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Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Dil Goes Mmm:)

way that you are grooving
way that you are moving
girl you gonna make me lose my mind
things that you are doing
love everything about you
don't wanna be without you
I see you standing there... you look so fine
my dil goes mmm mmm mmm (x4)

way that you are playing
things that you are saying
boy u gonna make me lose my mind
say that you are staying
there's just something about you
can't stand to be without you
the magic that you do play on me fine
my dil goes mmm mmm mmm (x4)

yeah... this drive was meant to be
yeah... you are still the one for me
yeah... I'm saying what I feel
yeah... I know this love for real
driving me crazy with all of ur ups and downs
rockign me... shocking me... spinnign me round n round
there's just something about you
can't stand to be without you
everytime I see you by my side
my dil goes mmm mmm mmm (x4)

girl... you've got me such a tease
yeah... you got me on my knees
girl... you got it goin on
yeah... u can do nothing wrong
the way you look at me magic is all around
you've got a grip on me... I'm spinning round n round
love everything about you
don't wanna be without you
and everytime I see you by my side
my dil goes mmm mmm mmm (x4) 
Title: My Dil Goes Mmmm~
Film: Salaam Namaste
Rating: 5 stars
Wish: This song is for you. You know who you are.:) 

Friday, April 29, 2011


Hello. :) Salaam.
Nothing much to be posted for today.
I'm in a good mood. The queries that stayed in my mind for more than one week have been answered.
Thank you. :)
One more thing before I forgot. I am so scared about my daily food intake. So imbalance I tell you. Some people say it's good to cut what you eat everyday but for me it can lead you to depression. Depression sebab tak cukup makan. Hahaahah. :D:D:D
As long as you have the will to eat, just eat. :)
I don't mind to tell you, I weighed 55.5kg few days back. It is actually just nice for the height like me. Haha. I repeat, JUST NICE. ;p. But, it is actually quite distressing cause usually I weigh only around 54kg++. T_T

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Salaam. hey there. What's up? :) Well, I am currently in the Community Medicine posting which was once said to be fun and
enjoyable posting ever, compared to the other postings. The previous batch said that, most of the time, they just chillax,
chillax and  chillax.

First time I heard about it:* Perghh. Gila best Commed. Bleyh balik awal, jalan-jalan and chillax. Mantop ah. :D:D:D*

But now, since I've already posted to this posting, I don't seem to see what the previous batch did see. There are few things that I encountered that lessen the spirit to love commed to as minimum as possible. That is not a good sign thou'.:( *sigh*
I give you what are the things about Commed that scare me.

  • The notes. I don't have a perfect note about commed. Maybe it is too early to expect perfect notes but at least, give me some hope.T_T
  • The lecturers. The previous batch said they got Dr. Kiran and he was so superb, nice, good looking and very soft. But, to my surprise, for now, three lecturers have come in but, none of them showed qualities like what Dr. Kiran have. I don't mind about good looking but I care about the way he teaches and the way he/she speaks to students. This is very important to ensure that all students enjoy during the class. T_T
  • The time-line. By the way, this isn't giving too much problems, but still I've got high expectations for Commed. I hope that the class ends early but truth is, it doesn't. Argh, never mind. It's never a problem, at least for now. :)
  • The unprepared schedule. I admit that the schedule has already been given to the students about what we are going to do for each and every day during the posting, but however, when that exact time came, for example this morning, there were so many confusions around which distracted us from concentrating to the class. And plus, lecturer kept on answering the phone calls. Adehh~ 
  • etc.
Actually, it is just the third day of this posting. It is not really good time for me to judge yet. but still, I hope and expect a better things about Commed. I just hope things will be going to be fine. Hopefully. :)

About other story, thanks for the Chocolate again. Love it. ;) Guess I will gain weight, but ahhh I don't mind as long as I still have the chance to eat choc. Yummy. :D:D

Other more story: Mun went back to Malaysia to attend her brother's wedding, Abang Amit. Have fun Mun! I am gonna miss you , beloved twin.:D

Good bye  for now. TTYL. :D

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hey, No More Dreams?T_T

The moon and thousands of stars in the sky,
They get so little, with only a glimpse of shines
Poor thing, not all of us able to see
Because some have blinded eyes
Some have sorrow hearts 
And some have blunt passion.

