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Monday, December 27, 2010

bury me

Sometimes, I kinda let myself buried in the past.

It sometimes strikes the heart.

It suddenly does.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm too young and too little, still. I'm sorry.

Hey. Salam.

Duhh. I've never thought about this, EVER in my life.

getting engaged at the age of 21 and getting married at the age of 22?

Oh, please. I am not that ready. Really.

And plus, I'm not into what they called ARRANGED MARRIAGE.

I prefer to find the soulmate by myself.

But people used to say that, we can't never get what we want.


Hmm. Whatever. Jodoh ketentuan di tangan Tuhan.

I want at least, my future hubby is also a doctor.

Cz doctor understands doctor.

Architect watsoever isn't my type.

I'm so sorry. Go find someone else.

I've got a BIG AMBITION.

And I want to achieve that first.

Thanks ma abah cz understanding what I want now.

Thanks cz you guys don't force me to accept this hard decision.

Love u guys infinity.:)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

We all have our own defects…Fight our own demons

You know what. I love blogging. Cause I can express how I feel in the blog, rather than keeping it in my heart as soon in time, it will burst.
They say, life isn't easy. You gotta follow the footsteps in your life. I saw you-know-who-you-are yesterday. It really like striking my head very MUCH. MUCHAS. Even then, I prefer to use the stairs upon lift. very truly kinda weird cz I'm not stair-loving kinda girl. As to escape from seeing you-know-who-you-are, I chose the poor stairs. Sometimes, the missing-kinda-thing haunts me. It is really terrible to pretend you don't give a damn, but actually, you really give a damn even it is just A LITTLE.

Enough of speaking abt heart. Just want to update. I'm currently following the series: GOSSIP GIRL. Okay, please don't laugh. I.. ummmm... I know it's really out-of-date but, yeah it's forgiven as during this story got the top rank series those day, I was freakin busy with the-so-called A Level stuff. Craking the heart like, like too much. urghhh I honestly HATE PHYSICS. blablabla. Enough said. Gotta do something. Owh, one more thing I want to say:
"The puzzle is officially solved. It is not that hard. LOL. Now, it stands on the study table with pride. Thank u. :)"- You-know-who-you-are-II-

Saturday, December 4, 2010

hey u freak, don't simply say you know me if you don't

It's not me to tell the whole world I miss you.
It is still not me to announce to all I need you.
Don't label me as me if I say I can't life without you.
I am not that kind of typical girl who is too desperate about you.
I admit, life isn't easy and kinda freak when you are not around.
I admit, sometimes I remembered those sweet memories when I was alone.
But, again I would like to express here, I still CAN LIVE HAPPILY without YOU.

P/s: abaikan jer aper I cakap nie. This is when you are too full after eating too much. lol.:p. *mood: a bit emo*

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

suture, breast examination. down!


I hate examss. I freakin hate examss. susah la, susah la exam . And tell me, was it worth I stayed up till subuh, but I couldn't answer much and screwed off my clinical skill labs? Mr. Raghuveer, you were too mean. :( and why the most easiest thing like sutures still I couldn't perform well???
Questions over questions.
This is only a BLOCK EXAM. I wonder what will happen to us later, during the study break for UNIVERSITY exam, maybe will be like panda or may turn into a monster? :/

But, whatever it is, just be POSITIVE. Try to think POSITIVE even you can't.

Suturing, next time I'll complete u within a minute! huh!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let's Struggle Together.

What I suppose to do now?
Pardon me?
Again please.
STUDY. Yeah, study for the pharmacology practical paper tomorrow.

And, things to be updated. I kinda getting better.
As the day goes by.
Cz I'm a strong-strong girl. even stronger than CatWoman maybe.

Ahaha. Okay, that's it.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kuatkan aku, dia dan memori itu.

Okay. I've decided. To blog in Malay for at least this post.

Tak nak cakap banyak. Korang percaya tak pada yang namanya CINTA? Korang percaya tak pada CINTA pandang pertama, percaya tak pada quote, "I love u till the end of my life?" Percaya tak andai kata orang yang korang jatuh hati itu lah adalah jodoh korang yang sebenar? Percaya tak? Penat kan nak jawab. Penat sangat. Pada aku, jatuh chenta ke jatuh hati adalah benda yang susah sangat nak berlaku. Suka pada orang, itu biasa la kan. Selalu je aku tengok orang first time, terus suka. That's it. Suka. Bukan CINTA. Aku pernah jatuh cinta, pernah putus cinta, pernah jatuh balik, pernah putus balik. And aku terus wonder kenapa la peristiwa jatuh cinta and putus cinta harus terjadi pada waktu yang sangat banyak sebelum kita jumpa The Right One? Okay, orang maybe akan cakap. Experience. I'd loved that. Tapi kalau orang yang dah jenis selalu putus cinta je memanjang, sanggup ke nak lalui semua benda ni? Sanggup ke nak nangis hari hari for the sake of EXPERIENCE. Pelik la manusia. Dan satu lagi aku pelik, pelik pada insan-insan yang senang je cakap I LOVE YOU tapi itu tak pernah kekal. Sekadar ucapan, bukan permanent dalam hati whatsoever. Oh, bengang betul aku dengan insan macam ni. Oh, so typical.

