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Thursday, March 25, 2010

M.S.P On The Dot.

Hey all. :D

Currently I have new task to be done.

MSP: Mentored Student Project

But, still thinking for the best topic.

It can be anything as long as it is medically-related topic.

One topic now in my mind: Acupuncture.:)

but, the topic is suggested by my mentor, Dr Maya.

If possible, I wish to find the topic by myself.

Anyone can help???


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tiring, simple, so just let it go.:)

Maybe, it's the time I let go off what I feel now.
It's nonsense, It's not beneficial, it's impossible.
It's unpredictable.:D.
Yeah, seeing those thing I wish I haven't see really makes me strong.
Thank God, it's just a stop in the middle of the journey.;)
At least, it wouldn't be so hard to forget.
And now, Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa, just forget it.=D
It doesn't bring you anywhere but just here.
Oh, by the way, I've started my second year class today.
Tiring but, enjoyable. I just hope I can face the days very well in the way to success.
Amin~ :D:D.

Saturday, March 20, 2010



Three different words, but when they are interpreted, they bring the same meanings. Aim.

Dream sounds like an aim that is impossible to come true like kind of fairy tales but, somehow, it can be truth.
Wish is actually more like a mission or thing to be accomplished in certain time frame. To let it comes true, one has to determine to achieve it. I guess.:)
And last but not least, the Goal. It is actually already being set in the mind, and fixed. You may use different kind of ways to ensure that the goal is now real and is not an illusion anymore.

That were all trio. And I, of all these three, I prefer the first one. THE DREAM. Maybe, some of you might think, offo fitri, those threee are the same right? Don't you make people confused like as if they are totally different. Haha. Whatever. But I still prefer the dream. I've got one confrontation. Hee. I'm a part-time daydreamer anyway. Hee. Some dreams are found to be possible but some are horrible and I bet it wouldn't be true by any chance. Truly honest.:D.
Some of my-never-be-real-dream. Lol~

  • flying freely like a bird up up in the sky. :D
  • have the ability to read people's mind ( I don't have suitable picture for this one.;p)
  • marrying a prince who is extremely charming, good-looking and has dimples on both sides of the cheeks. :D:D:D:D
  • Going anywhere I want in just a second.
But, the truth is that these are only the impossible dreams. Neither can come true nor about to come true. The question is, why people still in the mood of dreaming even they obviously assure that thing would never be real?? I wonder that, and even I dream. Hee. Tricky yet thinkable? Might be. But, what I know is that, I dream because I really love dreaming. I dream because I just want to make me smiling when sometimes life doesn't flow as what I wish, I dream because dream may boost me up in doing something that I don't enjoy, and dream makes me top up my maturity level. That is it. Simple but, I don't know and I'm not sure whether those who are dreaming have the same reasons like me or they have their own reasons which lie behind? I never know and so do you.

Hmm, there is one thing I want to let you guys know.

Have you ever thought that dreams are only one step behind the reality?
So, keep dreaming! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why these people exist?

When there was one time when they asked me whether I was okay or not what could I say anymore? I replied back, YES, I'm okay. But, that were all lies. I had to lie, I masked myself by all of these. To be honest and take everything for what has happened to me never made things returned to the way it was. Things happened and that's it. You can't spin the time back to the past, you can't pretend that things went well, you can't shut up and forget everything, and oh, maybe you can for the last fact but it really needs time, right? For how long? A week? A month? or a year? I wonder. I may hide my mixed-up feelings, I may remain silent, but can I stand all of these all alone? It ended for so long ago. But, it kept haunted me. I question and I wonder why. I wish to diminish the mixed feeling away but I don't have the strength. I'm not that kind of person that can simply let go off thing for a week or a month. It really takes ages! T.T.

"It is over. Leave it."
"Get rid of it. Write a new diary."
"It's the time for the start of something new."
"Something happens for a reason."
"Be cool."

Hmm, be cool. Love that anyway. Be cool and pretend as if u are the happiest person in the world. To talk is simple, but to reach it is just too hard and undecided. Some people say to me, people may come and go in your life. Be ready with it. Experience lies behind it. I nodded but then now I should think twice before nodding so long before. I don't agree. Then, one fact is clear if the above statement is true. Hey, come, come, then you may leave. No mark will be left here! Huh. Easy. But, it's not! It does hurt. And.... Really hurts. By the way, we are humans, we are not dogs that keep running here and there without even a slight care to others around. I use dogs. Sorry for that. Can't think of other animal.