We love to talk about destiny and fate
As if things happen so perfectly
Life is full of great and superb surprises
But, the truth is masked with lies and more lies
We forget about coincidence and routine
It's a norm when people love to live in fantasy
But, over-fantasy and over-dreaming aren't good
As life is not as lovely as in the dreams
As a destined meeting is not as fate as dream would bring.

People, let's open our eyes widely
Stop dreaming and wishing good things always by your side
Don't ever forget that there are still darkness and gloom in the room
Face the reality and get used to it.:)

*P/s: This is to those who love fantasy and dreams and tend to rely to these two like so much. Please do aware that we are humans, not angels. Not all the dreams come true. This is a reminder for me too. Eiffel Tower or SRK even Ezra Fitz aren't always possible in some ways. It MAY BE POSSIBLE, but trust me self, most of the time, it isn't. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dia tak pernah tinggal kita.

Salam. Today the entire post will be in Malay. :)

Hari ini aku nak berbicara tentang Dia. Tentang Dia, yang di atas, yang sentiasa ada sama ada dalam masa sedih, gembira, mahupun sewaktu bahagia. Aku tahu aku adalah insan yang memang biasa yang tak pernah terlepas dari semua salah dan khilaf samada disedari mahupun tidak.. Aku tahu, aku kadang2 leka dengan kehidupan yang melalaikan, sedangkan aku boleh cuba tukar dari kehidupan yang lalai ke yang lebih fokus dan dengan matlamat. Tapi, seperti yang telah aku perkatakan, aku hanyalah MANUSIA BIASA.

Sebenarnya, mesti topik ini agak pelik la bila keluar dari blog aku.. Hee. Yea, aku tau most of the time, aku memang coret benda-benda mengarut je pun. Tah apa2 kan aku. Lol.. Tapi kali ini just nak share je something. Tentang experiences aku sendiri.. Sejak belakangan ini, secara jujurnya, aku rasa sangat jauh dari Dia. Sangat lah distant. Waktu yang selalu aku rasa dekat dengan Dia selalunya masa-masa nak exam jer. :( Inilah manusia, bila dalam keadaan terdesak, sedih, kita cari Dia, tapi bila kita happy, bila semua lancar jer, kita sedikit lupa pada Dia. :(

Masa exam tu hari-hari kita berdoa, doa dan doa supaya kita lepas exam, dapat distinction untuk sapa yang memang aim distinction la kan, particularly not me la kan.. Hihi.. Hari-hari baca quran at least satu muka surat..Dah jadi tabiat.. Tapi bila exam dah habis, bila results pun dah keluar dan semua baik-baik sahaja, kita jadi lupa sekejap pada Dia. Padahal Dia yang dah tentukan semua tu. Haih, kejamnya kita. :(

Untuk kisah aku pulak, bila aku dah third year, hidup makin indah, tak banyak kelas, boleh tinggal2 kelas, tak ada SDL, PBL, class test apatah lagi. So, memang free la kan hidup.. Tapi still, kadang-kadang aku lupa pada Dia. Dok syok sangat enjoy life as third year, aku lupa pada Dia yang telah memungkinkan aku masuk third year dengan berjaya. :S.. Just nak ingatkan diri sendiri dan orang lain, apa pun yang kita buat, ingat Dia yang satu. Tanpa Dia, semua yang senang pun jadi susah, yang mungkin pun jadi mustahil. So, fitrilina lepas ni, try lah buat something yang at least boleh cover up balik masa-masa lagha awak tu yea.:) Selamat mengingati-Nya semua. Moga hidup sentiasa diberkati. Amin.:)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Don't get jaded. at least for this:)

Don’t worry much, life is full of surprises anyway.:).

