and always, I would like to say "warong kap"..(^_^)

I don't mind if u have pot belly. Ily as always. *tutup muka malu*=p

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I am sorry. I know I have hurt u, I know I make u sad, please forgive me.

Thousands time I keep saying: I am hurt when you are hurt. I REALLY mean this.

Hopefully, you will get well soon. I love you.

Gonna have my end posting exam tomorrow. I hope I can focus well, insyaAllah.

Goodbye for now. Salam. :(

I am sorry. I can't resist the tears that keep falling.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Love u!





Wish to watch the latest movie of him, Ra. One!! =))))))

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Audry, be good with papa. :)

Audry. Please don't hurt mama.. :(.. I don't know why on Earth all of a sudden, I couldn't listen to any voices/ songs/ ringtones in my beloved Audry which happens to be my dear Samsung Galaxy. :(.. It happened without any clear reasons, there was no history of falling down, no history of high grade fever and no history of being assaulted for this little Audry. Papa took Audry already to look after it for a while. Please behave with papa.. Pity him because he has to take care of you for a while since mama don't know what to do and kinda blank to face the problems you have sayang. :( Please get well soon. We love you.

Mama to Audry. :")

Sunday, October 30, 2011

someone like you~ *unrelated*

It hurts when you wish you can play at least for 5 minutes in the court but it ended up that you didn't get even a chance to do that. :(. I know I am not good enough to play well, but at least, I tried. When this kinda thing happened, seriously, I don't feel like playing for more. Yeah, I am serious. Main suka-suka dalam kolej lagi best. :").. YKWYA told me something which undeniably true.

"experience doesn't always come when u are in the court, even if u only sit on the bench watching the game being played,u r good enuf."

But, I can't continue it anymore. I am sorry my dear.:"(

But, alhamdullilah, after all the things that happened yesterday, I managed to meet my lovely sista, Nurul Najwa Mustapa who came by to Kompleks Sukan, UITM just to see me. Aww.. She's so cute. She came together with her two friends, bringing some spaghetti that she cooked by herself. *rasa macam nak nangis je taw*.. Thanks wawa.. Love u so much!!! =)))).

sayang kamu adik~ :)
Okay, gotta leave now. tonnes of pages are waiting for me to be read. Salam peeps.:)

Friday, October 21, 2011

blood-stained vomitus? duh, no la. =)

Vomiting. Vomiting. Vomiting.

It's been a long time since I last remembered that I was so sick, sick in term of having fever kinda stuff. Urghh. The feeling

of vomiting wasn't a pleasure at all, yeah just imagine that you could see the contents coming out from your mouth with

an unpleasant smell. Duh~ Just close your eyes and imagine. T_T.

By the way, tomorrow, I am going to sit for end posting exam, continuation of today's exam.

Today's exam was kinda okay, even I could not read up much about the DSM IV Classifications about different types of

diagnosis in Psychiatry disorder.

Hopefully, tomorrow's exam will be just fine too.

Last but not least, GOOD LUCK TO all too. Strive for excellence! Chayok! =))))

Tuesday, October 18, 2011



*rolling eyes*

Muchos to be studied.


Monday, October 17, 2011


I miss home. I suddenly do.


Have to wait for 'Hari Raya Haji' to get back home..

Ticket dah beli! Million thanks to Kak Aishah.. =).

Enough movie for the day.


Nice movie, good plot and useful lessons..

Sunday, October 16, 2011


It is raining.



inside. :")

Percaya padaku=)

Damn. Why I love to sleep excessively? =.= Yeah even I opened my eyes, I felt so lazy to  make my way to the bathroom and started taking the bath. It was so indescribable. Because I used to know that most of people love to take bath like so much and they sometimes spend about ONE HOUR to bath! Super duper incredible. Well, yeah I do spend about 1 hour in the bath room in case I clean the bathroom or I wash my clothes, not to clean myself for that long. Hee. :D.. Maximum time I usually spend is about 20 minutes. Not too long isn't? I really can't stand the cold water even I do have water heater in the bathroom.

