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Sunday, April 29, 2012


Salam. Exam is around the corner. I woke up around 10 am today, not very early, because I aimed to wake up around 8 to continue studying. :( I haven't even finished the epidemiological study yet. Hmm, just thinking when will I finish this topic off.

I just came back from having my lunch, I guess, I can't take a nap now, since I woke up late today. Never mind, good luck fitrilina! Go and continue studying! :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

JPJ Part 3

Simply unbelievable. :P.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

JPJ Part 2

Somebody is waiting for this post. Yeah, somebody. You know who you are.

Well, first and foremost, salaam I bid to all of you. Kinda nervous is it? Hee.

The story goes like this:

A little girl, err, not so little, a big big girl, went to a driving school to sit for her JPJ test, and it was 7.00am in the morning, the same time, MMMC students who are posted to Muar began their journey there. Waiting and waiting, the van came at around 715 am, and finally around 830am, the van reached the school. She made her way to the registration counter, and was given a card written 40 indicating that her turn would be 40th out of around 50 people. That girl with her two other junior friends around 18 years old made their way to the hill, parking and three corner sites, quite a walking distance from the main building. Her heart rate was very high, with a palpitation she noticed. Then the story continued..

Bla.. bla.. bla..So, the conclusion is..


And now, what I need to do is that, go to the JPJ and get the P license.

Seriously, it's been such a long time I've waited for this moment to come. I started to get involved in this license thingy when I went out from UTP, but because of time barrier, I buried my wish to take the license. Then here in Melaka, I had to listen to the KPP ( used to call ceramah memandu) again for second time, quite bored actually, but I just tried to be patient, to obtain something we want is never so easy. That's how the story goes. What I can say now is alhamdulillah, thank you Allah, thank you to those who keep supporting me till now. I really appreciate it. :)

Maybe, later, JPJ part 3 will come if in case I remember, and during that time, I maybe take the picture of the license. and if in case I forget, sorry! 2Semangat kan. Hehe, but yeah I am really happy right now. Bersyukur sangat. :) Terasa bahagia sbentar, walaupun tak semua orang faham kan. ;)

Anyway, no motif of putting these pictures, just I am so grateful. :") Rasa macam nak nangis. :)

#np : Somebody That I Used To Know- Gotye

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

JPJ Part 1.

Salam everybody. How's the day? Well, I know you guys don't ask me, but I still wanna tell. Heee. :D. I woke up late today, around 1030a.m. Not scared, and ashamed to tell, cz I didn't have class this morning. Hihi. But, as soon as my eyes got opened, I looked over the skype and my friends left a chat. Two chats actually, those from my commed group members. Ira and Lina, they asked me about something related to our results and methods, the things that we had to present today's evening. I replied them back, in realize that we didn't put enough bar and pie charts in the results, then we had to add them up till the graphs became about 5 in number. 

Today it was still not my turn to present. Mine would be about discussions, maybe if Allah's will, next week. Gotta try hard to complete this weekend. Enough about community medicine.

This evening, about 630 pm, Syikin, Zaty, Mun and I made our way to go to the nearest CIMB bank in which I was the DRIVER. Percaya tak? Hee, actually, Syikin alllowed me to drive because tomorrow, yeah tomorrow I have JPJ test, at last. I was a bit lousy driving at the early part, but later when I got used to it, it became much better. But, still a lot more to improve. I did have the skills, but however, I just need to have some confidences to make it real, and do it well. Whatever happens tomorrow, I will try my best. I pray to Allah s.w.t to ease my way tomorrow, so that I will successfully pass. Cuma bertawakal saja for the moment. Doakan saya ye, kawan- kawan! 

Just to remind myself, commed end posting exam will be next week, I should have started studying and focus. 
Semoga berjaya Nurul Fitrilina. Banyak benda kamu kena hafal, for example the unfamiliar formulas which are so so many many many more more. Okay, gotta go. Till then, goodbye and salam. :)

P/s: Based on the title, it is mentioned as JPJ part 1. Maybe there will be JPJ part 2, in which during the time, I will tell you all whether I pass or not. Semua bergantung pada esok hari. Faith, confidence, and relax, serta tawakal. T_T

Monday, April 23, 2012


I looked at it with a hopeless smile. I kinda miss it, but it didn't want me. at all. I knew, maybe at some points they were all my faults even I didn't know what are they. To buy a new one, I didn't have enough savings, maybe next time. If and only if I have the chance to buy. :p. There are still lots more things I need to do, for example, the JPJ thingy. It would be this Wednesday. Nervous? Can't agree more, that's what lingers in my mind so far, it's not that I don't want to think positive, it's just that I have history back then when it comes to pra- test, if at all you remember. What I will do now, I'll just try my best, later. ( one of my 2012 wishlist : obtain car license) I pray to You, Ya Allah, Ya Mujib, hopefully that all will go well as I wish, I successfully pass in the test, and if let's say, You want to test me, I will accept this with open heart.