Btw, ini takde kena mengena antara yang hidup dengan yang mati. =)

And aku ada kisah pasal benda nie. pasal CINTA yang terpaksa diKORBANkan untuk sebuah perubahan dalam hidup.

Mengenali dia adalah suatu kebahagian.
Mencintai dia adalah suatu anugerah.
Namun, kadang-kadang kita lalai, cinta itu tidak patut dibajai dengan nafsu dan hasutan syaitan,
Kerna pada akhirnya, semuanya akan menjadi sia-sia,
Cinta tak salah, sayang bukan perlu disusuli dengan hukuman,
Andai cinta itu ikhlas, cinta berlandaskan Dia sebagai yang utama,
Itulah sebaik-baik cinta,
Dulu mungkin aku lalai, aku alpa, dia leka,
Hanyut dengan manisnya sayang, merdunya ungkapan cinta,
Namun kini ternyata semua berubah,
Dia sedar, dia terbangun dari mimpi yang semakin hari semakin terhanyut jauh,
Namun, aku kaku, aku kecewa dengan perubahan,
Perubahan yang terlalu cepat dek masa, terlalu drastik dan sekelip mata,
Hati yang dulunya pernah sakit, sakit lagi untuk kesekian kalinya,
Cinta itu terpaksa dipadamkan demi sebuah pengorbanan yang ikhlas,
Tuhan, andai ini dugaan, aku terima, aku redha, aku pasrah.
Andai inilah jalan untuk kami makin ingat padaMu, tidak terus hanyut, aku redha,
Walau dalam perjalanan ini aku lagi yang sakit, aku lagi yang berdarah,
Hati disuruh supaya kuat, nafsu dipaksa supaya pergi,
Andai dia adalah jodoh aku, kau ubahkan lah dia sebetulnya,
Di jalan yang diredhai olehMu ya Allah,
Supaya suatu masa nanti, dia bakal datang kembali dengan secukup persiapan,
Untuk menjadi ayah kepada anak-anak aku, untuk menjadi sesolehnya seorang suami,
Namun, andai dia bukan untukku, kau tabahkan lah hati aku,
Supaya aku terus kuat untuk meneruskan sisa hidup,
Mungkin dengan orang yang lebih baik, yang mungkin kekal hingga nafasku terhenti,
Sesungguhnya itulah yang aku selalu berdoa,
Tuhan, kentalkan lah jiwa yang rapuh ini,
Pagarkanlah hati ini dengan kesabaran pada ujian,
Supaya aku bisa juga berubah.
Seperti dia.=)

*just so you know, I still love you.* you know who you are.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

down with the exam, down with the cycle of life

I don't know why the questions were too tough?
I am not sure what others thought, but for me, it's freaking hard and killing.
Okay, fine, it's only the block test, don't down too much, but I don't know why it really disappoint me. :'(..Can't wait for the block examss to end. I want to end this fast. =( "btw, just so you know, the half of the heart is you. "

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Diwali!

Hye there.

Too many things that happened recently.

These were like:

*budak sepet-bajet-hot's birthday, Mr. Adam wannabe: 1/11/2010.:) Happy birthday dear.Ily

* My sayang's birthday a.k.a SRK (Shah Rukh Khan) gile-gempak-hot-punya-lelaki heee: 2/11/2010

* Too much games in a row like: basketball, futsal, netball and maybe after this, volleyball. These are all for the sake of ma lovely batch, 24. Please at least appreciate even we didn't really conquer the games most of the time.

* My lovely-sista's birthday, Nurul Farina Mustapa: 5/11/2010.

Happy birthday guys!! May Allah bless u all always!! Love you guys so much! ;)))

After basketball game

After basketball game 2

SRK, my darling. hahahaha

Farina dak mucuk, kata Kobe. ;p

Sunday, October 31, 2010



Why people tend to change when the time change?

I just want to clarify one thing.

One quote that I believe till I was young at the age of 10.

"Love is permanent. No matter what. Come hell or high water. It's obviously not seasonal.=)"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hye. MSP was over. A week ago, thank God it really went well. Alhamdullilah.

And now, either I like it or not, I gotta focus on my study. There is no more excuses in which I can use to avoid studyinggggg... no more okehhh. Adoi, when I think about unis, the heart beats even faster. Sumpah, it is soooo scary u know. As what seniors said, 2nd year exam is 3-times harder than 1st year one and even, you life would be 3-times miserable than the first year. haiihhhhh. I just hope everything went well.
Here are some photos during MSP. =).

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pre- MSP Presentation

Tomorrow, MSP Poster presentation will be held at Counseling Room of Manipal University. After so long we have waited for this, the moment finally come. Actually, to be in the positive side, doing research is so much fun and you can gain a lot of new knowledge. But somehow, thinking that you are going to spend too much time completing the research and the time for you to study will be reduced, MSP is really useless. Aww so harsh if I use the word useless. Okay, to be nice, MSP is kinda troublesome. Really, most of the students agree with it. My group topic is as follows:

I just pray that everything goes well tomorrow for my group and others, too. :)
At least, let it be the great day after struggling too much completing the task.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Oh Ya Allah.

It hurts me so much.

I can't stand it anymore.

I try to think positive but I can't.

I really can't.