Talking about sleeping, I love love love love sleeping. When I got nothing to do, I prefer sleeping than watching TV or whatsoever. Bila kurun ntah nak berubah. Huhuuu.. Maybe when I get married, these all will change. All of these. :).. I have to wake up early in the morning, prepare the breakfast for the family and wake them up. Awww.. To make things even sweeter, while in the kitchen, you are helped by your lovely hubby to prepare the breakfast. laalala~ stop dreaming for now. =p..

If you ever realize, I have wrote something on CEKELAT on the left side.

"I wish all these become true soon enuf..(+_+)."

One of it is, I wish to be a late sleeper but a morning person. I am learning to do that. =)

By the way, recognise this background song? "PERCAYA PADAKU". 

There are meaning behind the lyrics of the song. To instill the strength in my heart and YOU too for another 2 years approx. InsyaAllah.. 

 Have a good day peeps. Ttyl. Salam.



End posting.


Hey. Been bz. So first of all, sorry to all. =)..

Next week I'm gonna sit for end posting exam which includes both clinicals and MCQs..

Hopefully, everything goes smooth and well. Nervousness.. =.=.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Forgive me.

Forgive me if once upon a time I caused the bleed in your heart
Forgive me if those days I disappointed you with what I've done
I used to keep reminded that 'people make mistakes'
From no one else but you
I am impressed with your patience from the day one we've known each other
Talking about those mere mistakes,
They are not small, indeed they are quite large
Enough to make a very long scar
But, you are too good to me
You said, you forgave me and offered me a hug if we were close enough by distance
And that was when the tears dropped down my cheeks
How calm you were back then and tried to cheer me up because of my guilt
My dear, this is a promise from a small heart of mine
I'll treat those mistakes as lessons
I'll bury those wrongdoings in the thick soil
Because those mistakes grow us up
Those mistakes are the good teachers to improve the life
From this moment, have my words
I'll take care of your heart like I take care of mine
I'll feed it with loves and cares like a mother cares a baby
I'll never make you bleed anymore like the past hurt you
Past is the past
Present and future are what matter the most
Seeing you happy with a curve of smile on your face enlighten my day
Keep smiling and be strong to face any obstacles in front of you
Because I will always be there for you love
Either during bright or gloomy days of yours
I'll sit right next to your heart and heal it
Just so you know,

WARONG KAP like I don't know how much to explain..


*Please give this to the right one, the one that owns my heart those days, now and forever. Bersabarlah kerana banyak yang indah bakal tiba insyaAllah.. Amin. :)*

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pantai or best known as Beach

Seniors + Juniors.

Pantai. Or in English word is best known as BEACH. Sometimes, people who appreciate nature love to appreciate a beach. Walking by the seaside, listening to the sound of waves crashing and children playing with the sands calm me down, and enough to make me smile for the whole day.

PANTAI PUTERI, not far from MMMC, was our spot for Rehlah together with the seniors yesterday morning. I woke up at 645 a.m preparing to gather in front of the hostel for the departure. It was fun being there. Playing with the sands making the sandcastle was fascinating although it wasn't our group who made the cute and beautiful castle among us all. :)..

Special thanks to all seniors for the invitation. Hopefully ukhwah that we have built remain for the rest of our lives insyaAllah. :)

-Sandcastle. Teheee. Sorry we weren't creative enough to produce super cute castle. :D-

Indah ciptaan Tuhan. Makhluk Allah s.w.t yang tak pernah lekang dari berzikir mengingatiMU. :)

Friday, October 7, 2011


Maybe at this moment,

we have to pretend that we don't know each other.

It surely will hurt, but that's how things go.

Hopefully we are strong enough to face this.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Notice the picture above.

Note the difference.

I made it. :).

Now it stands up like those days.


