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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hey all! :)

Let's get into the life of 'DEATH'.

Title: Forensic Medicine
Date: 19/08/2010
Time: 9.00 a.m
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes ONLY.

These are 6 main topics to be read tonight!!


Best of luck.

P/S: Ohhh, I can't wait to go home! Malaysia here I come, love! : )

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Babai Batch 22

To be honest, I am so tired now, errr I mean my brain.
I don't know why, I just finished 2 papers but it was like I've got to sit for 10 papers in a row.
What an exaggeration. T.T. Only 2 papers left, then, here I come MALAY
Actually, what I have to do now is open up the book and read, not fbing or listening to musics like what I do now.
It is totally so-not-medstu, kan? Agree with me please. ha ha. DESPERADO. :D
Anyway, just want to thank Kim a.k.a Mustaqim for treating me ice-cream tonight.
Anyway, he is my senior here in Manipal and he's going back to Malaysia the nex
t two days.
This is not only a one month holiday in Malaysia, he and his batch mates are going back forever, I mean they don't have to come to India ever again.
Their two-and-half-year in Manipal has ended. Congratulation guys 'cz you guys made it. Well done! ;)
And not to forger, thanks to Kak Wani, Alifah and all other my Usrah's members cz treating me Chicken Parmazina at SAIBA that day.
*I forgot to say thank-you.teruk kan? lol;p) You guys are the best 'akak usrah'
ever. hee.
( anyway, they both also Kim's batch mates. Do you see the connections here? ahahahaha/;D)
Back to the life of so-called me, I don't pack my things yet. I don't know what to bring back and what shouldn't. but one thing for sure is that, I've to bring back gifts that I bought during the TRAVEL AROUND NORTH INDIA that day for my family. :) hee. sweet kan me? awwww. <3<3<3.>
Oh, I think I want to bring back some notes: block 1 and block 2. I'm nerd! hee.
No, I'm not nerd okehhh it's just that at least you don't feel guilty when you don't study at home, just to calm the heart siket. ngee. Studying while eating some food, I mean Malaysian food in w
hich you have been craving for the past few months are so-can't-wait-even
t! haha. pergh. MANTOP. ;)

Okay, enough.

Here is some wish to all 22 batch members:

Best of luck there in Malacca. Don't cry even if you guys are treated as if you are the stupidest people ever, please don't feel down. They are just testing you *'they' refer to th
e lecturer there. haunted lecturers, seniors said! @_@*. We are goin
g to miss you all. T____T.

the one and only photo with Kim, during raya open house at one of his friend's house at MP Park.

P/s: sorry, akak usrah. ;) I don't have our photo together to be uploaded. :)
Our memory together is kept in the heart always. <3

Saturday, August 14, 2010

gile ahh jiwang ahh malu... XD

I never hate you.
Maybe once I liked you.
But, you seemed don't care abt it.
So did I because I'm not that kind of begging.
You get so far, me either.
And now we are even farer.

Nukilan rasa,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jom membebel.

Nak membebel, tak nak cakap dalam bahasa Inggeris. membebel cakap dalam BM baru best kan, kan? Entahlah, tadi dah habis kertas PATHOLOGY. susahnye mak aihhh Tuhan je yang tawu. I don't know what others felt, and I don't even care, but the main thing is that, I'm damn URGH. Serious, I tak main-main. Geram betul, Da study tapi tak dapat buat betul-betul. Mungkin ni dugaan 1 ramadhan kot. Next paper adalah PHARMACOLOGY. Ni satu hal jugak makhluk ni. Banyak giler kot nak menghapal. Baik hapal mantera nak chantek. grrrr. tapi jangan merungut fitrilina. Awak yang pilih jalan ni sebab awak yakin awak boleh buat. :) just doa yang terbaik. Okay-lah, nak cuba berusaha lagi selagi aku termampu. Batuk masih tak sembuh, tak taw lah kenapa. Memang persistent cough betul.

