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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

update. not much

the driver last nite. my cuzzie. thanks dear. :)

drinks that woke us up along the journey from kedah.

bosan bosan.
 Thanks to my cousun. finally she sent me safely to the college back. 1200am on the dot that time. then she continued her journey to her place, Kluang, Johor. By 230am, she arrived there. Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, today's event. windmill. celebrating epah's 22nd birthday. my usrah-mate. happy birthday dear. =) *sorry, the whole pictures are with Kak Mehy, my other usrah-mate. =)
grilled chicken and fish at windmill melaka.

notice the drink? ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#Wishlist Number 3


-not my photos. I just googled. =)))

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A hard day.

I just finished my medicine clinical end posting exam, not the MCQs and MEQs part yet, with Dr. Lakshmi. She's cool, pretty great and one of the best doctors. But, I screwed up the exams this morning. ::(. I've never 'about to burst' but this time around, it happened. It wasn't a hard case, just a patient came with breathlessness which I correctly pointed out the diagnosis as acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma. But then, still, there were many things that she didn't satisfy. I didn't know why. Maybe I left some findings that I supposed to know. Luckily the patient was cooperative, and answered all my questions very well. Because I kept everything in my heart, just listened to her rising her voice, at the end of the examination, my voice started to slow down and change a bit when I answered her question about investigations. I could answer but because of the voice, it looked all unclear. Then, I tried to convince myself just to hold on and be strong because the exam was about to end already. Be grateful that the patient was cooperative enough, compared to other patients who were usually looked down to medical students. That is it. That's my day today. I wanted to share it with my parents to but I couldn't tell them since I didn't want them to feel pity for me. Maybe I shouldn't blame Dr. Lakshmi for that. Maybe it was my fault too. Be strong fit, be strong. :")

Monday, December 19, 2011

#Wishlist Number 2


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nothing much, just a quote.:)

If I text you, it's because I miss you. If I'm not texting you, it just means I want you to miss me too. If we aren't texting each other, maybe we should just call & simply say "I love you".
- Triston Causey

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I don't know how to explain.

I am NO good.

I am NO special.

I am an ORDINARY girl who always tend to do thousands of mistakes.

Sometimes I have uncontrolled EMOTIONS which goes in favour with SADNESS even for small

little things.

And sometimes, I feel GUILTY for always making you WORRIED and SAD.

You are NICER than typical me. 

I am NO great. Screw me. Screw me.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Salaah. :)

It's too much. Way too much. I just finished less than 50% of CVS while RS remains untouched. Test is just tomorrow. T_T. Now, my head is full already, have to write something to relax it before another trigger. Yeah, medicine. Don't mumble. It's your choice. Be grateful to Him for giving you the chance to study and to learn about all these stuffs. Not everybody is lucky.

Actually, there's something that pop up my mind since this morning, about how sick people perform their prayers. Based on the study I've read, 90% of Muslims( particularly in Malaysia) stop praying while they are sick. Quite a sad fact, right. We always get reminded that, Islam is easy, if you can follow. Islam never burden the slaves. But, why we use the excuse 'sick' to stop praying? It supposed to be this way: The more sicker you are, the more closer we are to the Highness. Kan? Hurm. Anyway, why this thing become the main topic is because I just read about this in the hospital itself. One of the writers said that, those who couldn't perform the prayer while standing can perform the salaah while sitting on the bed, or even if things are even worse, the patients can perform the prayers while lying down on the bed. Ya Allah. :"). It's not a problem at all for those who are admitted in hospital for chronic, acute or untreatable diseases to perform the salaah.

So think about it people. To those medical students out there, or doctors, use this chance to advise the patients to continue praying even if they are sick . It's our duties. Remember, Islam is the way of life, and it is simple if we really understand about it.

That's all for now. Gotta finish what's left. Davidson, MacLeod is waiting for me. Till then, goodbye and salaam. =)

Sunday, December 11, 2011



When I blindly said that I wanted to distant myself from you, it means that I can't resist that I love you way too much.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

#Wishlist Number 1

Almost in the middle of December. Yeahhh can't wait for January to show up. Not because I want to end this year as fast as possible, but because I want to improve many things in life and fulfill my wish lists in a good way of course. From January to December 2011, many many things happened. How I get through many things including bad, good journey and how I survived.

I still remembered about 2010. Tears were my best friend during the time. From the beginning of year till the end of that year. Yeah, good things also happened but being masked by things that hurt. But, I learnt a lot that time, about true love, friendship, my heart desire, and family. Then 2011 showed up. Hello to 2011. Alhamdulillah, my heart became stronger than before, and some parts of my life chapters went well as what I wished and prayed. :). Thanks to THE ONE UP THERE who strengthened myself, so that I can stand well until today.

From now on till 2011 closes the curtain, I will write out about my wishes for next year, remind me if in case I forget and please pray for me that everything goes well. =). The wishes may not always be in order, since I will just write the wish that I remember first. :). Renew your intention people, and be ready for the upcoming challenges of life in front.

  • Note: I have registered my name for the driving class. Now I am searching for good and free weekend to start off. Good luck, Fit! =)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


sedih. they went back already. :(. but many good things happened too:). Thanks to mak and abah for willingly came and visited me. Thanks to my adik-adik too. They cheered up my busy daysss. :").. Enough of 'tuang' kelas as mak and abah usually said. ;p.. focus in my study! nak abeh belajar cepat- cepat!! =))))

By the way I forgot to update that we are already in the month of December. How time flies so fast. I am at the end of 22 already, about to become 23. But, I know and I realise that I am not yet a good, perfect, smart, hardworking adult. Yeah, ADULT. That's my middle name now. Jangan tak percaya. =P. Anyway, as before, I usually made a list of wishes that I hope they become true. Same like this year. Lots of things and wishes encircle my mind, but I think I will not yet reveal the wishes. Maybe the right time will come and that time maybe I will update about those wishes later. =).

Audry is still the same. No improvement. =.=.

Thanks to him too for willingly joined the club. Sorry for any troubles during our journey together. :). And just want to let you know that you look pretty much coooll while driving. ;))

Good bye for now. :).

video ni takde kaitan dengan post di atas. it is just that, i love the song. =). untuk kamu.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

how the feeling becomes when it is mixed up? :S


got it right?

Ma and abah are coming. *BIG SMILEEEEE*

big grin!

I have learnt the correct way of ECG *SATISFIED FACE*

Satisfied face of this child getting the ice cream is similar to mine when I am little bit understood about ECG. Alhamdulillah=)