The feeling is uncontrollable, undecided and unexpected
It suddenly comes and sticks to the corner of the heart
Once, I tried to wash it off, because I was so scared of getting hurt
Even the core and resistant bleacher couldn’t resist it
How strong it is, if you never know
Again, the denial and lies tried to cover the feeling
Because we thought that it won’t be a permanent one,
Time did fly so fast and fast
Too many things did happened in which we both didn’t expect
You pretended to be cool, I tried to be ignorant
Yet, it becomes stronger and firm as the days pass.
Should we ignore it like we used to do?
Should we wash it off but at the end of the day we fail to get it clean?
Should we ignore the happiness that we feel because of this?
No, we shouldn’t, we definitely shouldn’t,
I am tired of getting hurt, let go off things that I love the most
Now, I want to be happy, with you, only you
Worries and troubles are humans’ best friends
We can’t avoid or escape, they will come no matter what
Let’s try to work it out, if you will I will,
Only the strength and passion will keep us stronger under the help of Him
If only we are meant for each other…:)

Ikan te-dap! :)

Hey, salaam. It's 10.03 p.m now in Manipal. What am I doing now? I am online. Youtubing, facebooking, listening to Nur Nilam Sari thousands of time. Tah ap2 je, isn't it? Lol. Actually I am supposed to open Psychiatry book and start studying. Lotsa things to be studied. But here I am, gossiping and chit chatting. :) Well, YES to me because I actually did it. I bunked the afternoon posting at KMC Hospital. Hee. Serves you right. Err, I actually don't know who 'you' refer to. Hee.

Okay, before I start to open my lovely dovey book, here I want to let you guys know. My closest friends, there are 6 of us, err, we convoyed to Malpe Beach, just to taste the fried fish, Fara and Mun always talked about. Hell yes, the taste was awesome! :) Should try it more often. :)

They say, she is my twin. :)

superb! It seriously tasted so good! Aummm! :D:D:D

Moral of the day: Do whatever you want to do to cheer you up, as long as it doesn't hurt others much.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Smile. Smile.

Just woke up. I hate sleeping at the evening. Actually, I have no intention to sleep, but you know, when you face or study while you are landing on the bed, definitely you'll be going into the dreamland. Kan?:) By the way, all of a sudden, I was kind of missing something. Missing something that has gone which will never come back. Missing something that once I lost it, even I aren't supposed to pray that everything goes back to normal. That is life anyway. Believe me, somehow, you gonna get used to it.

She's cute, isn't she? Suka dye. Cantik. :) Nak cantik macam dye. Hehe.
Just want to express something. Haha. Actually, as you all know, I am in the psychiatry posting now. There are so many lecturers that come in and out to teach us. One lecturer that touches my heart, named as Dr. Sameer. He's kinda cute. I love the way he talk to the patient. So cool and you feel like want to smile till you can't smile due to excessive smiling. You got what I mean? Lol. Just so you know, tomorrow will be the last day of posting in Psychiatry. Then my turn is Commed. Community Medicine. Again, I'll be so free, going to the different sites and will be back home before 4. This is what Fara said. hee. :) Anyhow, leaving Psychiatry posting and going to the other posting is quite sad. But, that is life. From one chapter to another. Oh, if you guys remember about the patient I told so long back named Vidya( I am not sure if I ever tell u all or not.) who has depressive disorder. She will be discharged tonight. I could see her smile when I went to the ward this evening. :) Get well soon, Vidya! NO STRESS, JUST CHILLAX.! This is reminder for me too n maybe for you all too.:)

Drop the subject.

