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Thursday, August 29, 2013

beach and you, inseparable. :)

You know what I miss?

I miss the beach.

I miss sitting at the balcony by the beach,

Watching over sunrise with you

While we are eating scrambled eggs and toasted bread with cup of coffee I've made for you

After Subuh jemaah together in the early morning

Discussing about our future

While I smile at you and you smile at me continuously

Once a while you hold my hands and kiss my cheeks

Nodding to what I've said.

Then, we make a morning walk from end to end of the beach, playing by the seaside

Scribbling our names on the sands,

I love that and I miss that. I said 'miss' although it has never happened before.

Because I want to miss about it everyday.

 I want to make it as our routine later when we have free time.

Escaping from busy life of a doctor, and find a getaway near the beach

With only you. Just you. You know who you are. :)

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