To be real honest, I have left driving for about a month, hopefully I still remember all the steps, with regards to parking, hill, three corners, and even route A and B, not to forget C ( even cikgu said, they seldom brought us there). My mind is pre- occupied with so many things recently. So many, to mention it in here, I don't think so. Let it bury in my mind and disappear like the bubbles that come with the waves at the beach. Moga Engkau permudahkan segala urusanku. Amin.

Today, I have something to share, not share but, it's more of, to just mention, it passed by in my mind. Been thinking that it's been such a while I left poetry, maybe I should have started when I have time. A left- handed person like me, used to be labelled as the one that is creative sorts of things. But, to me, I am none of that, I am bad at drawing, singing, and even dancing. I am a little bit have interest in mathematics, but I don't think it is classified as art- thing. Whatever. And, today's VARK questionnaire told me something. I am an AURAL- person. I prefer listening compared to V- Visual, R- Reading, Writing, and K- Kinesthatic. Go and try to do it yourself. :)

Life's like a bubble,
It is there for sometimes,
but it will disappear when you notice,
Varying sizes but with single shape, fragile but round
Looking at it, with a transparent covering,
Unleash what are hidden,
Actualize what are unreal,
If it goes into the air, it looks beautiful and shiny,
Letting me smile with joy for a while,
But once it reaches the top, it's gone,
Like nobody can trace it,
Gone. That way.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good bye Troy

Troy has left me.

Moga tenang kau di sana. Sorry, because I couldn't be a good owner. :'(

Thanks for accompanying me for these two months more or less.

I will be alone, in the room, no more cute small eyes looking at me while studying, eating, even changing my clothes( perlu ke mention tu?=.=).

I will miss you, and insyaAllah someday, I will find, something like you. :)

I love you, always.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

hello back again

hye, salam, back again. :)

Tomorrow, I have commed block test. I don't finish studying yet as always, and the same lame reasons: TOO MANY to be read. I started to study today, err, to be exact, tonight actually, because today whole evening I spent to do that commed research thingy, till 545pm in the evening. Then after that, I came back to my room, got ready for sports. Yeah, squash to be exact. During the games, I almost fainted, felt a little bit nauseated and almost about to vomit. And all of these happened because I forgot to have my lunch. =.=. I forgot! :(. For the whole day, I only ate 3 pieces of biscuits. That was all. When I came back to the hostel when Maghrib azaan was heard, then I had my "lun-ner"( lunch added up to dinner, like qasar and jamak kinda thing) . Pelik tapi benar. I just didn't know why I  forgot. My friends kept scolding me, "Fit, hang nak jadi kurus tera mana lagi???" I just nodded, and said yeah yeah ha ha, trying to ignore of what they said. It's not that I purposely didn't want to eat my lunch, it's just I FORGOT. :( I know it sounds a little bit weird, where the hell people forget to have their meals. but that what has happened to me for real. 

Tonight, he slept early. Haihh, told ya. :(. You should have just texted me first, saying that you wanted to sleep early, I just didn't have that eager feeling to listen to your voice tonight to get me boosted up again to study. :( I am a bit disappointed actually, because I have texted you right in the beginning with the thought that you might be sleepy afterwars, why don't we date a little bit earlier? but yeah, you asked me to study first. :( Sedih sedih sedih. Tak semangat dah nak study actually, I am tired. Mentally, and physically, mentally because I can't take this anymore, this here I mean dah tak larat nak sumbat paksa ilmu masuk otak, seriously weyh. 

Yeah, that day I have talked about it's been such a long time I last updated photo in blog right? This is because of the problematic kiddo, Audry who happens to be my Android Samsung Galaxy SL, GT19003. Problem unsolved. Tired of finding new solution. Okay, that's all maybe. Ttyl. :)Salam and good good nite, sleep sleep tight everybody, including the one who have closed his eyes first to sleep, without saying goodnight and sweet dream. :"(

At 1.45 am, I have tiga keping roti pat sagi with nescafe. Long nite maybe. Alone. T_T

I don't know why, but I just love this picture, India,  in the train,  with that book. Kenangan. :) . Snapped by Mun or Redz, couldn't recall. 

Friday, April 13, 2012


Please be back.

*Waiting with patience. :(*

I am so so bad.

