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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I can only see you from far.

Looking you from the far doesn't really help.

I wish to help.

I wish to offer my hand at least to reduce the big things you have in mind.

Because, I can see something wrong is going on, like as if you are facing some kind of problems, I

don't know whether it's a personal matter, or the opposite.

Hmm, maybe, I just can say it here, as I don't have the chance to talk to you.

Be cool of whatever happen. Sometimes, undesirable things happen to let us know that life isn't

easy and we just have to continue struggling. To whomever read the post, please pass the

message to the name-cannot-be-mentioned-person, yeah, if let's say you can guess. :) I can't

directly tell the creature, because I don't want to, I maybe might disturb the life of that creature,

as I know I am nobody to this X person.:D.


Ahmad bin Ariffin said...

hope the person reads this =) i always wanted to do the same thing..

Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa said...

Yeap, really hope so, even I can't tell that person persoanally.:)