Salaam I bid to you all. Here I am. Today was a terrible, bad day. Not actually too bad literally, but yeah still, it was considered as bad. Starting from early in the morning till the end of the day. What could I say more, I didn't expect things to happen sometimes, but truth is, they just happened. Well, first and foremost, exam is postponed to SATURDAY in which we suppose to free ourselves that day. Saturday from morning to evening. Can you I imagine it? Hmm. Majority wins as always. We, who are the minority side loses. Hmm again. Next, during my journey back to Manipal from TMAPAI hospital, I took a bus and the bus driver seemed to horn here and there NON-STOP. Urgh. It irritated me so much. I felt so  nauseated but, thank God the journey to reach Manipal didn't take too much time. I am officially HATE tempe. Next at the evening, we went to the psychiatry ward early than usual because of one reason in which I can't tell it here. So pissed off. But, unfortunately, not even a single lecturer came when time showed 3 p. m. Okayyy I hate waiting for people. I could considerate if it was only half an hour but if it exceeded more than that, I think the most tolerable person also couldn't stand I guess. And here he came. The lecturer, talking and kept talking till 4.00p.m.:( After that, I made our way to the hospital to see my friends involved in an accident. Poor them. Rohil and Mantap. Nothing bad happened, just after this, scars would be here and there over their faces. Plastic surgery helped a lot. :) And last but not least, it is about friendship. I am sick talking about this. So sick like what Ne- Yo said. Basically, what can I say, I am still holding on to this. Just hope and pray for this to end  very soon. Very soon. I just have to have to faith in Him. HE knows best. And to make me smile at the very end of the day, I've got something that I love the most. Thanks. You know me and you know who you are, too.:)

Sunday, April 17, 2011



Hye all. I think of something today, but however, I didn't get the response or any answer. I didn't blame you for all these.

You have the right to keep everything in secret. It is actually none of my business. I should not ask you that. I am so sorry. :(

But, I keep thinking about it for the whole day. I tried not to think about it but, truth is, I still think about it.:(

Owh, by the way, alhamdullilah liqa' went well last night. It was so tiring to complete the video, but the video was superb and

awesome! Yeay! ;)). Both the food and decoration were also great.:)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I don't know where to start. you too

A foot note at the end of the table
Untouched, with zillions of dusts and dirt
The writing gets faded and grayish
The number-wise sequences are seen
Mind is thinking, body is opposing,
Which one is to be done in prior to the others?
All are to-do-lists,
All are you-die-if-you-put-them-aside lists,
All are you-are-lazy-if you-ignore -lists,
But, still, ignorance is a sign of laziness
So, please don't ignore.

*In the mood of settling important things which are truly messed up these few days, because of I don't know the reasons kinda thing*
*Get the list and get started, girl!*

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You have the right, too.

Heart. It may looks dull and lame, but this heart holds thousands of stories if you ever dare to feel it.:)

Have you ever thought that people don't actually believe in what you do? They simply put you aside thinking that you aren't able to do complex things, but they do. I am nobody to point to anybody anyway. Just want to speak in random. As what I've written in previous post, people are born with different abilities and talents. Just want to add some more, some of the abilities are worldwide and too general. All of us, have that ability like for example, leadership. Please don't think that only you have that leadership quality but others don't. Please avoid being too selfish. We live in a freedom world. There are too many things others can do, just let others to do, don't conquer it to yourself. :)

And plus, one more thing I want to state here. I don't understand why the effing hell some people don't bother about others ideas and opinions. Each and every one of us has the right to say what they think. If you reject others' idea some other day, others may reject yours too. Serves you right, then. Pedas tak? I am so sorry. Extra chillies today. LOL.

By the way, this evening my Malay batchmates had a video shooting at ICHS. This was all for the sake of the so-called Liqa' Mahabbah to welcome the juniors of batch 28( ohh not to forget, we are the super senior batch which is batch 24.:) Mine was not done yet, because the prop is still not there. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe, this one might be forgotten as well.

