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Friday, April 30, 2010


It was around 1am in the morning. Unintentionally, I slept with the main lamp opened. As usual, I got myself into the dream world, and suddenly, I had a really bad dream. It was all about my mom. I didn't really know why on Earth I dreamed about that, but seriously, I really hope that the dream will never repeat. Kinda scary. urghh.=.=.

Let me tell ya regarding the dreams: It goes like this. As what all people know, even now I don't have the license. Yeah, I'm a loser but, wasn't my fault too I didn't obtain the license. I entered UTP early, I left UTP, then went to KTT with totally different course. Then, I only had a month of holiday before flying to India to further my study. Then, tell me, how come I could get the license if I didn't have so much free time before? So, don't blame me. x0x0. ;).
Move to the dream. I dreamed that I was driving the car with my mom next to me along the bridge surrounded by full of very deep green water. And to my surprise, I drove so damn fast in the dream! Unfortunately, I lost control and finally we both got into the water.:'(. Then, suddenly, I was suddenly awake. Terrible dream and I didn't even know why should I dream like that. Wonder, wonder.

After suddenly awake, I couldn't continue sleeping, so I decided to read a little bit regarding the microbiology lab that we were going to discuss until I slept out of my conscious. :). Regarding the small test that we had to perform during the lab session, even I didn't know much about the parasites and fungi. Too many weird pictures with weird names. Here are some taken pictures without permission. :D
In the evening, we were having some kite-flying session at the End Point, not really formal, it was just some kind of charity to help people who are suffering from Haemophilia( blood disorder). Hee, I unexpectedly managed to get the kite up high, that was just so fun! Wish to play kite again! I don't have the pictures, but Mun do, maybe she uploads later. =) At 6pm, we were then making our way, using TEMPE STYLE: ( riding a scooter with three people) to the Sharada court to play netball against BATCH 26, the most junior. My batch, 24 won! I played WD position which is the Wing Defense. Haha, not so much work to do as the opponents rarely attacked. Thank God for that. Haha.

As usual, the weekend night should be enjoyed to the fullest. At around 1030 pm, kecipaksss got together and chit-chatting at Cheff Inn until around 12am when the so-called 'discussion' continued in front of the Nandini( the name of the grocery shop which mostly occupied by Malaysian students here.) After that, we 'convoi' to make an effective tour around Manipal, emptying our petrol. haha. Joke, joke. lol~ It was fun, riding the scooter under the full-moon. sangat comel! =).

Here goes my day, and now I'm in front of my lappy updating the news for today. Actually, just finished watching Chalte Chalte acted by SRK and Rani Mukherjee, for more than 10 times already but I don't even get tired or sick of watching. Hehe.

That's enough for now, gotta go to sleep yaw! ;)

I don't want to miss a thing.:)

I don't want to search for it,

I don't want to chase for it,

Neither to hold it tight,

Nor to keep it in my heart.

One little wish, please come when the time has come,

Please appear when you have to appear,

And after all, you are most welcome Mr Right. :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Respect others, too.:)

There are some people who have their own dreams, there are also some people who wish for something that is obviously impossible or by no chance, it would come true. Whatever it is, just keep in mind, don't let down others' wishes. Don't simply show the boredom look or uninterested smile. Please respect others, too. :) I don't want to point to anybody, there's no use of blaming others. We are all grown-up people, we have a great brain to think and to judge. Apart from a useful brain, we all have a HEART: sometimes sensitive to something. Again, I would like to stress over here, don't simply hurt others' heart,because we never know someday, ours will be hurt, too. A delicate heart, by any means, is easy to break even with a short simple WORD. A word that signifies thousands of meaning. Okay, to think positively, maybe it is accidentally spoken, without any intention that lies behind. But, if you realise the spoken word has already hurt certain people, is it so damn difficult to utter the word, SORRY? Is it too hard anyway? People, people. Be sensitive to our environment. We all live in a big community, and care for others is one of the prior thing to be looked at. Alhamdullillah, at least, my heart is in a recovering process now, because I'm one of the victims, for this moment. Ignorance is better now. Wallahualam~

Thanks. Maybe I have a real 'Mimpi Gula' tonight. :)

Thanks for the eiffel tower-key-chain. :)

It makes me smile and keep smiling till now.