Monday, October 18, 2010

blurr thingy

Have you ever thought, being neglected from something at one point.
Haihhh, duh. IDK. Sometimes, there are little things that shouldn't be a big matter, or shouldn't be a strong point to get too sensitive. Okay. Don't misunderstand. I said this to myself, truly to myself. When sometimes I am not included in their conversations, I don't really care and matter much because people used to label me as 'blurrrr' little girl who knows nothing. yeahhh I pretty agree of what they said, but somehow, and in some situations I'm not blurr anymore. I'm not a seven-year-old-girl who just live happily with the chocolate and lollipop each and every day without having a care to the world, I'm NOT that girl. I'm grown up. I'm 21. Officially, 21. Please. at least treat me like an older person who can think well and without having thought in mind that I'm a blurrrrrr gal AGAIN.
oK, ENOUGH. Penat dahhh. :( Btw, I miss 'maya' my scooter so much. I really need her, to go somewhere with her. ALONE. :( Maya come back home please and get well very soon. IMY. =((((

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hangin on, gal.


It's a very free weekend. Free kah? Neways, actually I've got lot of things to be settled, like for example:

* settle my Journalss which are increasing day by day
* check out regarding MSP Poster.
* Studyyinggg.

But, I've done nothing on the last. In fact, I did something which weren't good enuf like:

* chatting n talking non-stop
* movie: Recently watched: Letter to Juliet.
* Eating and eating till I guess I've gained some weight. urghh. pretty cool! =.=

Whatever it is, gotta have d spirit and momentum to start struggling again.
I keep telling myself.
"At the end of this year, Imma have Unis exam. Please set that in mind. Fail? Mintak simpang sangat. :/. Cuak, of coz.

SO, Fit and all her friends, please realise that biggie thing is comin up and don't just waste your time doin something you pretty well know that it is just wasted time.

BEST OF LUCK all. =)


Salam. Yeah, I'm tired. Not only a little but, so much. Really. But, it doesn't matter. Cause I really enjoyed myself today watching Step Up 3D together with my girls. They were superb, fun, beautiful and brilliant. LOL. You guys should thank me for the very cool compliments! Haha.

I love My Kecipaksss a lot. (^_^)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm a drug addict. Stay away from me.

Being too good isn't so perfect, and being too bad isn't too terrible.
I don't know, sometimes, the questions are left unanswered. Looking back again to myself, I mean, in the deeper aspect relating to the heart and emotions, not necessarily about the physical thingy, I think I'm not a good one, I guess, and not too bad either. And I wonder how people around me classify myself, either a good-perfect-innocent girl or someone who better termed as, havoc-naughty-complicated-kinda bad girl. I DON'T KNOW.

Being too emo sometimes makes your life too bored, right? Because not all fella can guess that actually you're having some kinds of personal matters in mind as they can't read your mind for sure. So, it's like, " You are exploding inside but no one realises that thing. So pity on you." Haha.

But you know what, thinking of that, I've come into one freaky true statement or maybe a FACT. Don't just bother what you feel too much. Or in better understandings, don't take too much concern to what you feel deep inside 'cz in time, you will gonna heal by yourself, without appealing for others help.

Don't take too seriously of what I mumbling above. It is only a thought. A sudden-tadaaa-thought that comes into my mind. Actually, it's already 1.51am in Manipal, India but I'm still awake because tomorrow is so much heaven, class gonna start at 1030AM. Oh, I love being placed in a Batch A students. hee. One thing I keep repeating to others who keep asking me the same question.


My answer is simple. I'll go for the latter.
Haha. I'm a nocturnal fella. (^_^) Don't be scared, I'm a human being anyway.
LOL. Gotta stop now. SDL Pharmacology is waitin' on some corners.


I'm a drug addict. Stay away from me.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hey, there. I'm coming back.:)

It's been a long time.
And fyi, I've finished my one-month-holiday in lovely Malaysia.
Yeah, the feel of goin back after one year was very addictive. Well, now I'm in the third block, which means the university exam is really around the corner, an INCH to reach the corner: to be precise.
And my feelings right now are mixed-up like a blended juice.

I'm SCARED for the exams as too much to be read and studied.
I'm LAZY as I just came back from holidays and actually now I'm still in the mood of holidays, really.
I'm IN LOVE and that is still under a cognitive thinking whether I should write over here or not, but yeah gotcha and I did it. Oi, don't think something else. I'm IN LOVE with the lotsa books on the table. Yeah, thinking that you have left the books for month and now you are trying to get back to it. :)

Have you guys been thinking that how the time goes so fast? It's like what people use to say: PEJAM CELIK PEJAM CELIK and tadaaaa it's done and new biggie things come in front of you, and the cycles continues.

* It's not that Sick Cycle Carousel by LIFEHOUSE. ngeee...

Maybe, after this I might be updated this blog seldom as too much tasks on the lists but I can't really say this because if I feel like telling you guys my daily story, I'll write. And for those who admit as my BLOG-STALKERS( haha) keep on stalking and commenting. I'd love that. LOL.

Okay enough of this.

I miss them so much like so much, really. :'(

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hey all! :)

Let's get into the life of 'DEATH'.

Title: Forensic Medicine
Date: 19/08/2010
Time: 9.00 a.m
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes ONLY.

These are 6 main topics to be read tonight!!


Best of luck.

