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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Tired. :'(
Sigh. Slept at 2.30am after studying pathology, actually an accidental sleep. I didn't mean to sleep anyway.
Woke up again at 5am. Then suddenly I realised I forgot to message goodnight.

I messaged Mr Sepet and he was still studying. Tabik to him.
I continued study for Patho class test till I slept and woke up again to get back to the bathroom cause it was already late.
Study. Each and every second when you have the chance.
I don't want to sigh.
I studied.
Maybe the hard work wasn't enough.

End-up with a
For the first time in second year.
So much cool.

Pecah rekod.
I'm already TIRED.
Okay-lah.Got to go. I'm so freaking sleepy because I burnt my LUNCH-NAP just to study but again, I FAILED.
Screw u, Fitri.:'(


OyOp said...

lepak2 jer....dare tu fail..igt x tazkirah yg aku bg dulu?? dgr kn?? hee...a men without a single failure in his life can not be called a man....

saya seorang budak comel said...

study2 jgak ea lin tp jaga kesihatan n makan minum.... :)

Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa said...

yop: yop, thnks for d reminder.:)

akmal: baik! (",)