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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Incompetent doctor? :(

Assalamualaikum, readers.

Hi. It's 1932 and I should have bathe myself right now, to go to library but well yeah, just wait a while. Today, I feel a bit disappointed, to what comments lecturers have put up during meeting about performances of our groups.

Professor Uduman Ali:" What have you been studying? You should know most of things in medicine now. I thought you guys are only lacking of knowledge and skills in neurology (toughest area in medicine) but it surprised me and it seems that all field of medicines you are all lacking off. You are 10th semester already (final semester before we become a doctor), you SHOULD KNOW everything, just on the tip of your tongue! "

The talk continues by Prof Uduman: "Yesterday, we had a meeting, and this issue has been brought up by Prof Lakshmi. She said none of you are competent for the final exam! Even your semester-in-change ( we know who, and it is Dr. Kolitha)  was also annoyed."

That was it. That was right after my presentation this morning regarding one Neurology case about one pakcik who has this cerebellar disorder presented with only complaints of vertigo. After the presentations, Dr Uduman asked us questions which we supposed to know but we stumbled in answering it, and not properly confident with the answer even the answer was correct.

At that point of time, I felt like going to a place to hide, where nobody could find me, I felt so disappointed and I didn't know what to do. Yeah, we've learnt all of that, but we forgot. We always forget things we should remember. It's not that we don't know a thing, it's just that we don't remember. Prompting to answer without any level of confidence really disappoints me and I know it disappoints our lecturers too :(

From that moment on, I promise myself to work my tail off, study hard and try to revise back the things I've learnt. We've come across about those things previously, and by re-reading and studying won't so much difficult, as it will stay longer in our brain as yeah we've been exposed to that kinda topics.

I know it is our responsibilities to study hard and hard and hard and I know we really should be blamed for that incompetency and lack of skills. We should practise more and more.

I really want to be A MUSLIMAH, AWESOME, SMART, INTELLIGENT, ELEGANT FUTURE DOCTOR,  yes that is my aim and goal.

O' Allah please help me in achieving that aim, remind me if I lost and forget the things I shouldn't. ;)

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