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Monday, February 28, 2011

Pizza Corner and Us. :)

Salam all!:):):):) We meet again! Yeah, this time I meet you with a wide big smile and I guess you already know the reasons, don't you? Hee. Ok, lemmi tell you if you don't have any effing idea about why I smile and smile at the very first place.;) Truth is, my MBBS SECOND YEAR UNIVERSITY EXAM has just ended! OMG, this is what we've waited for since d last 2 months!!! If only you know how miserable the life was, when you gotta wake up early in the morning, had a date with books, books and books, nothing but medical books, to be specific: PHARMAC, PATHO and MICROBE. Alhamdullilah, at last this time has come. But, I really hope that all my friends and I (i.e: Batch 24) will stick as the same batch till we graduate 3 years after this. Hopefully. Allah swt, please listen to our prayers. Amin.:)

Actually there are too many plans that I have decided once the exam is over. Too many. One of the main plan is going back to lovely Malaysia at 2/3/2011 together with my friends and some of my friends are actually too tough and they just decided to stay in Manipal. How cool are they, don't you think? Hihi. They planned to go anywhere that comes into their minds at the specific moment. :)

What I did after the exam was, convoing together to the Superintendent Police Officer to collect the Residential Permit in India and the Leaving Permit, since I am going to leave India for a one month break. After that, I settled my things about the transport that we gonna take from Cochin to Manipal back again when we come back to India. It was actually not settled yet, yeah TEMPE's words could not really be trusted. ughhhhh. But, whatever it is, I gotta e-mail to them again to confirm the status of the tickets. Okay, I hate TEMPE. Seriously. :(

But after that, we made our way to the PIZZA CORNER.OMG, this was so cool, eating pizza after so long! Wee~ ;))) But during the time, I was so sleepy till I slept, but however the pizza was still in the hand. ( sumpah mengantuk nak mati.) Maybe because I only slept for one and half hour the day before, this was so tiring.

Btw, here are some pictas that I have intended to put in in the blog but since I was too busy before, I just keep the intention. Have a look on the pictures.:)

Let's wash the bikes together! Hee( right after theory papers ended)

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