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Friday, January 3, 2014

I'm someone's wife ;)

Salam everyone. Now I am writing a blog, with a new title. Someone's wife, soulmate and partner in laughters and bad, and yes, how fast time flies, today is our 2 months and 1 day as husband and wife. A lot more to come,I know, but I hope for whatever happen later, we will face it together, I love u so much sayang :)

And for your information too, our final mbbs p2s2 exam is about 24 days left! O Allah. How time flies :( I am still blur, too much to cover, and yet so scared. Please help both of us, all of us to pass with flying colors, be good doctors insyaAllah :)

Actually, a lot of things I want to express, but I will express everything after my exam is over. InsyaAllah :)

I don't what did I do now here in my blog all of sudden, but truth is, he's not in home, he has class, and I am waiting for him to come home ;)

Salam everyone. :)