I rasa sekarang ni I nak jerit sekuat hati.
Penat sangat nak study.
Dah feel homey giler dah taw arkkkk. hohoh.
Mak, rindu mak. Abah pun own rindu.Adik-adik pn own rindu bangat!
Cepat abehh exammmmmmmm.

Nak jumpa family terchenta selepas setahun sebulan tak jumpa.

To Adik Na,
Ang jangan risau.
Berat aku sama dengan ang.
Sedangkan aku lagi rendah dari ang.
Ok. Aku GEMUK.
Ni India punya pasal, salahkan makanan dia! Jom boikot makanan India, makanan Malaysia gak terbaikkkkK! Yeay! heeee..

P/S: Selamat menyambut bulan RAMADHAN yang mulia. India baru start puasa esok. ngeeeee. ;)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

zero or none.

feel good,
don't feel good.
feel good,
don't feel good.
feel good,
don't feel good.

and at this moment, it goes for:

  • Enchek kura-kura hijau jatuh tanpa kesan.
  • banyak lagi tak stadi! I'm going mad!
  • handphone buat hal.
Give me Alladin mat.
I want to hide somewhere, where no one can find.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Hey all. Salam. Nothing much, just want to steal maximum 15 minutes to create this post. It's nothing much like I said before, just want to release my burden, my brain's burden for these few days. Too much studying make you feel like stunned. I don't know whether the word 'stunned' is actually suits the situation or not, it is just that it looks nice to be written down. haha. whatever. Today, the topic is HEART. yeah, HEART. Simple, as simple as XYZ. :)

Have you ever thought of clearing your heart from all sorts of bad things that might get deposited on the wall of it? Some kind of 'things' that finally can lead to MI( Myocardial Infarction) or infective endocarditis if it involves the valves? Anyway, let's get cleared off about something. It's not that MI that we learn in medical school.( I specially point this to all medstu if any medstu who reads this post and for those who don't understand just let it be. haha. complicated kan?;p) Let's get back to the track. I don't know why the hell I simply HATE people so much. I experienced one disorder, yeah I called it as disorder anyway. Sometimes, I can turn into someone who always get mad without any specific reasons lie behind it towards somebody.What's the use to shout and scream here and there to others when you don't even know the point why you are doing so. Yeah I'm saying that to myself. Frankly speaking, there are so many times when I hate somebody without him/her doing so-called bad things to me. How cruel I am. (=.=) But, I don't know, I just can't stand with it, maybe you guys have experienced this. When you don't even know that person, but you simply can't get along with that person even you tried so hard to do so. I wish this disorder will end. As what the heart is concerned, I want to cleanse my heart. Yeah, there is no harm in changing to a better person right? *fullstop*

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm hypnotized! @_@

we were so freaked. but we are cute. now n then~:D
Ina busuk, fit comel. biahahhahaa.
presenting, this is my twin. her name is Mun. I love her.
Please don't disturb her, she's taken. LOL. kidding~
Edi in between. He's like a teddybear. Awwww.
super-delicious-tasty-perfectly-made-cake. (Ckin's recipes:)
and Yop, FYI, u looked so retarded,
and fortunately, I could see adam's apple yeah, at least a slight protrusion there,
or maybe I coincidently mis-interpret it which was actually the FAT. haha.

::Randomly taken-photos::
Hey, ya. I'm kinda bored right now, facing the TRIPATHI Pharmacology text-book reading some kind of topic which is just so LAME ok, so freaking BORED. :'(
And whatever happens, I've got to read for PBL presentation tomorrow.
And now, fit go focus on your study.


Can't you give me any other interesting topic, ppl? Urgh. bosan.:(
Takpe, It's okay, I'm trying to LOVE the lovely topic.
I SEEM TO 'FALL IN LOVE' with these 'things' or to be honest the names of the drugs:

*and blablabla, *yawninggggg*

Yeah, okay, gtg. Ttyl. Ilysm ppl.

*Anyway, Bald makes you so much cute*

Just So You Know


I try to let go.

I shouldn't love you but I want you

I just can't turn away

I shouldn't see you, but I can't move

I can't look away.

Dear U,

Be patient.

Time will prove something, we don't know.

Pray for good.