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Sunday, December 2, 2012

About to rain?


Today, my mood is as gloomy as a sky about to rain. I don't know what things that matter, usually I could resist the sad feeling when he didn't look into my eyes while explaining, but this time, I felt so so sad, I felt useless, I felt like I wasn't even there, at all. Yes, I knew, a long time ago, I have faced this kinda situation, in which I was able to let go off the feeling. I still remembered those times, when my heart was too soft, I was too jealous but I couldn't do anything, I just kept it to myself, couldn't even share with anybody. And thus, I rode my scooter, away from the place I've been, I went to a place where at least, I could cry as loud as I can, nobody even cared.

And now, I've nowhere to run, no one to even share, nobody will understand..

I miss the moment in Manipal so much. So much. I miss the place so much. I miss Maya, and I miss everything, I miss the moment where I could cry on the bike, in which nobody there to know. =(

One other thing: My sister has gone for the kursus, yeah that kursus. And I didn't even know when will my time come, when and how.

Nurul Fitrilina, please be strong.

Don't fall at this moment. A lot more to come later. A lot more.

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