Thanks Kak Mun.Even I can't reach there, at least, I have the miniature of my favourite place ever. :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I can now hear the sound of the fan spinning. What should I do? Should I just go to sleep? or should I study? or maybe face-booking again? No, I don't think one of the choices above should be taken into consideration. Finally, I've made my mind to blog. I miss blogging I guess, haha, saying as if, I haven't blog for a month! haha. This week was the hectic week ever for this second year. 3 days in a row, in which I should face, every night facing the books, and books and books.
  • Wednesday( 21.04.10)- Microbiology SDL, and unfortunately the topics were sooo much to be read and understood! And, I want to emphasize here, I only have one brain, dear. :'( but, whatever things might happened, I still have to study. Enough of that. This time, no presentation, but the quiz was on. Kinda bored sometimes, when you've read, but the questions asked were out-of-topic. 1,2,3- borrriingggg. =.=
  • Thursday( 22.04.10)- Pharmacology SDL TEST. Actually, there were not so much to be read for the test, but, as usual, careless mistakes conquered. I did pass but, I didn't score much.:(. Quite disappointing. T_T
  • Friday( 23.04.10)- Problem Based Learning on the way for Pathology or in short-PBL. To read and to think that you were going to present was quite a tensed situation. Even it only involved 10 persons, but, yeah, still you have to present. But, Alhamdullilah, everything went well. :)
and actually, I just came back from playing basketball now, at 0120 in the morning. Hee~ One of the way to release tension here in Manipal, rather than you scream purposeless out loud. lol.:D. It was fun, playing with them. You aimed, you shot, and gotcha. :D

Anyway, I've changed the position of my study table. To be frank, this is all because of the chair- always give trouble to me. Haihh~ Here take a look on some pictures. I use my bed to sit and study rather than that stupid chair worth rs1000. *sigh*

my study table.:)

study table with the bed as the 'chair' C.O.O.L.:)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


L.O.V.E, reminds me of the song by Ashlee Simpson.Love, is a word with thousands of meaning. People use to define love as,

any of a number of emotions related to a sense of strong affection and attachment.

To pour the love, to confess the love doesn't need the strong gut. You just have to have the faith, and automatically, the love can be expressed. :). Love is something that is just so special and definitely can make even a heartless person to melt, believe that. :D.Whom to love? Who loves us? Will someone loves us without any returns of something else?

Questions over questions unanswered in my head even now, and not me, but you guys too right?
And actually, we ourselves can give the answer for that. Love, thrown to these people mainly:
  • family

  • friends

  • and the soulmate
p/s: sorry no available photo to be uploaded cz' still haven't found one yet..:)

That's it. Family, friends and soulmate. To be honest, sometimes, I don't really utter the word love to these people everyday. Yes, I do say I love you, but not every second I tell those 3 letters non-stop. Actually, in this thing called love, you don't have to say it frequently, it's enough that you show the love by means of many ways like- the care that you show, the misses that you feel when they are not around, the sincere smile that you draw from you lips enough to make them understand well that you love them. :).

The famous poet, William Shakespeare used to say this quote regarding love:

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

If you love somebody, don't have to say 'I love you' each and every second if you can't make it, it's enough if you show your care and love as the way it should be. :D.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jangan buka, serious takde pape.


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Froggy. I HATE froggy.

And even till this moment, I don't really know the exact reason why on earth should I behave like that.

Maybe because of the mucous present all over the body?

or because of the froggie's neck that blows outwards and inwards during breathing?

or maybe because of the dangerous side of that creature?

I don't know. Please, please, and please. Don't get me involved with this creature.

Don't prank me with this froggy.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

bukan mahu meraih simpati.

Don't be surprised. This time, the entry is in Bahasa Melayu. Warning siap2.

Hmm, banyak benda nak diluahkan dan diceritakan. Ada benda tak mampu nak diluahkan orally, jadi saat dan tika itu, blog ni memang sangat membantu. Yeap, to be honest, aku bahagia dengan hidup aku sekarang. bebas, devotes to study, have my family and friends around to talk to when I'm down, yes, aku cukup bahagia dengan itu. cukup bahagia. dan buat masa sekarang, itu sudah cukup, tak perlu lebih.

Tapi, kadang-kadang untuk mencapai tahap aku yang sekarang, banyak benda yang dah aku lalui: yang sakit, yang bahagia, yang indah, yang palsu, yang kecewa dan yang melukakan. Semua nya bercampur baur. Dan kenangan-kenangan dulu yang muncul tiba-tiba tanpa aku sedari, buat aku tersenyum dan buatkan aku pasrah adakalanya. Pasrah, bila keinginan tak kesampaian, tersenyum bila kenangan indah itu muncul.