Nobody dies of hard work. :)

Hey there. Salam. How ya all? Doing good? Feeling good? Well, I've started my posting. Have met four patients with different psychiatric diagnosis. Anyway, as far as I remember, I have promised u guys to show u all the look of my room after being cleaned and arranged. The thing is that, I didn't have time to capture the pictures. So sorrryyyy guys for that. :(.. Hopefully I can make it this weekend. Just wait n see okeyh.:)

Talking about studying, actually a lot of things linger in my mind. At this point of time, I honestly want to tell you guys that life at Melaka is really challenging with the challenging exams await us all. I just want to quote back what the lecturer did tell us. "Nobody dies of hard work." Now I am trying to be stronger and raise my spirits because of the quote. It works. :) Why don't you have a try on it?;) And please don't reply me back like this: "Surely all the dead couldn't tell us because they already dead. " haha. Well, one friend of mine said that to me. Quite correct but to make things easier take it from the positive side. Chayok! :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Boxes are all safe!

Salam all. :).. Heyhoo. It's finally weekend! Duh. At last, the orientation ended very well. Just to let you guys know, the class is going to start on this coming Monday and the first posting of mine is PSYCHIATRY. Yeah, not much things to be done, cz some seniors labelled this posting as relaxed one. I don't really know what 'relaxed' means to them.=.=.

Just want to update something to you guys, well my 9 boxes from Manipal has safely arrived to Malacca. Yeay! Alhamdullilah. So I suppose to clean and arrange the things back and unpack the boxes but till then I'm kinda lazy to arrange them for now. Maybe a little later I guess. :). Thanks to Mr. Panjang and Mr. You-Know-Who-You-Are for your help. ;))
condition of the room before the right arrangement-

So, for the condition of my room after the cleaning will be updated later! haha, wait and keep updating my blog. :)..
Here are some silly yet ugly pictures of us, trying new kind of hijab. :)

Haha~ Solehah team. nasyid not hip hop okay! ;)

Don't say any words. I know I look so spherical.  T_T

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saya sayang sampai saya nangis.

Napa hati aku terlalu fragile kadang-kadang? Sometimes, I can't even stand to feel brave enough to face the realities, n to make things even worse, I will start crying thinking that life is so unfair. There are three things that makes me cry even I try to hold for a while:

a) Mak dan abah
b) Adik-adik \
c)Dia( you know who you are)

Even it's a happiest things on earth happen, I do cry sometimes because of them. I know one explanation for this.


**Maafkan kak own ma, andai kata-kata nurul pernah melukai mak. Nurul terlalu sayang pada mak. Andai Tuhan izinkan, nurul sanggup korbankan nyawa nurul demi mak. :")**

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hai Melaka;))))

Salam. Salam. and Salam. =). I hope three times is more than enough to greet you all after so many days I've been missing from CHOCOLATE. ;p.. It's not that I was kidnapped or I ran away, it is just that I couldn't get the access to the internet since Wawa brought the broadband to her college, INTEC because of some project. Never mind. Truth is, now I am back again maybe for at least 2 weeks more because I get the free access to the internet from the hostel. Haha! Thank you Mr. Zainudin. ;p..

Well, yeah I forgot to mention, I am now respiring oxygen from the Malacca, specifically at Melaka Manipal Medical College, Manipal Campus. Opss, sorry, no longer Manipal campus, it's Melaka campus. I repeat, Melaka campus. It's so unbelievable thinking that I've done half way of medical study. Another half is on the way to be done. Alhamdulillah Ya Allah for the good flow of my study at Manipal last time.. :). Hopefully this time goes very well too.:)..

*will update u guys later.. TTyl.. Salam n goodnyte.;)))

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Home sweet home

Salaam.. Hey ya!! Hey hey! Hola! Hello! :D..

Alhamdulillah, finally reached my dearest home sweet home, at last. :) Location will not be mentioned as it is quite clear where I stay all this while. Okay, mention jela jangan mengada.. :P.. TEROI, GUAR CHEMPEDAK, KEDAH, MALAYSIA..
To be specific I reached home last night at 830pm together with my parents and siblings. They has come all the way to KLIA to pick me up.. Hee... Thanks love. ;))..

