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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Just finished surgery's class. I am at home now. I don't really know what to do. Maybe I'll be sleeping. Maybe I'll continue watching Harry Potter or maybe I'll play some games. =.=
*mood: boredom!!'*

Bye Bye Karkala

Today was the last day I posted to Karkala, since I have finished OBG and Paediatrics. Yeah, I am so happy thinking about this since there will be no more long journey after this. No more problematic AC bus and no more bumpy-humpy-bus-because-roads-are-super-terrible. But, to be real honest and at some point, I am kinda feeling sad some more because of so many reasons. The reasons include:
  • the lovely ikan goreng with boiled rice even the kedai was so critically ill condition in terms of hygience and the eating place.
this is the lovely ikan goreng with boiled rice. :))))

  • the super cool and nice OBG lecturers: Dr. Satisha, his wife Dr. Sujatha and fatherly Dr. Sanjay. :"( P/s: Dr. Sujatha is so hot!! Heeee~ She has a very niceeeeee smileeeeee I can say. *shy shy cat*
  • the 15 minutes time before the watch ticked to 1030 a.m because at this point of time, I love to be lazying in the class, sometimes I slept. Hihi. :D:D
  • Long journey allows me to sleep so soundly. :(
This is it. No more Karkala. Be good there, Karkala. Even you are only a small, little hospital, but you taught me a lot. :)
Say hello to SURGERY. Hello to Dr. Santosh Pai and hello to Dr. M.G Shenoy. :)

I will be missing you, dear karkala.:(
right in the kedai ikan with the boiled rice on the table. :D, Daun pisang beb. Epik!
Just want to update, currently I am following Harry Potter. I love Ron! He is cool, with cute eyelashes. ;))))))

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Drama manusia

Salam. One topic, about the matters of fact, why people love to stalk your life, judge you and tell others about the story of
yours which is NOT TRUE at all? I don't know what's on these people's mind. Talking behind someone's back is actually
what we love to do. I said WE cause sometimes I do the same. But, one thing I am so not okay is, when you talk about
someone's behind his/her back but after that you tend to tell others about that particular someone which is CLEARLY not
true whom you know that these 'others' may reveal the story to the subject back..  Can you imagine how this subject's
feeling would be when others talk about him/her about something that is not true at all. Yeah, maybe it sounds a little
complicated, but this is what I really mean. If I was the subject, I may feel sad either. :'(. Tak nak cakap banyak. People and their dramas. They may look innocent by their innocent looks, but don't be too comfort for that. :)

p/s: New name for my baby. Audry. Welcome to the world, Audry! <3<3<3
Minah di sebelah kiri suka berdrama gak. Tapi bdrama comel. :) Rindu wawa. :( She will be registering to new school, INTEC next week. Good luck dear sis! (^_^)

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Salaam.. Here I am after so many days of disappearance. Not to mention I am busy but it is just that I am so lazy to login and start typing. Yeah with this monsoon season, many things couldn't be done as such. So not much activities to be shared in Cekelat. Heee.. Sorry!! By the way, now since I have this so called Android I can easily blog anywhere.. Maybe after this I will be frequently updating this blog. Just so you know, now I am heavenly lying on someone else's bed to get the wireless connection but actually I am supposed to go posting at Udupi. I am so lazy today. *singing The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars* lalalala~.. Tata!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


What you can hide, you can hide, because people can't really dig your heart you know, they really can't.

You may seem happy in front of the world, but truth is you suffer in the soul, that is what people love to do.

Let yourself burn inside.

"tidak ada kena mengena yang hidup atau pun yang telah tiada."

Salam and good night, world. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Kucing hitam dan oren. meow2

Hey. Salam.

Nothing much in here. Just want to say something.

Hati manusia cepat lembut. Dulu mungkin pernah sampai suhu mendidih. Tapi sekarang dah macam dekat Alaska. lalalala~. ;)

Anyway, IMY. Just so you know, IMY.

I am hoping that one day, things go back to the way it was before.

Because memories can't be faded.

People tend to do mistakes, and people may regret of what they have done:)



Thursday, June 9, 2011


Semangat itu kadang-kadang datang, kadang-kadang pergi,

Kalau dia datang kita biar, kita abai dan kita leka

Sebab kita terlalu yakin bahawasanya saat dan waktu yang lain dia akan muncul kembali

Tapi andaian tidak sememestinya betul, tekaan tidak semestinya kena

Dia pergi macam angin pergi lepas singgah untuk seberapa ketika sahaja.

