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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Guys, I am so sorry for the super-duper-big pictures of the blog.

I blogged from Audry last night. Forgot to change the settings for the size of the photos.

Sorry. :(


Friday, July 29, 2011

Ibu rindu awak cekelat.:)

Hey there... Salaam peeps.. :-).. It's been a week since I last visited my blog or since I last babled in the blog. Not to say I am busy because they seemed to label 3rd year 5th semester as free as flying bird up far away in the sky.. but it is just too many things that I have done that have me forgotten CEKELAT a little while.. Don't worry baby your mama is back in the house. Haha.. :p.. Well it seems that I have lost the track of time. Yeah.. It happens. This morning when I was in the class, I tried to write something in my log book since I last opened the book which was a week back. However, I left the date box empty which was on the top of the page. I tried to recall what was d day today. Yeah found it! Thursday! But what is the date. Like fumbling in the dark, I turned to Edwin and looked over his watch. It was already 27 of July 2011. DAMN. I never thought that time flies so effing fast. Last time when I called mak, she happily said to me that she did this count down thing- when will I reach home. Aww. She misses me. :').. That time I had only 27 days left to reach my hometown. Pretty fast yet unexpected. Now the numbers will be smaller as per fact.
You might have been wondering what the hell I did these past few days that made me unable to visit CEKELAT daily. Well, these are some reasons:
1) I am in medicine posting right now in which the time alloted for study is a bit more compared to the previous posting.. Yeah medicine is interesting anyway even some people labelled it as so-tiring-you-can't-even-draw-a-cute smile. What the?? Hahaha.
2) I am officially following Dr. Gregory House from the first season.. He is cool as in.: jerk, annoyed,  sarcastic, heartless but truth is he is genious, sweetly romantic and concern about people's life.
3) Busy getting in touch with emotions too much. Manipal and the memories, sadness and friendship and keep thinking about how fast a friend forgets a friend because of one single emotional mistake in which it is not under control. Scouffhh~..=.=
4) saree bussiness. This is all mother's idea. Yeah. Woman. What do you expect from us? Shopping is a undeniable quality.:p.
That's for now.. Just wanna show u guys some pictures of my medical books from 3rd to 5th year. Pretty much and thick anyway, as expected for medstu. :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ramadhan, welcome home dear;)

Salam.. It's 550a.m in the morning.. I am blogging now while lying comfortably on my bed.. This is what I love about smart phone. You are definitely able to update blog, tweeting, facebooking even you are on your bed and even when u r sleeping(  sorry this isn't true, I mean for the part when you are sleeping. Hee;D).. Well anyway, just so you know now we are all in the month of Syaaban which means Ramadhan is just around the corner. Oh, Ramadhan. So many things I love and miss about Ramadhan, good things of course most of the time. Well, in the month of Ramadhan it is said that Syaitan a.k.a Iblis are prisoned because Allah s.w.t wants us to ibadat to Him very well without Iblis's plan to ruin your Iman. But hey people, you have to remember that you still have your own lust. Yeah, the one that sometimes makes you careless and forgetful about something. So, you need to know how to control your lust so that you can perform good deeds during the month of Ramadhan very well. Talking about doing good deeds, not only for the month of Ramadhan you have to think but nevertheless you have to sustain the good deeds even months, years after that.
In the last and the last Ramadhan, many good memories happened that allowing me to appreciate Ramadhan so much like
- Woke up early in the morning to have sahur together with the whole family. (p/s: usually if I was at the college, I seldom bersahur. Teehee.. Lazy to wake up:p)
-perfomed subuh as early as the azaan just heard. It's good to perform prayer at early prayer times indeed.
-helped my mother in the kitchen to prepare the food for the breaking-fast session. This was cool you know.. Hee.. Smelling the food but you can't really eat it is really quite torturing but the feel is so good because at that time you really appeciate food so much:)
-one forgotten point: when I am fasting, I talk less. So less gossiping and thus less simple sins are done. Yey!!;)
-went to the bazaar ramadhan and purchased delicious food if let's say my mom was so tired to cook.:) I love air tebu! Hee..
- Breaking fast together was so memorable. :')
-Went to the tarawikh and it was actually kind of exercises to me if I was able to perform prayer for 23 rakaats including the witir one:)
-memorable supper with my dad: we usually bought burger as the supper. Bought outside and ate in the lovely home. So cool! I love burger either! Yeah well I love food to be exact. Hee..
That are my good memorable things about Ramadhan. How about you?;-)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What are words.

Salaam. Rainy day today, is it? Yeah, well since I love raining, it does give me comfort and joy. I can play in the rain, cry in the rain so that nobody can see and get wet in the rain because I have to travel from food court to reach Ajay Arcade without raincoat. =.=. Serves me right. Pemalas sangat nak pakai raincoat. Teeheee. ;)).. Watching over the rain makes me smile somehow even before that my heart had this kind of so called crushing pain. Have you heard about it? Let me tell you. It's one kind of a pain in which it hurts you so much without reasons. It is actually more of disappointment and sadness when you think it isn't worth to have this pain because you have to remember that everything happens for a reason. Yeah, I repeat, everything happens for a reason, why I didn't come to class this morning, why A happened and why B occurred. All in sequences I would say. Perfect timing.

Why should I over-disappointed about something that have been explained why A did that, why B said that? It's because I unfortunately own this fragile little heart that simply hurts when things went wrong even they were only simple things. so SIMPLE that I should just let it go. :(

But fortunately I am not that kind who extend the sadness over a long period of time. Now I am okay, not totally but okay. :)


Mak, abah, all of sudden I miss you both. I miss you both a lot :(

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Aku mungkin tak bijak untuk meluahkan,

Aku mungkin juga kerap kali jatuh sedih bila angan-angan aku terbatas,

Kerana aku sedar ada benda aku tak mungkin dapat capai

 Sebab walau terus aku menidakkan, inilah hidup.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Salam. Hello there. Alhamdulillah here we are again. We are still breathing by the free air He has given to us. Nevertheless, despite of all these, unfortunately some of us do not seem to appreciate what they have got. They tend to take thing for granted I shall say. We only appreciate it when lost it. :'(

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Kerana aku adalah hamba Allah,
Aku tidak sempurna, aku kadang-kadang terkhilaf,
Hati tak senantiasa mulus,
Sering mencari kesalahan orang lain walhal diri masih lagi tidak sempurna,
Aku tahu mungkin ada masa aku terlupa kerana indahnya dunia,
Mungkin juga aku kalah dengan dugaan yang mahu aku bangkit dan tetap dengan pendirian,
Mungkin juga aku terlalu memberi peluang pada si penggoda anak Adam,
Ya Allah, andai aku lalai, ingatkan aku. 
Andai aku alpa, sedarkan aku. 

p/s: ingatan untuk diri sendiri dan orang lain.
yang terus menerus mahu mencari kesalahan orang lain, sedangkan kita masih leka kita mungkin ada kesalahan yang jauh lebih teruk daripada orang yang kita perkatakan. Biar Tuhan yang membalas andai hati terluka pada perbuatan orang lain. Jangan berdendam, sesungguhnya sabar itu lebih baik. :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bola itu football. :)

Yesterday was the final supremo football match. The last but not least game we( batch 24) have had here in Manipal. So, good bye End point. Good bye Manipal. Good bye and thanks for the memories. ;)

Yesterday was the final match BATCH 24 vs. BATCH 26. 

Maybe it was not our lucky day., we lost to them 1-0.

Don't worry much, you guys have played very well.

You have played very well, too. =)
End Point, where the battle began

"ultimate victory is a team victory"