Yeah, for the first time this Ramadhan, mak, my sistas and me, we cooked together for the buka-puasa-session.. Love it! ;)) We did cooked simple stuffs  but, well it didn't matter, because I freaking miss mak's cooking!
  • sayur manis lala
  • ikan terubuk( banyak tulang oo) bakar
  • sayur sawi
  • ikan rebus cicah sambal belacan.. Hee..
  • petai bakar.. slurrpp!! :D.. 
  • ayam masak merah
Super delicious, super tasty and finger-lickiciousss.. Hee.. :).. To make buka-puasa more memorable, tok and tokwan together with my kuzie, Ecah came to our house and ate together.. =).. Alhamdulillah..

Just want to say some words, maybe this year, we'll be making kuih and cake by our own because well, mak has already bought some ingredients needed to make cakes and kuih.. Maybe we gonna start making tomorrow or the day after!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Leaving On A Jetplane- Aerosmith

Leaving On a Jetplane. Aerosmith version is far way better. Suits well with the situation now, yeah the very last night in Manipal. Sedih? Maybe a little. No, not a little, a lot actually. =.=.. Too many things happened in a two and a half year duration. Some people come and some people go, some people stay and some people make a step behind. Well, that's life, unpredictable and so great, thinking that Alhamdulillah I manage to spend exact two and half year here with good things happened. :)

To my besties who are still here, keep on fighting till the last moment you guys at manipal. Be strong and appreciate manipal as maximum as you can. we'll be missing you. Thank you for everything. Thanks. :)

I don't want to talk much, as I am scared of tears. :'(. Good- bye for now.

Friday, August 19, 2011

manipal, fit sayang kamu:)

Salam. Hari ini memandangkan adalah hari terakhir saya di Manipal officially, ( actually bertolak dari Manipal ke Ooty pada 20/8/2011)saya punya entri kali pun dalam bahasa Melayu.. Sedap sikit nak menceritakan tentang kenangan, kerinduan dan sayang dalam bahasa ibunda kita. :)


Bersama boss dan akka nandini.

Saya masih ingat dengan jelas pada hari pertama saya menjejakkan kaki ke bumi Manipal. Tarikh yang sebetulnya saya tidak pasti tapi yang pasti pada bulan March 2009. Pada malam itu, malam pertama saya di Sonia Hostel, saya cuba berkali-kali untuk menghubungi ibu yang memang jauh di mata, pertama kali saya menjejakkan kaki di bumi asing yang memang jauh sekali segalanya dari bumi Malaysia. Cuba dan terus mencuba, tapi panggilan masih gagal kerana nombor Airtel tidak diaktifkan lagi secara rasmi. Mungkin 24 hours notice diperlukan. Tiba- tiba tanpa sedar, ada juraian air mata mengalir dari pipi perlahan-lahan. "Mak, macamana own nak survive dekat sini? Semua tempe-tempe( nama gelaran untuk orang tempatan di India) macam scary je own tengok. Sonia Hostel ni pun dah macam berhantu," saya berbisik dalam hati kecil. Tapi saya gagahkan diri dengan kekuatan untuk cuba lelapkan mata pada malam itu dengan harapan bukanya mata esok, saya dapat mendengar suara emak dari hujung talian menandakan bahawa akaun Airtel sudah diaktifkan. Diharapnya begitu.

Hari berganti hari, bulan berganti bulan, suara ceria mak memang sudah dapat didengar tiap hari( sebab saya homesick jugak mula-mula sampai sini.. Hee.. Gaya macam tak pernah duduk hostel je kan.. teeheee). Kehidupan saya di India semakin lancar dan proses adaptasi berlalu dengan sangat pantas. Sonia Hostel yang dulunya saya label sebagai tempat berhantu kini menjadi tempat yang saya sayang. Lokasinya yang dekat dengan Library, foodcourt dan Interact memang sangat strategik. Tempe- tempe yang suatu masa dulu saya takut kini ada yang baik dan layanan yang diberikan juga baik  contohnya macam Akka Sonia dan Lecturers. ( sebenarnya, tempe yang layan kita macam sampah memang bersepah tapi tak payah lah disebut disini. Biar kenangan yang dibawa balik adalah kenangan terindah. :). Masih dalam semester pertama dalam Tahun Pertama, saya agak main-main sebenarnya. Al- maklumlah baru sampai di tempat orang, proses adaptasi masih berterusaan berlaku dan kemalasan kian memuncak, kemalasan study untuk lebih spesifik. Jadi, saya takdelah score hebat sangat dalam Block 1 dan Block 2 exams dulu. Hee..