Here are some pictures during the shooting session.:)

tasnim, daz and ijan
Wawan dan Zaty. Prince and Princess.
Some of the 24's heroes. :)
Alolo mereka. sweet sangat. hee.
Hasil kerja tangan hasmira. Dipegang oleh Edi amon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It is already 12am in the morning. I am so much tired. Today was the day of competition. Haha. The culture parade. UTSAV kinda thing. And the interesting thing was that, I gotta be bidan terjunn and had to transform into a kadazan celup, to perform because, not enough people were there voluntarily. And to make things super interesting, I didn't really good at dancing. For the sake of friend, I tried my best to dance. And alhamdullilah, we got the fortune and luck, we really made it. The first place among all the college in India ( to those who took part). MMMC won! Well, congratulations people. Pictures aren't there yet. If some of my friends upload it in fb, I'll copy paste and put it here. So , you guys can see how much my face transformed on that day itself. Woww. Even I was so impressed. Thanks to the make-up professional. Bella and Alia. You guys were superb. :) I am actually still on my bed, without even take a bath after the tiring day. Penat nak bangun! Okay fine, I am gemuk and I gained 2 kg recently. :( Huhu. Whatever. :p.

To my little sister, Wawa, if by chance you read this blog, I just want to say sorry because I am so busy lately with so many things that suddenly come up, so I am unable to call you and practise the interview with you girl. :) I'll do so, when I have leisure time, maybe tomorrow or the day after. Actually, she asked me to help her, because she's going for an interview to get scholarship which she never ever faces the interview session in her life. So, it is normal if she keeps repeating that she has the problems of butterflies in the stomach. I can understand that. :) Well anyway, I know you can do it. Just have faith in yourself and HIM too. (^^)

I think that's all for the moment. Well, one thing I want to stress here.

Each and every one of us has the ability and talent that we never encounter. We keep on telling ourselves that we are losers, unable to do anything, and we are surrounded with inability not ability. Well, you guys should think it again. :) The hidden or occult talent can be seen if you try harder to portray it. :) You got me, don't you?:) Enough of speaking. Diam diam! Hehehhehe. :) ( takde kaitan, tetiba rasa nak mengumpul setem. Jom. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

At last.

I have done it. At last. Thanks to those who appreciated. And to those who didn't come, u guys were so losers. heee.

And to you, I am not dat bad, am I? Haha.

I forgot to take the pictures of that lovely laksa. Hee. Takpe, good thing is kept in the heart.;)

To mak, thanks for tutoring me during the holidays about how to make delicious laksa, and to abah, thanks because you

helped me prepared the things and ingredients needed.

LOVE you guys a lot. I really mean it. A lot.:)

Saturday, April 9, 2011


If you ask what is my mood now, I will say,



Friday, April 8, 2011

Don't talk nuts. Cause you might regret later. (=.=)

I am the eldest in my family. The ELDEST. The one that is thought to have a matured thinking compared to the rest of my siblings. Sometimes, I think I am holding a very large responsibility, I mean in the sense of I am the one who should be giving some pieces of advices to my younger brothers and sisters if they have problems or matters that arise, I might say.

I don't know how to react with this. I think I am so cannot handle this thing because I judge myself as 'only a little girl who knows nothing', but weird thing is that, one of my friend said that,

"Ko jangan risau la. Ko fitrilina kot.;) Ko bleh handle benda2 mcm ni.;)" 

Haha, actually, I am wondering, am I a person that is described as above? Well, whatever it is, I try my best to give the very best from me. I don't talk nuts. Err, even sometimes I do. Hahaha.

Just want to make a brief rewind about what I did today. Hmm, guess what?I've done watching Gossip Girl for the fourth season! yeay to me yeah.:) I don't actually know what to study for psychiatry posting. So relaxed till now. Not much burden in the head. Is this considered normal? Lol.

They are hot! Macam goreng pisang hangat to Cik Joyah hoi~ :D
I don't want to babble more. Just one word enough to summarize the day.