Bukan aku mahu berjiwang-jiwang di malam yang baru lepas takde letrik bukan itu niat aku, bukan juga nak ceritakan pada seluruh dunia apa yang aku rasa, bukan juga begitu. Cuma, inilah namanya coincident. Putaran lagu shuffle yang tiba-tiba keluar lagu lama-lama yang membuatkan aku teringat kisah-kisah lama yang tak indah dan jugak kisah lama yang bahagia. Macam-macam. Kalau aku ungkapkan dengan perumpamaan mungkin ibaratnya macam, kuih yang dibuat dengan macam-macam adunan tapi akhirnya, jadi lah juga kuih walau tak sesedap mana pun untuk dijamah. sekadar boleh melakarkan senyuman sebab jadi jugak kuih bukan benda lain.

Aku jadi kaku, bila lagu itu makin kuat aku dengar. oh, bukan aku kawal naik turun volume tapi mungkin perasaan aku yang melayan dan merasakan lagu itu makin kuat. haih, hati, hati. sungguh kau begitu ambil benda itu serius. Dan aku cuba bertanya tapi aku tak pasti jawapan pada soalan aku, mungkin jawapannya terlalu tersirat, barangkali.

Doa aku pada kisah-kisah silam aku, yang indah aku doakan ia kekal, dan yang sakit moga punca kesakitan aku itu, bakal hilang dan yang menyebabkan aku sakit masih lagi bahagia. mungkin sukar ditafsirkan tapi itu yang aku mahu utarakan.

Ini kisah lain. Tadi, ma, abah ada mesej aku masa aku tengah syok berjogging kat Anath Nagar. Dan tiba-tiba, aku menerima panggilan telefon dari ma, bila aku tak reply SMS beliau. Rindu barangkali. Aku pun menerangkan pada ma, apa yang tengah aku buat dalam keadaan termengah-mengah semasa jogging dan janji akan call balik. tapi aku lupa nak call. Masa kat library, sekali lagi ma call. Tanya apa yang aku buat. Aku pun explain explain lagi aku di library mahu study. tapi aku dengar suara ma yang lain, mungkin sedih sebab aku janji tapi tak tepati. MA, ABAH, bukan niat Own nak mungkir janji! Own sungguh terlupa! :( Sedih sekejap tadi tapi cakap la cakap dan kalau boleh tak mau letak telefon rasa bersalah yang amat sangat. Own pon rindu ma, abah, andai kalian ingin tahu. :( Tapi lepas cakap dengan ma, suara dia makin ceria. Rindu dah terubati pada sang anak yang kadang-kadang lupa untuk berhubung atas kesibukan. Own janji ma, abah, I will never let this thing happens again. NEVER. Walau busy macam mana pun, Own akan cuba call. Takut aku teringat kisah-kisah yang dipaparkan sejak belakangan ini, tentang anak lupakan ibu bapa bila hidup dah senang. Ya Tuhan, aku TAK MAHU jadi anak yang tak kenang budi, SUNGGUH aku tak nak. Bila andai suatu hari nanti aku senang, aku takkan lupakan ma dengan abah. Itu yang utama! Mereka berdua, lebih dari nyawa aku. SUNGGUH! Aku bukan aku sekarang tanpa insan berdua itu. Aku bersyukur masih ada mereka, dan aku akan berbakti kepada mereka hingga nafas aku yang terakhir. Itu janji seorang anak.


And, oh finally. Thanks for the hand-made rose, Ridzanoel Zulkifli. :D. U pun creative jugak. heee.sukak!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Can Muslims color their hairs?

I've read some corner regarding questions and answers pertaining to Islamic view, some sorts of difficulties and inquiries.

It's about " Can Muslims color their hairs?"

Here are the explanations and I think it's quite enough for those who have been wondering about this matter.

Hukum mewarnakan rambut (sabgh al-sha'r) adalah harus kecuali mewarnakan rambut dengan warna hitam berdasarkan satu hadis riwayat Muslim, no. 2102: Ubahlah warna uban ini akan tetapi elakkanlah daripada warna hitam (menghitamkannya).

Warna hitam hanya diharuskan bagi mereka yang menghadapi penyakit beruban walaupun masih terlalu muda dan untuk muslihat perang. Namun mewarnakan rambut adalah makruh bagi golongan muda yang tidak bermasalah.