Itulah semangat sebenarnya.

:( :( :(

Monday, June 6, 2011

Janji Allah itu benar.

Hello. Hola. Salam, sunshines. :) Well, meet again. Nothing much to talk and babble, just something about things I have learned today during Usrah.
  • Whatever we do, like studying, just remember that no matter how hard you struggle to pass the exam, no matter how focus you are to gain the knowledge, always remember that you still have to put Him in the very first place. Never forget about Allah s.w.t who always listen to your prayers. To absorb well in the process of knowledge collection, the clean and clear heart is very crucial. :)
  • Islam is very simple, it doesn't complicate the slaves. use the opportunity to appreciate and perform what you are asked to, as long as you are still breathing in this world. Once your heart stops beating and your brain stops functioning, nothing can be undo. 
  • "Janji Allah itu benar."(^_^)
Second of all, my baby is about to be delivered. Still thinking about its name and its twin's name. Haha. :D:D. Hopefully, I will get it as soon as possible. So can't wait to meet it. ;)

Third of all, I just realized something during the group discussion just now. We have to submit the case-sheet which we never start doing it. And plus end posting exam is just around the corner. Takut. =.=

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Andainya lelaki tahu..
Apabila seorang perempuan jatuh cinta,lelaki itu tidak semestinya punya segalanya tetapi lelaki itu adalah segalanya di hatinya.
Andainya lelaki tahu..
Apabila seorang perempuan itu mengalirkan air mata, itu bukan bermakna dia lemah, tetapi dia sedang mencari kekuatan untuk terus tabah menyintai lelaki itu..
Andainya lelaki tahu..
Apabila seorang perempuan marah, memang dia tidak mampu mengawal perasaannya tapi percayalah, itulah maknanya dia sangat mengambil berat dan menyayangi lelaki itu. Lihat saja pasangan yang baru bercinta, mereka jarang bergaduh. Tetapi percayalah semakin bertambah sayang mereka pada seseorang, semakin pula banyak pertelingkahan yang berlaku.
Andainya lelaki tahu..
Apabila perempuan bercakap banyak, dia tidak pernah bermaksud untuk membuat anda rimas, tapi dia mahu lelaki mengenalinya dengan lebih dekat.
Andainya lelaki tahu..
Apabila perempuan berkata dia mahu anda berubah, itu bukan bermakna dia tidak mahu menerima anda seadanya, tetapi dia mahu menjadikan anda lebih baik, bukan untuk dirinya, tetapi untuk masa depan anda.
Andainya lelaki tahu..
Apabila perempuan cemburu dan tidak percayakan anda, bukan bermakna dia tidak sayang..tetapi dia terlalu sayangkan anda dan masih mengangap anda anak kecil yang masih memerlukan sepenuh perhatian. Kadang2 dia terlalu risau sekiranya terlalu percaya, anda akan mengkhianati kepercayaan yang diberi. Naluri keibuannya sangat kuat. Dia hanya mahukan yang terbaik untuk anda.
Andai lelaki tahu..
Apabila perempuan merajuk, jangan kata dia mengada-ngada. Dia bukannya mahu dipujuk dengan wang ringgit atau hadiah sedozen, tetapi cukup dengan perhatian yang boleh buat perempuan rasa dihargai.
Andai lelaki tahu..
Apabila perempuan jarang mengatakan ‘i love u’, itu tidak bermaksud dia tidak menyintai tetapi dia mahu lelaki itu merasai sendiri cintanya, bukan hanya hadir dari kata-kata tetapi juga melalui bahasa tubuhnya.
Andai lelaki tahu..
Apabila perempuan kata dia rindu sama kamu, dia benar-benar maksudkannya. Apabila berjauhan, bayanganmu akan sentiasa bermain di mata.Andai lelaki tahu..Apabila perempuan kata lelaki lain itu lebih baik dari kamu, jangan percaya kata-katanya kerana dia hanya mahu menguji kamu. Dia mahu melihat sejauh mana kamu sanggup menjadi yang terbaik di matanya. Walaupun sebenarnya memang kamulah yang terbaik di hatinya. Selagi dia dengan kamu, percayalah, walaupun perempuan menganggap masih ramai lagi yang lebih baik di matanya tetapi di hatinya, kamu tetap yang terbaik.
Andai lelaki tahu..
Apabila perempuan menjadi degil, dia bukan bermaksud untuk menjadi degil tapi dia mahu melihat sejauh mana lelaki itu mampu bersabar dengan kerenahnya. Percayalah, hati perempuan itu sangat lembut. Andai kena caranya, jangan terkejut kalau akhirnya dia menukar fikirannya dalam masa sesaat.
Andai lelaki tahu..
Apabila perempuan berkata, “tolong tinggalkan saya!”, dia tidak bermaksud menyuruh anda pergi selamanya. Dia hanya mahu menenangkan fikirannya sebentar saja. Apabila dia kembali tenang, percayalah dia akan mencari anda semula. Itu tandanya dia benar-benar menyintai anda. Perempuan sukar untuk mengawal perasaan. Dia terlalu emosional. Tapi dialah yang paling menyayangi anda dan sangat sensitif dengan perubahan pada diri anda.
Andai lelaki tahu..
Sememangnya Allah menciptakan lelaki dan perempuan itu dengan perbezaan yang tersendiri. Tetapi sekiranya mereka saling memahami, mereka akan saling melengkapi dan menyempurnakan . Perempuan itu diciptakan oleh Allah indah sekali. Di sebalik air matanya, tersimpan seribu satu kekuatan yang bakal menjadikan seorang lelaki itu merasa selamat bersamanya. Biarpun zahirnya perempuan itu tampak lemah tapi dia punya kekuatan tersendiri yang bisa menggoncang dunia dan mungkin bisa pula membuat lelaki menjadi lemah kerananya. Jadi hargailah kehadiran seorang perempuan dalam hidup anda kerana dia didatangkan bukan dengan kelemahan sahaja tetapi dia juga ada kekuatan untuk menyongkong anda dan membuatkan hidup anda lebih sempurna. Dialah yang bakal menjadi perempuan bekerjaya, isteri juga ibu yang terbaik untuk anak2 anda...

