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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm an adult, not anymore teenager. :)

Why? Things happened so fast. Even with or without your consciousness, u've become someone called adult, not teenager anymore. Yeah, that is life anyway. Adult and teenager. Two different perceptions of life with different views. Being an adult is so great, you don't have to actually have the consent from your parents to do anything naughty, lol. Something like,
  • 'convo'ing to the beach in India with your friends when it was raining like cats and dogs.
  • playing futsal under the rain until your clothes were so dirty-dirty with chocolate brown soils. GREAT.
Yeah that's it. :) Sorry, I don't update too frequent recently. Just finished my First Block exams and already in the Second Block. Gtg now, SDL Microbe is waiting.
To people out there, my mind and my soul are already in Malaysia. can't wait to go back home. :'(
Here are some pictures for this past few weeks that already passed by:
afta doing notty things. haha. so messy! ;)

fi3 with roomie, and my lovely scootie

tera-tak-cukup.:) syang sangat sama mereka. :)

during clinical skill lab- SUTURING. (^_^)


OyOp said...

lepak....t bile2 kite g kappu beach same2...hee....konvoi!!!

Akmal Kassim said...

hepi tul... :P
comel scoot... pinjam ley?