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Saturday, August 30, 2008

settle one task.

Alhamdullilah. Thanks to Allah as

I have already done one of the test which is ielts test

today. Yeah. It involved speaking,listening, reading

and writing. What can I say? It is not too

hard..And not too easy. I juz follow the flow. And I

can do it. Hope my band that will come out

soon will make me smile again. Okeyh. Sudah

berbicara pasal i.e.l.t.s...They are lot more thing to

think..Which is A2 trial which will begin this

coming MONDAY. Harap dapat buat dgn baek

lah. The exam begins with pure maths 3... I love mr

razib! hehe... suker....lalala... orayt lah. since it

has been such a long time since i updated my daily

horoscope. hee..a bit busy with lots of thing...

But now i steal some free time juz to update all that.

ni permintaan ramai...haha [perasan!] Hurm.

Lately I'm juz wondering. Y ppl love to hide

something? Y dun ya tell da truth? It's better kn.Jgn

simpan dlm hati.Nanti merana! hurm.still

searching for the answer. Okayh. Dis is it. The daily


You just aren't sure what makes the most sense today, for you have temporarily lost your ability to analyze what's happening and to separate the facts from the fiction. You truly want to believe others now, which can set you up for disillusionment later on. Although you usually have good taste, current decisions made on subjective preference can lead you astray.

Hari ni aku malas nak komen paper... one thing that i can say is that... aku lapar neh. Waa.. Da ngarut


Saturday, August 16, 2008


I'm happy to tell.

Happy to tell!

Someone sang me a song. HUrm. Not actually sang me a song.

He juz played me his guitar. Nice song indeed. He phoned juz to

let me hear his

new song!
haha. Wut a NICE LIL BRO I have. :)..Proud of u

bro!..Btw, he

promised to treat me when he come back to Ktt dis Sunday.

I'll remember ur

PROMISE. Well, he's not my 'true' bro actually. But juz

pretending he is my

lovely nice true bro aite? hehehe..Duh...

Actually this is me. I do LOVE to hear ppl playing guitar

although I dun even

know how to hold the guitar. huahua. It doesn't matter.As

long as I'm

..Yeah.I'm happy...Happy..Happy..Happy...Ouh. Actually

I do have


weird wish. I wish to learn how to play da thing dat

was played by P

Ramlee once upon a time. I can't recall d name. Yeah.True.It's

weird.A girl

like me who don't even have single experience in music want

to learn dat

thing.But dat is juz my wish. One of my wish dat I dun really

eager for it to

bcome true.huh.wuteva.As long as there is ppl who can cheer

me up with da

GUITAR SOUND, it is such a lil nice thing to me.:)

Friday, August 15, 2008

speaking is not dat hard fi3

Bein good to me. I will b good to u. No such thing as 'be nice even people are not nice towards us'.

I know something. This is what we called 0ne-to-one relationship. No matter what, one should

understand the other.Stop babbling. Today I've done my pre speaking test for my I.E.LT.S..huh.

Not a good try at all. So much 'erm' word i used while speaking. Miss Anujah said that i have the

idea but I paused too long with the word 'erm' to continue the next sentence. Hurm. I have to

improve a lot. Tomorrow I have 2 hours slot with her. I hope i really can do well. dat's it. Since

I.E.L.T.S is around the corner....I want to get at least band 7 during my exam. Wanna fly.

wanna fly.wanna fly....

wanna fly!

wanna fly!

wanna fly!!

wanna fly!!

YES, I will!!!!


That's it. Da~

Monday, August 11, 2008



daH kuar dah pon....not straight but I can say that it is juz a relief for me.

at least I dun have to repeat any paper. BUT have to study hard again. Have to struggle a lot.

A2 is just AROUND THE CORNER! go on girl. NEVER give up. You have another 2months to study

for A2....Berusahalah keyh....:)....BE THE BEST BEAT THE REST! :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

tenangkan hatiku Ya Allah!

Twakkul"Make du'a, do your best, And leave the rest to Allah"

Yeap. Tawakal is d only thing I can do right now. i can't bee too happy. I

can't be too sad. Everything has already been fated. MY RESULT.Wutever it is, I just

hope for d best. I can't turn back time. My results has already printed. Juz have to

wait. Really hope dat my results n oso my friend's are all flying colors. We've tried

for the best for about a year. It's time for the result of wut we've worked before.

Things will never CHANGE. I knew that. Fi3, dun think too much. Juz continue

studying for A2.. Mak abah, I hope I can make both of u proud of me. Really hope

so.:) But if something unexpected happen tomorow, one word I can say.SORRY:

I love both of u!!!! Sorry if i can't make both of u smile for da second time.:(




Wa!!! windu mereka....hu3.....:(



saya tatot!!

result kuar esok~


harap2 okay.


ari ni sy bgun lmbt. he3..kantoi di situ..:)..ntah mengapa cm malas gila

nak bgun wp bertimbun2 homework kna wut n kna study.lalala

tp tidak mengapa.masih ad masa utk mengarut.skang mata ak sudah

tp tak boley stop.harus study.mahu fly! flying without wings. he3.

ari ni ak masak sndirik.suatu perubahan yg bgus.tomyam.hehe.tp x de

la sedap pon.aku je snggup mkn.keyh2...wuteva.jnji hepy. lalalala~

neway aku tidak bpuas ati dgn adikku. ina.huih! x aci! dy cti tp ak tak!

kna duduk study lg.hehe. tapew2..jnji rock.la.mengarutnya aku.hu3.

hey aku happy! aku dapat lgu yg aku suka gila smlm... sgt best!