Inilah Maya :)
Semester 2 pun tiba, untuk Tahun Pertama. Dari Sonia Hostel, semua sudah berpindah ke rumah termasuklah saya sendiri. Jadi, apartment yang menjadi pilihan adalah Ajay Arcade, nun jauh di pedalaman berbanding dengan apartment mewah yang lain. Ajay Arcade bukanlah apartment mewah, hanyalah apartment biasa, yang security guard yang proper pun tak ada.. Lifnya macam zaman Paleolitik, ada gril macam penjara. Heee... :D. Tapi alhamdulillah, sewa bulanannya tidaklah mahal, sekadar Rs8,500 sebulan untuk satu rumah. :) Sebelum terlupa untuk mention, saya juga ada alat pengangkutan sendiri yang dibeli di sini untuk memudahkan saya bergerak ke sana ke mari, iaitu sebuah scooter yang berwarna ungu atau purple, diberi nama indah iaitu Maya. Maya, sebuah nova scooter, yang dibeli dengan harga Rs15,000 daripada workshop memang comel. Sejauh-jauh Kapu Beach dan Malpe Beach pun dah dia sampai. Cool kan dia? :), Sesungguhnya dengan adanya kenderaan sendiri memang la menyebabkan saya suka merempit ke sana ke mari.. Nasib baik mak dengan abah bagi saya bawak scooter di sini sedangkan saya memang tiada lesen di Malaysia, dan even di Malaysia, saya nak pergi kedai beli aiskrim naik basikal ikut jalan besar pun mak tak bagi. :p.. Tekejut jugak bila niat untuk membeli scooter tidak dibantah oleh mak. :p. Mungkin mak dah percaya anak dia nie boleh jaga diri dengan baik dah kot, kata dah besar kan?;p
Itu belum diceritakan kenangan semasa study week untuk universiti exam first and second year. A group of four. :) Kenangan yang tak akan saya lupa walaupun kini ada benda berubah, banyak jugak actually, good and not so good things. =.=.. Takpelah, ini lah perjalanan hidup. :). Rugi saya tak ambil gambar banyak-banyak masa study week.. patutnya tengok muka berkerut sorang-sorang menghafal dan cuba memahami bertimbun timbun muka surat daripada bertimbun timbun buku. Medical student kan, kena la usaha lebih. ;). Heee...

Kenangan travel selepas tamat First Year pun antara kenangan yang lekat dalam hati juga.. Walaupun ada benda yang sedih dan mengecewakan terjadi, namun, di sebalik itu, kenangan yang boleh membuat saya tersenyum pun saya tak akan lupa. Sampai bila- bila. ;-) Macam-macam tempat kami bertiga belas berjalan. New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaisalmer, Agra, Shimla, Manali dan sebagainya. India! :)

Kenangan di Manipal pun banyak. Manipal banyak mengajar saya macam- macam benda. Kadang-kadang benda itu tak dapat kita rasa dan belajar di tempat- tempat lain walaupun di tanah tumpah kita sendiri. Mungkin suatu hari saya akan kembali ke sini, cuba mengimbau kembali kenangan lama yang saya yakin masih lagi segar dalam ingatan. Dan mungkin saat itu segalanya telah berubah. Saya, dia, dan kamu- kamu semua. Kita. :). Kita yang mungkin sudah terlalu matang kalau dibandingkan kita pada tahun 2009 yang dahulu. Sebelum saya akhiri entri kali ini, saya nak mengucapkan banyak-banyak terima kasih kepada semua ahli-ahli Manipal yang banyak membantu saya dan memberi pengajaran kepada saya bermula daripada sesimple pak cik lap tingkap di library yang tekun dan gigih mengelap kepada sebesar besar Associated Professor of Manipal University, Dr. K Ramnarayan. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Nira.