Thursday, April 7, 2011

If I Die Young~

If I Die Young- The Band Perry.

If I die young, I wish to tell how much you mean to me.

If I die young, I want to spend the rest of my days with you by my side

If I die young, I just want to let you know that, you are the one that brings back the smile to me.:)

Monday, April 4, 2011

We are we. We are we.

Hola. Hola. Hola. Three times, enough to greet all of you out there. :) Please don't hope for more. Lol. Right, today is a super duper drama day. Well, why am I saying this? I'll be explaining very soon.

First and foremost, today was the first day I went officially to the psychiatric ward which was at KMC Hospital, Manipal. If like previous days, we went to TMA Pai Hospital, Udupi, not to meet the patient but, to have lecture there. Freaking bored, I honestly hate theory classes. Duhh. :(

But, today was a bit different. We went to the ward, on the second floor, and we could see a ward, with a guard. Usually, there'll be no guard in front of any wards, but this one was different. There was a guard, standing right in front of the psychiatric ward and I guess you know the reasons. This is actually to avoid the patients to escape from the ward because, it is actually possible for them to run away. So, that is the main point why there will be the guard standing in front of the psychiatric ward. Once we entered the ward, I could see some of my team mates already reached there like Vidya, Sundaraa and Thayasheri. Suddenly, there was a man, an ordinary man I thought came to us. ( Me and Zaty). Sundaraa said, he was one of the patient, and before we arrived there, he didn't even speak to these three fellas but when Zaty and I came, then only he came towards us. Sundaraa said, maybe he looked at us as 'what the hell are they doing here, cause we looked different with our scarfs on.' He approached me, and I distant a little. Then, he spoke something in Kannada which I didn't understand. But my Indian colleagues could understand a little. He wanted us to play carom with him. Haha. Of course, I couldn't play cause I didn't even know how to play by the way. Even Zaty could play, she refused to play with the guy cause afraid that the guy might get angry if he lose. Haha. But, fyi, he really looked like a normal ordinary guy which is perfectly normal and educated, but pity him, he actually has mental problems. :(

At 3.00p.m sharp, we entered a lecture room, and there was a psychiatric doctor came inside. He was our lecturer. With his shirt and pants on like a doctor, he sat on the chair. We looked at him very anxiously. Was he the doctor? Cause, once he sat on the chair, he played with his hands, like a-mentally-disorder patient played. He moved his hands right and left, he played with the fingers then started talking. OMG. He really looked scary. Haha. Then, Zaty said, if like in TV drama, there'll be a guard enter the room and get this guy and actually this guy is a patient. But he isn't. HE IS A REAL DOCTOR. From my observation, I guess there's the point he's behaving like that, so that he can actually feel and listen to the patient, and so that the patient himself trusts the doctor, and thus, he can comfortably tell what his problems to the particular doctor in details. Well, bravo doctor. :) Hee. Even now, I am getting psyched a little. Haha.

The world of psychiatry.
After one hour listening to the lecture, we packed our things and ready to leave, because we had a mission after that- to watch MMMC Football players to play vs. MIT players at End Point. Well, what can I say, this was their chances to get into the final. History record. As MIT was labelled as the best team in football, they were actually kinda nervous for this game. But, it didn't matter much as long as they had the spirits, more than enough actually. Well, Bingo, I could see the spirits in the air, the struggles and the fights to reach at that far. You and your respective team. MIT played very good. As soon as we arrived the field, suddenly, one of the MIT players scored a goal. It was like some parts of our heart broke. But, they didn't give up. They defended very well and tried to score. The lucky was there somewhere, and fortunately, one of the MMMC players, no.14 jersey if I am not mistaken, an Indian guy scored one goal, making clear that the result at the moment was draw 1-1. Again the game continued. They attacked and defended. It was so much fun with the spirits all over the air. I was so proud of them and the fans, too. :) And suddenly drama came again. The MMMC captain looked badly injured, but I guess he was actually okay haha, :P. Actually, the extra times should be given for both team to play to find the winner but, since the captain wasn't that okay, so, the referee decided to turn it into free-kick penalties for both teams.( I don't know what actually they called it.)