E.MP.T.Y by the click five. sedap gila lagu nih! bgi aku lar.tp lgu ni cm

besa ja tp tak mengapalah. janji aku suka. bawah ni aku letak lirik

dy..tgok la.kot2 best.hehe..

Tried to take a picture
Of love
Didn't think I'd miss her
That much
I want to fill this new frame
But its empty

Tried to write a letter
In ink
Its been getting better
I think
I got a piece of paper
But its empty
Its empty

Maybe we're trying
Trying too hard
Maybe we're torn apart
Maybe the timing
Is beating our hearts
We're empty

And I've even wondered
If we
Should be getting under
These sheets
We could lie in this bed
But its empty
Its empty

Maybe we're trying
Trying too hard
Maybe we're torn apart
Maybe the timing
Is beating our hearts
We're empty

Oh oh
Oh oh
Oh oh
Oh oh

Maybe we're trying
Trying too hard
Maybe we're torn apart
Maybe the timing
Is beating our hearts
We're empty

We're empty
We're empty

Or will we end up getting hurt
Is this love a myth
So tell me are you in for this
There's so much more than we can see
More than you
More than me
It takes two to believe!

Maybe it's our first mistake
And baby that's alright
It's crazy how we lost ourselves tonight
Maybe it's our first mistake
And baby that's alright
It's crazy how we lost ourselves tonight
There's a reason why they say that we should give it time
But time is not enough
And that's the reason why when you're young you fall in love

And that's the reason why
When you're young you fall in love [2x]

Friday, August 8, 2008




08/08/08.... kinda nice date... I love dis date... but nothing special happened today..

I wish i do have some sorts like memories.nice memories today.do i have one? i dun ave.

huhu.ouh.wut so eva.not so important.:)..okeyh.aku sgt bosan ari ni.

kenapakah?aku pun tidak tahu menahu apakah sebabnya.neway, i just learnt about meiosis today.

haha.i do LOVE DIS TOPIC!!! sbb best!

orait...there are 3 things that cause the variation of genetic materials during meiosis.

1) the crossing over during the late prophase 1

2)the independent assortment during the metaphase 1 when the chromosomes are arranged on

the equator.

3)the different genetically gametes of the parents...

that is one part of wut i've learnt today.hurm.beruntungnya aku dilahirkan cmni.

sempurna pancaindera.aku harus bersyukur. Yeappy, bersyukur...

Okies. Horoscope for today::

This is a time of great personal change.

Hurm.Ntah lar... I have to change!! really have to..Lately i am so lazy.doin any kind of works.even

to sit for 2hours to study.huh? i dun even can't do that.if doin so i will become sleepy and as a

result i have to drink coffee...coffee..coffee....it's not so good for my health. but wut to do. dat's

the only way for me to keep my eyes fresh.sometime i feel a bit jealous to those people who can

study without feeling sleepy n wutso eva...hu3..but no matter wut, i do have to change!


You become tired of your role in life, and you are very sensitive to habits, customs, and social requirements that hide the "real you".

I'm not tired.i enjoyed myself....but then sometimes i do feel like I have to change to something new.

a better one.About hiding the real me, i dunno if actually i do hide myself.ouh.yeah.to certain time n

condition, i hide who am i actually...cz i dun want to create any problems wit those ppl.

Regarding bout da statement above, i think i should have take a deep breath n sit n do find da

solutions to this.:)

You feel as though you have been drifting along with the tide and following the crowd for too long, and your inner needs and motivations must assert themselves more strongly.

am i? juz following those ppl? am i? juz accept wuteva they said to me?kinda.hurm.malas nak pk...

but anyhow, i want my freedom back! :(

Okay, have to stop now. preparing to go to giant...

yeah!!! miss those fud...hu3....stock sudey abesh!! Xp

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

::stop.n stare..no turning back::


Lamanya sayer tidak menulis coretan hidup ini dalam chocolate.yeap.not much to say.i'm

kinda bz thou.lots of things.homework la.n bla2..well...but now.i got some extra time for today's


Check it out ya...specially for Virgorian.

who is me.n other ppl out there.dunno.kinda lonely lately.okeyh2.stop babbling.dis is wut is my

prediction.dunno if it is actually correct or not.

You could so easily lose patience with anyone whose reactions don't seem fast enough.
Hurm.dis is correct statement.i do lose patience wit those ppl.y? susah sgt ka nak admit?susah

sgt nk bg reaction? fi3 x mntak pape pn..juz a fast n quick reaction.dat's all.berubahlah k..:)

You might also walk away from someone who appears too emotionally vulnerable for you to cope with at present – a work colleague perhaps.
This one is also correct.bu actually i dun really noe wut's emotionally vulnerable means.da

definition can be anything.too general. Yeah.i dun like ppl who is hard for me to approach.

it's also hard for me to create a joke then.coz they r too serious! i do have heart.dun ave to b too

serious wit me...i'm okay.:)

It may be that you need to look over the relationship precipice before you decide just how much effort you're prepared to put into a particular union.
huh...napa mesti aku je yg kena look over bnda nih?? owg len x payah??? dis is a 2 ways

relationship....sometimes they r some ppl dat i can't even understand wut they r talking about.

they are some sort like pretending...dun want to juz straight to the point. dis tends to mke me

a bit blurr about those relationship...
but seriously afta dis, i dun even wut to prepare for dat

kinda relationship.nokthah...

Just as others are leaning on you however, you too might need support to get a message across. You may feel your concerns have been going unnoticed.
Yeah.correct! :) read dis ppl read this...:) i need someone for giving me dat support...dun blame me if i become heartless!!! :P