Pengecualian dikhaskan kepada para isteri yang berbuat demikian atas permintaan suami atau diizinkan oleh suami.

Hukum ini bertukar menjadi haram jika tiada tujuan tertentu seperti untuk suka-suka atau dengan niat yang bersalahan dengan panduan syarak seperti wanita yang berbuat begitu untuk menunjuk-nunjuk atau berhias-hias (tabarruj) mempamerkan rambut kepada bukan mahram dengan mengabaikan syariat menutup aurat dalam Islam.

Begitu juga jika bahan yang digunakan merosakkan rambut anugerah Allah kerana ia adalah amanah Allah yang 'dipinjamkan' kepada kita.

Apa yang penting bagi orang yang ingin mewarnakan rambut ialah bahan pewarna itu halal dan telap air seperti inai (ini jelas harus dan disebut di dalam hadis) kerana jika tidak telap air, wuduk anda dianggap tidak sah.

Mengikut Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM), dari segi ramuan pewarna rambut yang berada di pasaran kita terbahagi kepada dua jenis. Kedua-duanya adalah halal dari segi bahan kandungan tetapi satu telap air dan satu lagi tidak, maka perlulah dipastikan terlebih dahulu.

Pewarna rambut yang dipasarkan biasanya akan tertulis pada kotak permanent dye atau semi permanent dye.

Mengikut kajian, jenis yang semi-pamenent dye adalah jenis yang tidak menyerap air dan ia tidak boleh dipakai oleh orang Islam. Begitu juga sebaliknya.

Hakikatnya, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim) tidak pernah mengeluarkan sijil halal untuk produk pewarna rambut kerana ia dikilangkan di luar negara. Secara teknikalnya, Jakim hanya mengeluarkan sijil halal untuk produk yang diproseskan di Malaysia sahaja.

Tiada keharusan ditemui untuk mewarnakan rambut pelbagai warna pada satu kepala (tamyish al-sha'r). Ada ulama menghukumkan haram kerana menyerupai budaya orang kafir.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

holiday and holiday.

Holiday, and holiday and holiday.

:))... I lurve it! U don't have to do anything, u don't have to wake up early to go to class,
u don't have to feel so much tiredness. So perfect! ;)

But, too much holidays will make you kinda person that wake up late, holidays make you sooo dammn lazy and soo damnnn blurrrrr.

urghh.. and that is what I feel now.


A lot of homework to be done and to be settled down.


no more, biochemistry.anatomy,physiology.


But, somehow, I miss my anatomy class.:(

I miss the dissection hall.

I miss my table, I miss my lecturers and friends.

But, actually, if I were asked again to study back and go to the dissection hall, smelling those cadavers with so-sick-smell of the formalin, I won't AGREE! hahahaha. Busuk.

Current story about SRK. He's been in Sepang Circuit with two other Bollywood actresses. He's damn hot!!!! :D:D

Full Story: Click here.

Friday, April 2, 2010

REM Sleep brings us in a dreamland~ :)

Sometimes when the undesired dream comes into pictures,
We might stop and think for a while,
Is this dream is just a meaningless dream,
That somehow might encircles the peaceful sleep,
Or, is there any reason for the dream to be dreamed?

Signs and signs may come along the way,
From The Almighty to let us stay awake,
With the truth and belief that the dream is the real one,
Don't simply ignore, don't simply let it go.

Deja-vu is something, it is not nothing,
Blink and every blink brings you back to the dream,
And the truth is revealed,
Written in silence and ignorance.

Dream is as sweet as candy
And maybe, can be as bitter as you really can't explain,
It depends on what signs might come along.

Of all the dreams,
One may be true,
One may be real,
One may be approachable,
One may be possible,
Someday and somewhere,
It will lay in our grab.
Amin. :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Controller might be suitable.

Please. Be attentive. Don't pretend like nothing has happened.

The three sentences of the day. I don't know what should I say more? It's not me, who decide everything, it's not me either who set up everything. Life sometimes unfair. Yes, I should say that. Life drags me into the situation and leaves me without nothing to say and leaves me without hope. Maybe it kinda brief and confusing, but, I can't tell everything here. I miss the old 'situation', the time before, when everything went well. Smiles, laughter, and spiritual heart that we shared together. But it was so long back. Now, everything changes. U pretend like we are two people who never met, u pretend like I don't know u, and you don't know me either. Yeah, to blame all the things to life, isn't fair. It's not the life should be blamed, it's the heart that is easy to turn off and on like a controller.Wallahualam~