P/S: Ohhh, I can't wait to go home! Malaysia here I come, love! : )

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Babai Batch 22

To be honest, I am so tired now, errr I mean my brain.
I don't know why, I just finished 2 papers but it was like I've got to sit for 10 papers in a row.
What an exaggeration. T.T. Only 2 papers left, then, here I come MALAY
Actually, what I have to do now is open up the book and read, not fbing or listening to musics like what I do now.
It is totally so-not-medstu, kan? Agree with me please. ha ha. DESPERADO. :D
Anyway, just want to thank Kim a.k.a Mustaqim for treating me ice-cream tonight.
Anyway, he is my senior here in Manipal and he's going back to Malaysia the nex
t two days.
This is not only a one month holiday in Malaysia, he and his batch mates are going back forever, I mean they don't have to come to India ever again.
Their two-and-half-year in Manipal has ended. Congratulation guys 'cz you guys made it. Well done! ;)
And not to forger, thanks to Kak Wani, Alifah and all other my Usrah's members cz treating me Chicken Parmazina at SAIBA that day.
*I forgot to say thank-you.teruk kan? lol;p) You guys are the best 'akak usrah'
ever. hee.
( anyway, they both also Kim's batch mates. Do you see the connections here? ahahahaha/;D)
Back to the life of so-called me, I don't pack my things yet. I don't know what to bring back and what shouldn't. but one thing for sure is that, I've to bring back gifts that I bought during the TRAVEL AROUND NORTH INDIA that day for my family. :) hee. sweet kan me? awwww. <3<3<3.>
Oh, I think I want to bring back some notes: block 1 and block 2. I'm nerd! hee.
No, I'm not nerd okehhh it's just that at least you don't feel guilty when you don't study at home, just to calm the heart siket. ngee. Studying while eating some food, I mean Malaysian food in w
hich you have been craving for the past few months are so-can't-wait-even
t! haha. pergh. MANTOP. ;)

Okay, enough.

Here is some wish to all 22 batch members:

Best of luck there in Malacca. Don't cry even if you guys are treated as if you are the stupidest people ever, please don't feel down. They are just testing you *'they' refer to th
e lecturer there. haunted lecturers, seniors said! @_@*. We are goin
g to miss you all. T____T.

the one and only photo with Kim, during raya open house at one of his friend's house at MP Park.

P/s: sorry, akak usrah. ;) I don't have our photo together to be uploaded. :)
Our memory together is kept in the heart always. <3

Saturday, August 14, 2010

gile ahh jiwang ahh malu... XD

I never hate you.
Maybe once I liked you.
But, you seemed don't care abt it.
So did I because I'm not that kind of begging.
You get so far, me either.
And now we are even farer.

Nukilan rasa,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jom membebel.

Nak membebel, tak nak cakap dalam bahasa Inggeris. membebel cakap dalam BM baru best kan, kan? Entahlah, tadi dah habis kertas PATHOLOGY. susahnye mak aihhh Tuhan je yang tawu. I don't know what others felt, and I don't even care, but the main thing is that, I'm damn URGH. Serious, I tak main-main. Geram betul, Da study tapi tak dapat buat betul-betul. Mungkin ni dugaan 1 ramadhan kot. Next paper adalah PHARMACOLOGY. Ni satu hal jugak makhluk ni. Banyak giler kot nak menghapal. Baik hapal mantera nak chantek. grrrr. tapi jangan merungut fitrilina. Awak yang pilih jalan ni sebab awak yakin awak boleh buat. :) just doa yang terbaik. Okay-lah, nak cuba berusaha lagi selagi aku termampu. Batuk masih tak sembuh, tak taw lah kenapa. Memang persistent cough betul.

I rasa sekarang ni I nak jerit sekuat hati.
Penat sangat nak study.
Dah feel homey giler dah taw arkkkk. hohoh.
Mak, rindu mak. Abah pun own rindu.Adik-adik pn own rindu bangat!
Cepat abehh exammmmmmmm.

Nak jumpa family terchenta selepas setahun sebulan tak jumpa.

To Adik Na,
Ang jangan risau.
Berat aku sama dengan ang.
Sedangkan aku lagi rendah dari ang.
Ok. Aku GEMUK.
Ni India punya pasal, salahkan makanan dia! Jom boikot makanan India, makanan Malaysia gak terbaikkkkK! Yeay! heeee..

P/S: Selamat menyambut bulan RAMADHAN yang mulia. India baru start puasa esok. ngeeeee. ;)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

zero or none.

feel good,
don't feel good.
feel good,
don't feel good.
feel good,
don't feel good.

and at this moment, it goes for:

  • Enchek kura-kura hijau jatuh tanpa kesan.
  • banyak lagi tak stadi! I'm going mad!
  • handphone buat hal.
Give me Alladin mat.
I want to hide somewhere, where no one can find.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Hey all. Salam. Nothing much, just want to steal maximum 15 minutes to create this post. It's nothing much like I said before, just want to release my burden, my brain's burden for these few days. Too much studying make you feel like stunned. I don't know whether the word 'stunned' is actually suits the situation or not, it is just that it looks nice to be written down. haha. whatever. Today, the topic is HEART. yeah, HEART. Simple, as simple as XYZ. :)

