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Saturday, July 22, 2017


Love is blind. Love is hurtful but amazingly curable. Love is to give and take. You don't just put the word love if you don't really mean it by heart. You don't utter you love someone if your heart doesn't pound when you are with that particular someone or something. Why I say love is hurtful? Because we can easily tear apart / break/ disappoint by emotion if your loved one hurts you. It is just simple math literally. Loving someone means you have to sacrifice a lot of things; time, interest, hobby or maybe wealth and health. You don't simply love someone but you forget about sacrifices you need to make. You don't simply love someone but you ignores them at the point they need you or maybe you don't be with them when they are at the point of breaking. It's easy said than done I know.
When you don't sacrifice, what's the points of all those tachycardia you felt back then? What's the point of 'I swear to God I'm gonna take care of you till my last Breath'? Pointless.
Dont forget how hard to reach at today's point of time. Dont forget how complicated things back then. When you got what u wanted, you forgot your vows. When you feel satisfied, you forgot how to console, how to nurture the love, how to feel hard again. Don't regret if you lost your loved one one fine day because of whatever things you might have done but sadly you don't. Don't you regret.

Yours truly.

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