Get back to the topic. Let's be clear. Maybe, I can't forget the things that have already happened. But, there is the rule of karma right? People did bad, and they will get something bad , somewhere and someday. I'm not praying for their destruction or what, this karma thing is to let them regret of what they did. Never leave mark on the people simply like that and go hiding somewhere without any trace, or don't talk sweets sometimes like you are the greatest prince or princess. Cause, somehow, your words might hurt others someday when you wish to disappear and keep things hanging.

And for this moment, only one thing I can think of. HIM. He's the one, up there. HE always listen to your prayers. Pray something good, something that will relieve you somehow even a little but at least you have the improvement right? Be strong and keep standing on your feet. Remember one simple thing. Someday, somehow, there will be people who come to your life unexpectedly or without intention and will make you happy and wash out all the bursts for the rest of your life.


This message is for my little sister, Ina who's having her hard time now.=D

Dear, keep smiling and be cool. Live your life to the fullest. Things might happened but not as what we expected but these will strengthen you. Keep praying to HIM. Just remember whatever happened was just like the deep ocean where you have to cross to reach the other side of sea. :D. Cool huh? Remember what I keep telling you before. Someday, the bright will come together with the greatest prince ever, right?:) And by the way, there is no harm in dreaming. Lalalalalala~. P/s, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! :)

And to all, thanks for reading. Suddenly I feel like writing. Good night. Sweet dream will never be! :p

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I think I like him. Awwww~:D

And I think it's the right time for me to publish to the public.

Yes, I like him.

I like him a lot. He is different from others, he has his own style and the most important thing, he is cool! ;) Staring at his pictures every night don't simply make me bored. And yet, now he has become my mobile's wallpaper. :) Oh, I'm really into him. To watch him smiling, to see his cute dimples on both sides, to stare at his perfect lips. Okay, let make things simpler. Let me tell you something about him. Something brief about him. He was born on 2th of November. Year? Nah, don't have to reveal here. :) And here are few reasons why I deeply in love with this mysterious guy?
  • the calmness of his face
  • the beautiful eyes
  • his cool nature of himself. :))
  • love in his eyes
  • he is just so romantic.awwww.:D
  • and he really makes me melting right away.


hahaha. cool huh? Maybe some of the people out there might be curious thinking who the hell is this mysterious guy. Hahah. Whatever. :D. One fact which is obviously undeniable.

I'm madly in love with him.


I wish to meet him one day. To those out there, bring me to him, let me see his face, face to face then I'll think twice to marry those who is able to bring me to SRK. hahaha. :D.

And, all in all, I think among all the actresses whose already have the chance to be his partners, the most perfect and suitable girl for him is KAJOL. So sweet. :D

fighting against diarrhoea!

Menulis dalam bahasa ibunda kadang-kadang memang seronok. Hee. And now this is what I'm doing. Yeah right. Hari ini, schedule aku masih macam biasa. Bangun subuh yang boleh dikategorikan sebagai subuh gajah, kemudian tidur semula. The next wake-up adalah sangat-sangat lah lewat di mana tidak bagus untuk seorang anak dara macam aku. Oh, who cares anyway? haha. ( tapi some people care kot. ohh, whatever.:P) Lepas bangun, golek-golek di atas katil, thinking what should I do next. Yeah, routine. Sebenarnya kan, aku ada satu rahsia. Cuti lelama pon tak best jugak taw. Sebab bosan tak tau nak buat apa. Tapi bila takde cuti sibuk maki hamun lecturers sebab tak bagi cuti. Haihh, people2. Bila la nak berubah. Huu. :) Fikir punya fikir sampai dah tak boleh nak fikir, aku pun sambung cerita Dhoom II yang aku tengok half-way semalam. Dengan badan yang masih liuk lentok di atas katil yang tak lah berapa nak empuk mana. Sambung for another 1 and half hours. Done watching! ;) Aku pun bergegas bangun dari katil, ambil towel lalu masuk la bilik air mahu mandi. Dah habis mandi, jam menunjukkan pukul 1300. Apakah? Dah lewat rupanya dan aku masih belum breakfast! haha. Yeah, anyway layakkah di panggil breakfast waktu macam ni? Ini bukan breakfast, ini dah lunch cik Nurul Fitrilina oiii. Hihi... Sorry. Aku pun berjalan ke dapur, ngap sama itu roti bersalutkan jem. hmm, mixed fruit jam. Sedap! Lepas tu, makan oreo jugak. Yummy2. =p. Aku pun masuk la bilik balik. Tiba-tiba, sesuatu telah berlaku di mana perkara ini adalah suatu kebiasaan di apartment aku iaitu Ajay Arcade. Black-out! S***! Hmm. Aku pun mengambil keputusan untuk golek2 lagi di atas katil. Keputusan ini menyebabkan aku terus-lah tertidur di situ sampai pukul 3.30 petang bila tiba-tiba roomie terchenta kejut, Zaty.