Maybe, it's my fault, but truth is, I never forget you, not even a single second. If it is found that I suddenly gone missing, either I fell asleep or I am extremely busy, but usually most of the time, I fell asleep because, even I am so busy, I'll try to find a time to text or call you.

Sorry if I hurt you. I am so sorry. Please don't get mad with me or sad because please believe me that even I was sad when I woke up today and the clock was at 715am, I called you, and it turned out to be that, you have woke up, and you acted strangely as if it was my fault. I knew it was my fault, but trust me, I overslept at that time. ;(. Never intended to never call you. :(

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mana gambar?:(

Tomorrow, I will be going back. Maybe, I will be away from blog, twitter or even facebook. Quite disappointed actually, all because of little Audry. Hmm. Lantak la dy. Yang penting, esok balik. Hooray!!! =)))

And maybe or maybe, I will try my best to send Audry to get repaired and if I am lucky, it will get better, but if I am not, it'll never get better.

Good bye good bye.

Just want to update a little bit, I passed my pra- test, I am gonna sit for JPJ test on 25th of April insyaALLAH, and hopefully, I pass.

Movie I have watched during the time of disappearance:

  • Wrath of The Titans
  • Mirror Mirror. 

Monday, April 2, 2012


Esok pra- test.

Esok aku pasrah, jadi lah apa nak jadi. Just try my best.

Ingat je ni ye, Nurul Fitrilina.



InsyaAllah, everything will be okay:)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

chill la!

Just realized something today.

I really couldn't tolerate if people talk with the harsh voices to me, I really couldn't.

I had pra-test today. That was an annoyed moment, I felt like bursting out the fire. The hill and the parking went well even I made a slight mistakes during the 3-corner part. But, when it came to the road which before this I could do well, better than hill, parking and 3-corner, the irritating moments began. I was the first to go with this pakcik. The only pakcik that has the license to do the pra-test, so I can't change to other person if I wish to do so later if in case I FAILED again.

I knew that he is the teacher in that particular driving school, although he didn't teach me, but then can't you behave and say something good without hurting others?
Previously, I could do well on the road, I really can ( bukan nak membangga diri or what) tapi that's it. But then, when it came to the test, at first when he was in a perfect silence, I could do every single steps without missing, but then when I reached the first traffic light and when my engine's car first stopped, he started yelling! He yelled at me and I really couldn't tolerate that!!! I felt so pissed off, but hmm, that was it.

I held my feelings, till I felt cracked inside, and when I reached the place back, then suddenly mo routine driving teacher came and asked me, "Macamana? Okay kan?" He said that with a smile in his face. Then only, my tears came out, running down my fast very fast, unable to control anymore. It hurts, and he was really mean. The mean teacher called me, then said something about how reckless I was on the road, I couldn't control the gear, I made the car stopped in the middle of the journey 4 times and bla bla although before this I was confident on the road, even not fully at least. I still teared that time, and I knew that he noticed it. I just nodded and didn't say a word. Then I walked out the room without saying thank you to him. I was so pissed off, really. I knew I was mean for not saying thank you, but which  one was more me, me not saying thank you, or he shouted at me so much till I couldn't concentrate and focus from the beginning of the journey to the end?

Maybe, I was a bit mengada- ngada, but I still couldn't accept the harsh yellings by him. Before this, maybe I could but that was the maximum point I think. My next pre-test would be this Tuesday. I didn't book for the practice before the pre- test. Lantak la. Fine if you want to fail me again, because I knew you have marked my face as 'budak loser tak pandai bawak kereta.' Label la, aku dah tak kisah. Bukan salah aku. Mungkin lepas ni, aku just try je buat, pekakkan apa yang dia cakap, sebab aku dah malas layan orang yang high voice ni. Seriously. Bukan nak cakap orang Melaka kasar, tak semua, tapi this time, it proves that most of citizens of Malacca acted like that, I noticed. Maaf pada orang Melaka yang lain.

After telling it to my mom, I was a bit calm. She said, it's okay, just try the best after this, and if possible try to change other cikgu. Hihi. Mak comel sangat. If only I can do it, but I can't. He is the only one who in-charge. Takpela, sabar jela, kalau Allah nak bagi aku lulus, lulus la, and kalau Allah dah tetapkan aku fail jugak, aku terima.

*Actually, aku super sedih super koyak ni, banyak sebab sebenarnya. Sebab high voice is the trigger. Sebab lain, sebab penat menunggu, penat booking since November 2011, penat lagi sebab before this aku penah amik half way tapi tak sempat habiskan. If let's say, I pass this Tuesday, I have the thought to go back home later, but if I can't make it, and he fail me again, I might stay here again, struggling to get the license again. Routine. Penat. Hmm.