Have you ever thought of clearing your heart from all sorts of bad things that might get deposited on the wall of it? Some kind of 'things' that finally can lead to MI( Myocardial Infarction) or infective endocarditis if it involves the valves? Anyway, let's get cleared off about something. It's not that MI that we learn in medical school.( I specially point this to all medstu if any medstu who reads this post and for those who don't understand just let it be. haha. complicated kan?;p) Let's get back to the track. I don't know why the hell I simply HATE people so much. I experienced one disorder, yeah I called it as disorder anyway. Sometimes, I can turn into someone who always get mad without any specific reasons lie behind it towards somebody.What's the use to shout and scream here and there to others when you don't even know the point why you are doing so. Yeah I'm saying that to myself. Frankly speaking, there are so many times when I hate somebody without him/her doing so-called bad things to me. How cruel I am. (=.=) But, I don't know, I just can't stand with it, maybe you guys have experienced this. When you don't even know that person, but you simply can't get along with that person even you tried so hard to do so. I wish this disorder will end. As what the heart is concerned, I want to cleanse my heart. Yeah, there is no harm in changing to a better person right? *fullstop*

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm hypnotized! @_@

we were so freaked. but we are cute. now n then~:D
Ina busuk, fit comel. biahahhahaa.
presenting, this is my twin. her name is Mun. I love her.
Please don't disturb her, she's taken. LOL. kidding~
Edi in between. He's like a teddybear. Awwww.
super-delicious-tasty-perfectly-made-cake. (Ckin's recipes:)
and Yop, FYI, u looked so retarded,
and fortunately, I could see adam's apple yeah, at least a slight protrusion there,
or maybe I coincidently mis-interpret it which was actually the FAT. haha.

::Randomly taken-photos::
Hey, ya. I'm kinda bored right now, facing the TRIPATHI Pharmacology text-book reading some kind of topic which is just so LAME ok, so freaking BORED. :'(
And whatever happens, I've got to read for PBL presentation tomorrow.
And now, fit go focus on your study.


Can't you give me any other interesting topic, ppl? Urgh. bosan.:(
Takpe, It's okay, I'm trying to LOVE the lovely topic.
I SEEM TO 'FALL IN LOVE' with these 'things' or to be honest the names of the drugs:

*and blablabla, *yawninggggg*

Yeah, okay, gtg. Ttyl. Ilysm ppl.

*Anyway, Bald makes you so much cute*

Just So You Know


I try to let go.

I shouldn't love you but I want you

I just can't turn away

I shouldn't see you, but I can't move

I can't look away.

Dear U,

Be patient.

Time will prove something, we don't know.

Pray for good.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Need You Know- Lady Antebellum

Hey, all. :) Here it comes again: THE WEEKEND. Ohh, I'm just soo happy and so excited till I don't even know how to express what I feel. Haha. Koya seyh. ;). Anyway, comes weekend or holidays, still I don't have to be so much free and leisure since there are so many things to be settled like for example:
  • SDL Pharmacology: Treatment for Gout, Anti-anxiety Drugs and Anti-Maniac Drugs. @_@
  • SDL Microbiology: Too much topics till I don't even have the heart to write them all, seriously.
  • PBL Pharmacology: To be presented this Tuesday, but the good thing is that, the notes are done! :)
  • Oh, not to forget! Go to Kak Ummu's house to get the chair! haha. errr, actually I want to buy the chair from her. :)
Just refer to the points above. Almost 75% are all about study.

this is what will happen if you study too much. lol.
These are the books. I am a BOOKWORM. Please believe me. :/

If someone asks me in one fine day,
"What is the thing that can abviously make you to vomit?"
I will answer: STUDYING all the times might leads to vomiting or is termed medically as EMESIS.

Hee. But what to do, we are students, and this is the OBLIGATORY THING that we should do apart from falling in love to different people at different times. Yucks. Haha. Chill, I didn't mean it anyway.

Okay-lah, I think I've got to stop.
Mr. Tripathi is calling me now.

One last sentence: I don't sigh, I'm happy of what I am now, it's just that I wish there are so much times for me to study and study and keep studying. :)

*can't wait to go home, err it's like 3 weeks more I guess.*

Quote of the day: I don't know if I ever cross your mind. But for me, it happens all the time. ILY.

With so much love,

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

At last, hehe. I chose this layout after so many tries.

It looks sooo CUTE. he he he. :)

Anyway, for those who think of commenting my post, you can do so by clicking the comments on top of the post which is just below the title.

Gaga. It's weird thou, compared to previous layout.

Even I, just discover this thing.

Feel free.

Sincere comments are needed.

I accept shit-talks either. :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I just let the songs shuffle by themselves.:)

We'll see what might happen.

Mood: Journalss. urgh. T.T *crycry*

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Tired. :'(
Sigh. Slept at 2.30am after studying pathology, actually an accidental sleep. I didn't mean to sleep anyway.
Woke up again at 5am. Then suddenly I realised I forgot to message goodnight.

I messaged Mr Sepet and he was still studying. Tabik to him.
I continued study for Patho class test till I slept and woke up again to get back to the bathroom cause it was already late.
Study. Each and every second when you have the chance.
I don't want to sigh.
I studied.
Maybe the hard work wasn't enough.

End-up with a
For the first time in second year.
So much cool.

Pecah rekod.
I'm already TIRED.
Okay-lah.Got to go. I'm so freaking sleepy because I burnt my LUNCH-NAP just to study but again, I FAILED.
Screw u, Fitri.:'(

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hey, there!


Many things happened this few days. A lot.

All mixed-up.