If I were a boy, one game that I surely play is football.
The goalkeeper was Panjang. He was very good at defending and so did the teams in scoring the goals. Alhamdullilah, luck was on our side that time, MMMC won over MIT which means that MMMC is going to be in the final against KMC. How proud we were at that time. Goosebumps you know, seriously. =.= Well, to the players, BEST OF LUCK for tomorrow. Keep the spirits high up, and pray for the best. We will always be by your sides, MMMC.:)

Water- Is-Falling-Not-The-Tears

Salaam I bid to y'all. How u doing? Hmm. Just want to update what I've done today.

  • spent time enjoying at one of the waterfalls nearby, Hana Mana Gundi.
  • slept all day after coming back. I am a lazy bird. =.=
  • went for bubble tea in the evening. Vanilla + Chocolate with pearls is my all time favourite. ;) 
  • had a very scary dream. ( In the dreams, I was found to have brain tumor. Could you Imagine it? Fuh~)
  • thought something that bothering me these few days. 
sayer. :)


The place. Waterfall.
takde kaitan. but, I just LOVE him .:)
I don't know what keeps bugging me recently. There are some things that couldn't be explained by words but, you really feel kinda disturbing. Let me tell in brief.

"What you gonna do if you are stuck in the middle, between the good side of you and the bad? "
"What if you aren't comfortable with a thing but, you gotta get used with it everyday?"
"What if your soul's decision didn't really match your body's action? "

Well, to be firm and rigid yet frank, now I am having this kinda problem. I don't want to bug anybody telling them what I feel, in which I believe they too, have their own problems to be settled down rather than listening to my problems which will then actually add the burden in their minds. I am still holding on till now. Maybe when I come to Malacca to further my study, this thing will end.. THIS WHOLE THING. Actually, there are one or two of my friends who knew about this, but yeah you know, the responds that they gave to me, weren't always the responds that I wanted. Not everything synchronizes with my
heart's desire. I try to be strong for this 6 months forward, hopefully. I try to be positive and cool .

I have a belief in one thing.
If you are treating something good even you are the one who hurts, good things will hit you back someday, some other times. :) maybe, this isn't your luck. :) ( That keeps me strong till now. Holding on.)

I don't want to talk more. Enough of speaking, I know not everybody read this, not everybody follows my blog.. Those who is reading my blog, thank you so much. :) I am not hoping that everyone notices this blog, but at least, I've got loyal reader who is there somewhere, who follows CHOCOLATE. Thanks readers. ;)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hey, there.:)
I guess you all know that today is our first day posting. But, differently, our groups (F1 and F2) have BLS class and examination first, at the library. Owh, btw, BLS stands for Basic Life Support. I guess you know what it is. It is all about how we manage the situation about a person found to be cardiac arrested or stops breathing. Basically, we gotta do CPR which stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. It is actually different for adults or infants. It was nice to learn about that, cause you'll never know you maybe one day are caught in the situation. If you have this basic knowledge, at least, one life can survive. :) Apart from that, we were taught to do one technique known as Heimlich's Maneuver in choking. I couldn't snap pictures during the time cz I came late. Hee. So sorry to you guys. :)

Anyway, I would like to congratulate MMMC team who won over MIJM in football match. 10-0. Pergh. You guys are SUPER SUPERB! :D Congratulations. :))))  Congratulations, Bingo. You are not that bad huh. Hahahahaha.

Mr. Adam. My adik .:)
Owh, one more thing to be updated. I have a plan this weekend. Some mysterious plans, so just wait and see. Haha. :D and to my younger brother, Adam, Happy birthday!! You are already 16 years old. Study hard if you really wish to be a pilot one day, Love you so mucho. =)