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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Prince charming. :)

Hi. It is raining I guess outside my room. I don't know. I can't hear anything except the sound of the airconditioner and my laptop. Well, first and foremost, thank you readers for I-don't-know-how you reach my blog. Probably I post it somewhere. Today I have my aim on what I'm going to touch upon. PRINCE CHARMING.

Yeah. That is it. Prince charming.: )

For your information, I grew up with the thought of finding one. Yeah, it started since my childhood back then. Maybe influence from the hindi movies I frequently watched (SRK is my favourite yeahh everyone knew about it LOL) on how they met their soulmates and how easily they could fall in love and with the obstacles they had to bear until finally they lived happily ever after. That kind of story I long and I wish.
Sound stupid doesn't it? Sound too fairytale kinda dreams right? But that was the truth. That was my dream.

To begin with, let me tell you guys what kind of girl I was when I was young. I knew truth to be told is quiet humiliating myself but never mind I never wish to be that kind of girl anymore haha. Well, I previously was a girl who kinda playgirl I shall say. Not in the sense of I was soo daymm hot and everyone came rushing to me that kinda thing, not that, but in the sense of me myself who preferred to just entertain or accept for whoever came in my way even I knew that guy was not the guy I looked for or even I knew they were d guys girl would never chase after for. Okay. This is so humiliating but never mind.  I will go on with my story.
Yeah with these guys I texted them when I'm bored, talked nonsense on the phone that kinda things. And tadaaa. And finally it came to so-called love and we became close. See. How easy I was back then. T. T

But deep down my heart, I knew something was not right.
For every guy I met there will always be things got in the way and we finally broke up. Yeah I did feel sad but 2 weeks or more after that, same routine continued.

As I was aging, I had this clearer thought of becoming a doctor which was my ambition since very little. Thus, during my secondary school after form 3, I stopped this habit of just entertaining everybody. I had this aim. And Alhamdulillah, I made it, I got straight A's thus pursuing my study in A level and finally mbbs. And again, the habit continued when I was in my A level except that during the time I was a bit choosy in which those with unclear future were rejected at the initial place. Again deep down my heart, it didn't feel so right falling in love with the random guys. I knew I was bad. I knew.

But these mistakes taught me a lot.

Till I met YOU. Yes. You.

I knew this feeling is special and can never be replaced. This feeling is different. Initially I thought it was just my so called fake love so I tried to resist, but the more I resist the more stronger d feeling I felt. Is this my real love? This was the question that kept me occupied so long back.

Story about my PRINCE CHARMING has faded so long back. Because I hurt too many times so I punished myself and proved myself that PRINCE CHARMING does not exist!

But you gave me hope.
You never say but your eyes did.
You never confessed initially but your care did.
You never faced me but your smile did.

Was it love?

But few things happened to both of us till finally I gave up.
It's like, "I can never get you so please get away kinda feeling. "

And Yes. Again I did very  big mistakes.
I knew you were hurt but I just didn't bother because I thought you never wanted the things I want and if you do, you never tried, still.

And that is LOVE. Allah has written your name next to me and that you are mine so we could get through first obstacles.
You confessed to me and it was the happiest moment in my life.
That was the moment I long.

And to cut short, we managed to face the next obstacles. And yes, now we are enggaged.: )

We are now preparing ourself for our big day, for the completion of our heart.:)
*sambungan bahasa ibunda sebab lagi feel *:)

Maka Allah dah tulis yang kau suamiku dan aku isterimu insyaAllah.:)
Kurang dari 14 hari, status kita bertukar.
Tanggungjawab baru bakal kita pikul. .
Kita bakal bina masjid kita sendiri dengan cinta sendiri atas redha Dia.
Genggam erat tanganku nanti, kita bahagia, ketawa bersama, biar kita tempuhi segala macam dugaan selepas ini bersama. Nangis pun biar bersama.
Aku mahu kongsi segalanya dengan kamu. Ya kamu itu. :)
Mungkin kamu itu PRINCE CHARMING yang aku impikan dulu.
Mungkin tak sesempurna PRINCE CHARMING, tapi apapun kamu,
Baik buruk kamu akan aku sayang seikhlasnya.
Aku harap kamu juga begitu.
Semoga Allah permudahkan urusan kita, jadikan kita suami dan isteri soleh dan solehah, dikurniakan zuriat zuriat yang sentiasa taat kepadaNya.
*Counting days:)*

Untuk kamu, aku sayang kamu kerana Dia.

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