Happy, sad, excited and the lists go on.

I'll story a little later, cz now I have to focus on Patho class test for tomorrow.

Wish me good luck! ;)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010




Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm an adult, not anymore teenager. :)

Why? Things happened so fast. Even with or without your consciousness, u've become someone called adult, not teenager anymore. Yeah, that is life anyway. Adult and teenager. Two different perceptions of life with different views. Being an adult is so great, you don't have to actually have the consent from your parents to do anything naughty, lol. Something like,
  • 'convo'ing to the beach in India with your friends when it was raining like cats and dogs.
  • playing futsal under the rain until your clothes were so dirty-dirty with chocolate brown soils. GREAT.
Yeah that's it. :) Sorry, I don't update too frequent recently. Just finished my First Block exams and already in the Second Block. Gtg now, SDL Microbe is waiting.
To people out there, my mind and my soul are already in Malaysia. can't wait to go back home. :'(
Here are some pictures for this past few weeks that already passed by:
afta doing notty things. haha. so messy! ;)

fi3 with roomie, and my lovely scootie

tera-tak-cukup.:) syang sangat sama mereka. :)

during clinical skill lab- SUTURING. (^_^)

Monday, June 7, 2010


Yeah. No one cares, no one minds.
Because, it is me, not her, or her.
and, I already get used to it.
and I don't care.
Yeah, 'I don't care.'

Friday, June 4, 2010

Diary of the day:

Announcement, announcement!! xD..

Tomorrow BLOCK 1 exam is going to start.
Four subjects on the row!!!
  • pathology
  • microbiology
  • pharmacology
  • forensic medicine.
Fuhhhhh, gotta go now.


With love,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

mar00n Lima.

Jangan mengeluh.

Tolonglah, jangan merungut.

Study-lah, masih ada masa,

Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa.

and, lose some weight!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I can only see you from far.

Looking you from the far doesn't really help.

I wish to help.

I wish to offer my hand at least to reduce the big things you have in mind.

Because, I can see something wrong is going on, like as if you are facing some kind of problems, I

don't know whether it's a personal matter, or the opposite.

Hmm, maybe, I just can say it here, as I don't have the chance to talk to you.

Be cool of whatever happen. Sometimes, undesirable things happen to let us know that life isn't

easy and we just have to continue struggling. To whomever read the post, please pass the

message to the name-cannot-be-mentioned-person, yeah, if let's say you can guess. :) I can't

directly tell the creature, because I don't want to, I maybe might disturb the life of that creature,

as I know I am nobody to this X person.:D.

Monday, May 31, 2010


Aku mungkin bukan penyajak yang hebat,
Aku tak pandai bermadah indah,
Tapi aku masih lagi insan yang masih ada hati yang mungkin kadang-kala berbunga- bunga andai aku disiram dengan kebahagiaan,:)
Manusia mungkin terlupa,
Semalam dia begitu indah, begitu sempurna,
Tapi bila mentari bersinar di pagi hari, dia berubah, dia tidak seperti dia yang semalamnya.:D

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hey, here I am once again. Heh, suddenly remind me of one of the Avril Lavigne's song.. Yeap, I don't have mood to update u, little chocolate, and now I feel like writing, yeah now.
For your information ppl, I spent my day today by sleeepiiinggg whole day long.
Yeah, very good to hear that! But the truth is that, the exam is less than a week. Berubahlah fit, berubah.(=.=)

Monday, May 17, 2010

People aren't all perfect.

I don't understand one thing.
Why people talk about others, when they themselves aren't perfect?
Advice is so well good, and plus it is RECOMMENDED to make some people realise of what they've done wrong to make it right back again.
:). That is what we want. But, the QUESTION here which I want to ask:

Why there are some people who said bad things extremely about others for others' mistakes, without even have thought in mind that, people aren't perfect and change to be better isn't a sin?
They talked like as if, they are soooooo welll perfect.
Hmmm.. People, people.
I don't want to say anything more:
One thing I want to stress here.

"People make mistakes and we are responsible to correct them and guide them to the proper way, but, please, to those who intend to correct others, don't simply throw bad words to others continuously without bearing in mind you yourself are not perfect.:)


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Serves me right

Haaha, don't take things seriously people. ;)))
Esp, my lovely roomie, Nur Izzati Nadzrin. :D. lalalalala~ it's just a small crush lol, cause of some reasons and you know why.:). I don't want to step into the old story of getting closer to the junior. haha. dah bersara. stop talking nonsense now.

Regarding the study, ouchh,not again. I HAVE TO cover so many things in a too little time for the block exams, yeah, congratulations NURUL FITRILINA because you postponed things and finally you are the one who suffers. :'(. sobsobsob. Yeah, serves me right.
Stop playing around. :)

Ya Allah, do help me,
strengthen my Iman,
enhance my spirit,
boost me up, Ya Allah.:)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Untuk dia yang bukan dia lagi

My guesses were all wrong.
You are not special, you are just like all ordinary guys, you'll never be you.
I guess you are nice,
But, you're not. U simply hurt me, when you have the chance.
I guess you are not into all the girls,
but you did, you close to all other girls.
I guess you will just smile and less talking,
but I was totally wrong.
You talk a lot, laugh a lot, even with others.
I guess you are the one for me,
But, now I was obviously wrong,
You are not for me,
I am not for you,
We are not for each other. =.=

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Aku tak sempurna~

I'm weak, I'm not really in the proper path,
Sometimes I lost in the middle of the journey,
Fumbling for the bright light that keep giving the chance to shine once again,
Determination brings me back to the truth and belief,
As well as the goal and the undeniable spirit.