Salam.. I'm here, maybe will be the last time I blog here in Manipal as such.. :(.. 5 days left, to be exact. I wish I have some extra days to feel and to appreciate Manipal as maximum as I can.. Yeah. Time is flying and we can't deny it for more. Either you wish the time to stop or to pause, it will however continue ticking leaving the rests of remaining seconds behind.

I just came back from celebrating my twin's birthday, MUNIRA MASRI. She is 22 years old on the dot. :P.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAYANG... So happy for her. Have a blast, my dear. :)

Gambar suatu masa dulu di Malpe.:)

Second of all, tonight wasn't a good night for me. I didn't know what happened and why, but I felt so much gloomy and sad. Maybe people will see me as 'just fine' but I am so not okay. :'(.. Sometimes, I wish for something to happen but, at the end of the day it turned out to be some other ways that happened.:( Yeah I know I have to accept the fact that others may not fulfill what you want, because not all agree and have time to follow what you want. :(. Enough speaking about that. T_T.

Anyway, I suppose to call Mak today but since I didn't have time to recharge I have to postpone my wish.. I really want to know what happened to her thigh,  was it getting better or get worsen? Mak, get well soon. Sayang n rindu mak. ;(

And last but not least, just want to tell you guys. I'm gonna sit for comprehensive exams on 17 and 18th August. The subjects are as follows:

  • OBG
I didn't even started yet. Maybe tonight and maybe I postpone it till tomorrow. Depend on the mood.  Good- nite peeps. Sleep tight.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hye boxes!

Salaam. Hey there, whatsapp? =). Well, currently I am kind of busy folding my boxes to get shipping to Malaysia from Manipal, India. Yeah, it is such a bored thing to even bother because you have to sellotape your boxes so well so that it won't get damaged so easily if by chance the boxes are thrown here and there during the process of shipping. Please and so many please I beg to those who take care of our belongings, please take care of all the boxes very well, don't simply throw them without sympathy.:'( I am scared of my boxes getting wet because there are so many boxes inside together with my clothes, the precious one. You don't know how they mean to us. =.=.. I've done only two boxes. Remaining is still on-the-go-list.. Waaaaa, I don't wanna leave this place. :(
Baru DUA settle. Waaa! :(
Just now, after lepaking at the Teaze( a place where bubble teas are sold), we (whom I refer to Mun, Mira and me) made our ways to the Nandini store, who owns by a blur uncle. Haha. Most of our times in Manipal, Nandini is one of the places we love to chit-chat, talk and talk and spend our times there when we are about to crack our minds after a lot of studying. We talked and talked and suddenly I think of something. I looked over his counter where there is 'a thing' we wrote last night. Something that I hope it won't fade off even if the water spills over the writings. It is such a memory. :(. Goodbye uncle. And goodbye akka too( akka happens to be his wife. She's so cute, I mean the way she talk. ;)
Tak balut lagi. :(
Hey guys, I think I have to stop now. Gotta continue packing. Will update later. Owh, btw last but not least, here is a note to a creature whom I used to call panda. Yeah, the big, fatty kind of thing who happens to be so spherical due to the excessive of eating and sleeping with lack of exercises. :P

Dear creature,

Sometimes we are given too much responsibilities and tasks.
Not because they hate us, but because they believe us. Not because they want you to suffer, but because they trust you. =)..  And most of the time, as the consequences, there'll be a lot of tensions, stresses cloud the mind at the end of the day. If this thing happens, the performance tends to plummet. Don't ever ever let that happen. Don't break their trusts and believes. Keep on smiling and enjoy the tasks you've been given. Keep up the spirits and never let the small things crack your heart. 
B E S T OF L U C K!! (^_^)