"Fit, bangun fit. Solat Zuhur."

Aku gosok mata aku, alamak dah lewat. Melompat la aku pergi ambil wuduk. Haihh, fitri fitri. Solat dah makin lewat. Insaflah. ( nasihat pada diri.:[ ) Selepas solat, tetiba perut aku dah rasa lain. Alamak. Apakah ini? Aku pun ke toilet. Berita yang tidak berapa menyenangkan

.tanda-tanda awal DIARRHOEA.

Ok.Ok. Satu persatu geng Tera kena diarrhoea bermula dengan Hasmira Bismi diikuti dengan geng Tera yang lain.( walaupun ada insan bertuah Tera tak kena). Hypothesis awal adalah mungkin keracunan sewaktu travel bersama-sama dlu cuma yang bezanya effect lambat atau cepat. I hate this feeling. Sakit gila kot, bila rasa seperti mahu 'BERI' tapi yang outputnya adalah air??? Huhhhhh. Harap bersabar. Nak petik balik kata-kata Mirae dalam facebook tadi:

"ambillah ujian kesakitan ini sbg suatu nikmat...yakinlah bahawa ujian penyakit ini akan mnghapus dosa2 terdahulu..."

Thanks mirae. He he. Ayat ni lah yang menguatkan aku balik tadi. padahal kan, diarrhoea mirae lagi worse dari aku. Hmm.

Titik kisah diarrhoea. Malam tadi, housemate aku- Ckin, Zaty dan Mirae ajak tengok cherita korea, cherita hantooo.

Wishing Stairs.

Berfikir dua kali jugaklah masa nak tengok. Sebab kalau sapa yang kenal aku, aku ni penakut untuk tengok cherita-cherita hantu ni. Even scene yang biasa pun aku jerit. Haha. Penakut sungguh la. Bayangkan lah cherita Thai, Nang Nak pun aku jerit tak pada2. Hee. ^_^ Tapi tadi aku gagahkan gak diri tengok. Tapi jerit-menjerit itu biasa tadi dan mereka bertiga menggelengkan kepala sahaja melayan aku. haha. Done watching.

Dan sekarang aku tengah mengupdate blog, baru keluar dari toilet ni. Haihhh. Nak kemas-kemas katil sikit dan mungkin tidur terus. tak pun another movie! heehehe. yang pasti esok aku ada misi.

.nak kemas katil, meja study sampai bersih!!.

GOOD LUCK fitri! ;))

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Lonely Bird

A lonely bird
Flies up high to reach the top
Despite ignorance to the obstacles
As long as winning that only matters

A lonely bird
Goes back to the hidden nest
Fills the offspring with some sweet love
Even sometimes ungrateful mankind conquer the world
making the love lost in the middle of no where.

It's still that bird
That holds the freedom till now and forever
Chips and chips with satisfaction and strength
Spreads the wing whenever needed.

And now,
I wish I'm the bird
I wish for freedom
I wish for love
I wish for the winning.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Put the bravery ahead? NO.

I looked around and I could see different style and action of different people. I smiled unintentionally. Things never change. Sometimes people do things that are not in their wishing lists. They do something different which is actually not really good because it doesn't resemble themselves. And today, I'm mumbling for good, I guess. Ha ha. Let's get straight to the point. One of my friends of mine said, don't hide your emotions, your own feelings. Just tell the whole world what you feel and what you want and put the bravery ahead. InsyaAllah, things will go well.

I kept thinking and thinking the whole days and nights for this one sentence. Should I take it positively or should I ignore it simply? Because I believe all the things he said have pros and cons. To tell the whole world how I feel with confidence is not me. I prefer to keep silence even anytime my heart can explode. To tell what is in my heart means to face the circumstances and impacts of what I've said. No, I still go for NO. No way I'm gonna tell the whole world what I feel right now. This is for other's sake. Will you tell the world the truth while during the time, many people will get hurt and you yourself will be crossed? I don't think I've the gut to do so. People can change. Yes, I agree with that, totally agree. But, who am I to be honest and tell what is in my heart where at the end of the day, I'm the one who will suffer the most? I don't have the gut anymore seriously.

Enough of being hurt for so many times with zero advantage at the end.
Even now, I think there are things I want to confess but for God's sake, I'll never do that. I'm scared of truth. Ho ho ho. @_@

Friday, March 12, 2010