Hujan. Kirimkan pesanan kepada dia. :)

Salaam. Today again, there is raining, maybe a slight rain with a little thunder even till now. I can hear the sound of the 'awful' creature, Frog( as for me la kan. hihi) singing a terrible song. =.=. I don't know why the hell I am so cannot go with this greenly thing. I am sorry, I know it's not your fault, but till now, I can't open my heart to welcome you. T.T. well, move on to the topic of rain. Well, I'd love to say that I love rain! so much! Like I don't know how to explain but I love it so much!! :D:D I know some people may say that, yeah rain is not good because some people tend to fall sick when they are exposed to the rain, or some might have cold or fever, but truth is, all of these do not applicable to myself. Alhamdullilah, till today, my immune system is quite impressive. I can stand with this for so long, I mean the rain part. I don't mind exposing myself to the raindrops because the chance that I might get the cold is very much less compared to the others. Bukan nak riak ke apa, tapi kebenaran, even I don't know why.

Even when I was in primary school, I only skipped class for 3 days for the whole year, because of only 3-day-slight-mild-fever. Cool kan? :) hee. But, that time I was so jealous to those who could bunk class, using the reasons that they weren't feeling well. I obviously couldn't use the reason because I RARELY sick. But now, having this advantage really makes me feel kinda grateful sometimes. I don't have to buy medicines so much, like others do. Pity them huh. =.=. Spending sometimes about RM30 per day because of the drugs are so expensive in which you can use the money to buy something else apart from the medicines if you don't fall sick.

I love watching the rain. It touches the heart sometimes, I don't know why:)
Again, RAIN. I love playing in the rain. Getting yourself wet, and play something under the heavy rain is really satisfying. :) I know some groups of people tend to label people who love to play in the rain as crazy but I really don't mind. hihi. If those times when I was young, I used to go out from my room everytime I listened to the sounds of raindrops on the roof. It's time to play!! And yeah, mom always care about us. =.=. If my mom caught me playing in the rain, I gotta listen to her talks the whole day. Hee. sayang mak! ;)
masa first year:). nanti jadi monster ni la balik, dengan baju hujan dan bawak payung ke sana sini:)

By the way, even today, at the age of 21, I have the thought to play in the rain again. The last I remembered I played in the rain was during last year, heavy monsoon season and we played football that time. I miss those memories so much:(

