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Monday, March 7, 2011


Salaam to all.:) Guess what, world? Now I'm at my home! Yeah. Home sweet home like what they said, remember?:) Meeting my parents, my siblings and my other families is just too exciting. They said, I've put some weights. Oh well I don't know whether to say thank you or to get mad to them? haha. Whatever. Here are some pictures I've taken with them. Oh I love them like so much.:) Most of the pictures were in the car cause everytime I wasn't in the car( I mean when I reached the certain destination) I always forgot to take photo cause I was busy enjoying the place. Ngee. mengada kan. LOL. =) and for you guys info, the results have been released and thank God I've made it. We made it. All my friends passed. But, unfortunately, some of my friends didn't. :(

Oh, people, actually, there is one story m gonna tell. but not now. keep updating kay.:) ttyl. bye. =p

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