I drowned in the ocean of joyfulness and temporary happiness,
I've forgotten the permanent life here after,
Because the lusts conquer the unexplained mind,
But, fortunate leads the way,
I've been reminded again,
From those who still care and love,
A reminder that obviously should not be snoozed.

Drop by drop of tears run in an uncontrolled manner,
How lucky I am to be in this world,
How lucky I am to be reminded,
To step again on the right,proper road,
A pray that echoes the day,
The change that remains ever after.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Nur Kasih

Ignore the previous post.

Ting-tong mood at that time. but now dah totally okay yeh~

Hee. Tomorrow I've got SDL pharmac test, still studying at this time. ( saying from last-minute-study-type-of-student;p).

Not so much, but lately, I've fallen in love to one of Malay series:


Okay, don't laugh. I know, it's kinda late to watch the movie and hell yeah, I'm not up to date to any moviessss now. hee. What can I watch, if everyday, u've got loadssss of things to study?

Thanks to weekend. ;)

But, still, I haven't finished watching the drama. Slow-and-steady and feel of course.

Adam: kinda disgusting at the beginning of the story, then he turns into a macho-sweet type of guy. ok, I'm in love.

Aidil: being perfectly kind from the beginning of the story till now. Awwww.:)

Nur: She's perfect. She has the strength to face all the troubles in her life, and I respect that. :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A latent burst.

When I feel like screaming, I can't really do that now. Some people say, it is not so nice to do that actually, but who hell cares?? *kasar sikit, maaf* I don't really have idea what's in my mind at this time, I feel unease, I feel something disturbing me, and I feel like I am pretending to be someone else now. Mental-depression. I badly want to go home now, seriously. But, still, patience is still there deep in my heart. Yeah, maybe physically I look okay to people's around, but to be honest, at this point of time, something lingering in my mind for the past few weeks that remains unsolved.

T.E.N.S.I.O.N- lah.

I don't ask u to please me, I don't need you to tell me what should I do what should I avoid, cause it is my own bussiness and my problem. Yeah, maybe your opinion is extremely important for some times, but for this case, I DON'T WANT YOU TO GET INVOLVED.
ada, paham, eyh?

You do something as if you are the greatest human being on EARTH.
You put aside this lame statement that suppose to be true all the times.


I don't want to mumble anymore, I don't want to say anymore, I don't feel like uttering anything.

I'm officially MUTED now.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kueh Teow Kungfu

The junior reminds me of you.

But, I don't even care now.


Cause, I can already live without you, Mr. Kueh Teow Kungfu.

Friday, April 30, 2010


It was around 1am in the morning. Unintentionally, I slept with the main lamp opened. As usual, I got myself into the dream world, and suddenly, I had a really bad dream. It was all about my mom. I didn't really know why on Earth I dreamed about that, but seriously, I really hope that the dream will never repeat. Kinda scary. urghh.=.=.

Let me tell ya regarding the dreams: It goes like this. As what all people know, even now I don't have the license. Yeah, I'm a loser but, wasn't my fault too I didn't obtain the license. I entered UTP early, I left UTP, then went to KTT with totally different course. Then, I only had a month of holiday before flying to India to further my study. Then, tell me, how come I could get the license if I didn't have so much free time before? So, don't blame me. x0x0. ;).
Move to the dream. I dreamed that I was driving the car with my mom next to me along the bridge surrounded by full of very deep green water. And to my surprise, I drove so damn fast in the dream! Unfortunately, I lost control and finally we both got into the water.:'(. Then, suddenly, I was suddenly awake. Terrible dream and I didn't even know why should I dream like that. Wonder, wonder.

After suddenly awake, I couldn't continue sleeping, so I decided to read a little bit regarding the microbiology lab that we were going to discuss until I slept out of my conscious. :). Regarding the small test that we had to perform during the lab session, even I didn't know much about the parasites and fungi. Too many weird pictures with weird names. Here are some taken pictures without permission. :D
In the evening, we were having some kite-flying session at the End Point, not really formal, it was just some kind of charity to help people who are suffering from Haemophilia( blood disorder). Hee, I unexpectedly managed to get the kite up high, that was just so fun! Wish to play kite again! I don't have the pictures, but Mun do, maybe she uploads later. =) At 6pm, we were then making our way, using TEMPE STYLE: ( riding a scooter with three people) to the Sharada court to play netball against BATCH 26, the most junior. My batch, 24 won! I played WD position which is the Wing Defense. Haha, not so much work to do as the opponents rarely attacked. Thank God for that. Haha.

As usual, the weekend night should be enjoyed to the fullest. At around 1030 pm, kecipaksss got together and chit-chatting at Cheff Inn until around 12am when the so-called 'discussion' continued in front of the Nandini( the name of the grocery shop which mostly occupied by Malaysian students here.) After that, we 'convoi' to make an effective tour around Manipal, emptying our petrol. haha. Joke, joke. lol~ It was fun, riding the scooter under the full-moon. sangat comel! =).