Don't worry of being sick. Ubat kan ada. Main je hujan. Haha.
Bagi saya ni free, saya kahwin dengan sapa-sapa la. Haha~
That's the story about rain. Now it comes to the story about phone, yeah whatever you want to refer it to like hand phone, mobile phone or ring ring. :) Let's make thing simpler, I have my own NOKIA express music 5730 now, which I bought on August 2009. But now, I don't know why I think I want to buy new one. ANDROID kinda type. First and foremost, I preferred HTC brand more. But then, since the price is too expensive which I am not so affordable to buy HTC, I bury my intention deep down the ground. ( Actually, if I want to but it, there's no problem at all. but in Malacca I may have to eat Maggi for dinner. Haha.:P) So, from HTC I revert to SAMSUNG Galaxy SL. Hee. Still thinking about it, and maybe I am gonna buy it. InsyaAllah. :) I asked the opinions from different people, my parents, him, and my friends and they mostly say "It's up to you" which I interpret it as, "Yeah, you should buy it one. Hihi".
Today, we won netball over batch 27. Congratz, teammates. :) Hopefully we will meet Batch 26 again for the final , and this time we gonna show you guys our real 'we'. Teeheee~ :D.

That's all from now. I will have end posting exam this Tuesday at Karkala before move to the next posting, OBG which I can't wait the most. ( I am so thrilled to see the process of delivery with my own eyes. LIVE. ). Wish me luck.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jadi Kuat Macam Badang ?

Salam. What's up people? Fine? Doing good? Or something happens in between? :S By the way, whatever it is, just live your life to the fullest because we only get the chance one, don't regret if time passes and you've done nothing good to yourself or others. :( Chillax:) Anyway, have I told you guys that now I have posted to Karkala? Well, it is 45 minutes away from Manipal, quite a long journey right? Takpe, people used to say that, the more distances you take to reach to a good place, the more rewards you get. Rewards macam pahala la. :) One word about Karkala so far. NOT BAD. Not bad in what way? Hmm, that makes me think twice to elaborate. Actually, there were many things happened for the past two days, things which were categorized as not so good. *Sigh* One of them was, we were scolded by lecturers in Karkala saying that we learnt nothing in Udupi and they weren't satisfied to our presentations. Pity us kan? :( But, actually, that was the thing we've been taught in Udupi. These lecturers expect too much from us. I'm sorry, we promise that we'll try our best to satisfy you guys okay. :) Please have faith in us. T___T

Second of all, I miss home. I miss home. I miss home. I miss home. I miss home. I miss home. I miss home.

Third of all, I lost one of my best friend, because of something that I can't control. My heart desire. I can't control, if only you know, and I can't choose if only you know. Then, goodbye from me, if that is what you really want and if that is what's the best for you. Take good care of yourself.

Fourth of all, I am thinking about buying ticket to go back to Malaysia, either MAS or Air Asia? T__T. Oh my my, I really don't have any idea about this. Should I buy the expensive one because after all, I can claim the ticket's price. Hopefully, I got the answer a.s.a.p.

Last but not least, last night I suddenly thought of something, something about my future career. When I was about to sleep last night, I suddenly had this thought:

"Lagi 3 tahun, saya akan jadi doktor. Bukan doktor haiwan ke doktor tumbuh tumbuhan, tapi doktor kepada manusia. Manusia yang ada perasaan yang boleh cerita dia sakit ke tak. Saya kena cuba treat manusia setakat mana termampu. "

What I thought was, am I able to perform this duty very well? Am I ready to be scolded when things go wrong during the duty-performing? Do I have the gut to treat people, and diagnose them and comfort them if I have to? Ya Allah, this isn't the easy decision. I've come this far, and I've to continue and have the faith in myself and most importantly, I have to believe in you, Ya Allah, whatever happens is under Your control, not mine or not others. I don't know the future obviously, but I hope I can do the best. Yakin pada diri, yakin dengan hati, gunakan ilmu yang ada untuk mengubati orang yang memerlukan dengan izinNya.

Sometimes, I feel so weak, thinking that am I that good to have the chance to be a doctor, or it is actually just a coincidence of all? But, deep down my heart, there is one voice that keep telling me this:
Nurul Fitrilina, awak boleh buat sebab tu DIA bagi peluang dekat awak untuk jadi doktor suatu hari nanti. DIA yakin awak ada kebolehan untuk selamatkan orang yang memerlukan bantuan awak dengan izinNya. Jadi, awak kena kuat supaya orang yang mencari awak nanti pun kuat macam awak."

And truth is, this voice which keeps me stronger at this point of time. Ya Allah, please help me to face all of these obstacles so that I will be stronger as the day passes. :)