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Monday, December 27, 2010

bury me

Sometimes, I kinda let myself buried in the past.

It sometimes strikes the heart.

It suddenly does.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm too young and too little, still. I'm sorry.

Hey. Salam.

Duhh. I've never thought about this, EVER in my life.

getting engaged at the age of 21 and getting married at the age of 22?

Oh, please. I am not that ready. Really.

And plus, I'm not into what they called ARRANGED MARRIAGE.

I prefer to find the soulmate by myself.

But people used to say that, we can't never get what we want.


Hmm. Whatever. Jodoh ketentuan di tangan Tuhan.

I want at least, my future hubby is also a doctor.

Cz doctor understands doctor.

Architect watsoever isn't my type.

I'm so sorry. Go find someone else.

I've got a BIG AMBITION.

And I want to achieve that first.

Thanks ma abah cz understanding what I want now.

Thanks cz you guys don't force me to accept this hard decision.

Love u guys infinity.:)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

We all have our own defects…Fight our own demons

You know what. I love blogging. Cause I can express how I feel in the blog, rather than keeping it in my heart as soon in time, it will burst.
They say, life isn't easy. You gotta follow the footsteps in your life. I saw you-know-who-you-are yesterday. It really like striking my head very MUCH. MUCHAS. Even then, I prefer to use the stairs upon lift. very truly kinda weird cz I'm not stair-loving kinda girl. As to escape from seeing you-know-who-you-are, I chose the poor stairs. Sometimes, the missing-kinda-thing haunts me. It is really terrible to pretend you don't give a damn, but actually, you really give a damn even it is just A LITTLE.

Enough of speaking abt heart. Just want to update. I'm currently following the series: GOSSIP GIRL. Okay, please don't laugh. I.. ummmm... I know it's really out-of-date but, yeah it's forgiven as during this story got the top rank series those day, I was freakin busy with the-so-called A Level stuff. Craking the heart like, like too much. urghhh I honestly HATE PHYSICS. blablabla. Enough said. Gotta do something. Owh, one more thing I want to say:
"The puzzle is officially solved. It is not that hard. LOL. Now, it stands on the study table with pride. Thank u. :)"- You-know-who-you-are-II-

Saturday, December 4, 2010

hey u freak, don't simply say you know me if you don't

It's not me to tell the whole world I miss you.
It is still not me to announce to all I need you.
Don't label me as me if I say I can't life without you.
I am not that kind of typical girl who is too desperate about you.
I admit, life isn't easy and kinda freak when you are not around.
I admit, sometimes I remembered those sweet memories when I was alone.
But, again I would like to express here, I still CAN LIVE HAPPILY without YOU.

P/s: abaikan jer aper I cakap nie. This is when you are too full after eating too much. lol.:p. *mood: a bit emo*

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

suture, breast examination. down!


I hate examss. I freakin hate examss. susah la, susah la exam . And tell me, was it worth I stayed up till subuh, but I couldn't answer much and screwed off my clinical skill labs? Mr. Raghuveer, you were too mean. :( and why the most easiest thing like sutures still I couldn't perform well???
Questions over questions.
This is only a BLOCK EXAM. I wonder what will happen to us later, during the study break for UNIVERSITY exam, maybe will be like panda or may turn into a monster? :/

But, whatever it is, just be POSITIVE. Try to think POSITIVE even you can't.

Suturing, next time I'll complete u within a minute! huh!