Here goes my day, and now I'm in front of my lappy updating the news for today. Actually, just finished watching Chalte Chalte acted by SRK and Rani Mukherjee, for more than 10 times already but I don't even get tired or sick of watching. Hehe.

That's enough for now, gotta go to sleep yaw! ;)

I don't want to miss a thing.:)

I don't want to search for it,

I don't want to chase for it,

Neither to hold it tight,

Nor to keep it in my heart.

One little wish, please come when the time has come,

Please appear when you have to appear,

And after all, you are most welcome Mr Right. :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Respect others, too.:)

There are some people who have their own dreams, there are also some people who wish for something that is obviously impossible or by no chance, it would come true. Whatever it is, just keep in mind, don't let down others' wishes. Don't simply show the boredom look or uninterested smile. Please respect others, too. :) I don't want to point to anybody, there's no use of blaming others. We are all grown-up people, we have a great brain to think and to judge. Apart from a useful brain, we all have a HEART: sometimes sensitive to something. Again, I would like to stress over here, don't simply hurt others' heart,because we never know someday, ours will be hurt, too. A delicate heart, by any means, is easy to break even with a short simple WORD. A word that signifies thousands of meaning. Okay, to think positively, maybe it is accidentally spoken, without any intention that lies behind. But, if you realise the spoken word has already hurt certain people, is it so damn difficult to utter the word, SORRY? Is it too hard anyway? People, people. Be sensitive to our environment. We all live in a big community, and care for others is one of the prior thing to be looked at. Alhamdullillah, at least, my heart is in a recovering process now, because I'm one of the victims, for this moment. Ignorance is better now. Wallahualam~

Thanks. Maybe I have a real 'Mimpi Gula' tonight. :)

Thanks for the eiffel tower-key-chain. :)

It makes me smile and keep smiling till now.

Thanks Kak Mun.Even I can't reach there, at least, I have the miniature of my favourite place ever. :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I can now hear the sound of the fan spinning. What should I do? Should I just go to sleep? or should I study? or maybe face-booking again? No, I don't think one of the choices above should be taken into consideration. Finally, I've made my mind to blog. I miss blogging I guess, haha, saying as if, I haven't blog for a month! haha. This week was the hectic week ever for this second year. 3 days in a row, in which I should face, every night facing the books, and books and books.
  • Wednesday( 21.04.10)- Microbiology SDL, and unfortunately the topics were sooo much to be read and understood! And, I want to emphasize here, I only have one brain, dear. :'( but, whatever things might happened, I still have to study. Enough of that. This time, no presentation, but the quiz was on. Kinda bored sometimes, when you've read, but the questions asked were out-of-topic. 1,2,3- borrriingggg. =.=
  • Thursday( 22.04.10)- Pharmacology SDL TEST. Actually, there were not so much to be read for the test, but, as usual, careless mistakes conquered. I did pass but, I didn't score much.:(. Quite disappointing. T_T
  • Friday( 23.04.10)- Problem Based Learning on the way for Pathology or in short-PBL. To read and to think that you were going to present was quite a tensed situation. Even it only involved 10 persons, but, yeah, still you have to present. But, Alhamdullilah, everything went well. :)
and actually, I just came back from playing basketball now, at 0120 in the morning. Hee~ One of the way to release tension here in Manipal, rather than you scream purposeless out loud. lol.:D. It was fun, playing with them. You aimed, you shot, and gotcha. :D

Anyway, I've changed the position of my study table. To be frank, this is all because of the chair- always give trouble to me. Haihh~ Here take a look on some pictures. I use my bed to sit and study rather than that stupid chair worth rs1000. *sigh*

my study table.:)

study table with the bed as the 'chair' C.O.O.L.:)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


L.O.V.E, reminds me of the song by Ashlee Simpson.Love, is a word with thousands of meaning. People use to define love as,

any of a number of emotions related to a sense of strong affection and attachment.

To pour the love, to confess the love doesn't need the strong gut. You just have to have the faith, and automatically, the love can be expressed. :). Love is something that is just so special and definitely can make even a heartless person to melt, believe that. :D.Whom to love? Who loves us? Will someone loves us without any returns of something else?

Questions over questions unanswered in my head even now, and not me, but you guys too right?
And actually, we ourselves can give the answer for that. Love, thrown to these people mainly:
  • family

  • friends

  • and the soulmate
p/s: sorry no available photo to be uploaded cz' still haven't found one yet..:)

That's it. Family, friends and soulmate. To be honest, sometimes, I don't really utter the word love to these people everyday. Yes, I do say I love you, but not every second I tell those 3 letters non-stop. Actually, in this thing called love, you don't have to say it frequently, it's enough that you show the love by means of many ways like- the care that you show, the misses that you feel when they are not around, the sincere smile that you draw from you lips enough to make them understand well that you love them. :).

The famous poet, William Shakespeare used to say this quote regarding love:

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

If you love somebody, don't have to say 'I love you' each and every second if you can't make it, it's enough if you show your care and love as the way it should be. :D.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jangan buka, serious takde pape.


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Froggy. I HATE froggy.

And even till this moment, I don't really know the exact reason why on earth should I behave like that.

Maybe because of the mucous present all over the body?

or because of the froggie's neck that blows outwards and inwards during breathing?

or maybe because of the dangerous side of that creature?

I don't know. Please, please, and please. Don't get me involved with this creature.

Don't prank me with this froggy.