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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Have you watched/ read recent news nowadays? Be it from the net, newspapers or from other social medias like WhatsApp. The news seem to be of no ending.  I am talking about BULLY. Yes. There were so many bully cases previously but these latest three bully victims were of hot topics, Adik Taqif, Zulfarhan Osman an engineering student,navy cadet in UPNM and the latest one was T Nhaveen, an 18 year old boy.
Adik Taqif was beaten up by the wardens till subsequently he lost his limb due to advanced infection and finally passed away due to a lot of complications.
Zulfarhan was allegedly beaten up, bullied by his college mates, suffered from third degree burn whole body about 80% because of the steam iron, hit by pipes. And eventually passed away, due to severe trauma. Inalillah.
And these few days, we heard the stories about T Nhaveen ( forgive me if spelling error) that suffered brain death, currently in comatose state, again was bullied, hit, sodomised by his old high school friends.

Can you imagine the feelings of the family members especially the parents, relatives and friends of the victims? Allahuakbar. Traumatized, deep saddened, lost hope, disappointed and angry. How could they do to all of them? The parents took care well of these three victims, but were killed/ disabled by a bunch of heartless human beings.

Where is humanity? Where is sympathy? Where is Insanity? Where is love/ affection? Did their parents gave birth to devils? Hmm. With this new generation, the technology is just by the tip of the finger, getting modernized but the mentality, feeling are actually reversing backwards , believe me. What were in their minds while doing that evil acts? Dont they at least have a little bit of feeling pity to the victims?

Do you have the answers to that? Parents, teachers, should they be blamed? Or it was because of the individual problem? The subject of Civic seems of no use. They don't have morals. Maybe just maybe we should take our time,sit back and rethink hard. why It has happened?

Give proper religious knowledge / moral values to your kids, show good act to them, remind them over and over again, the acts and consequences, maybe restrict internet exposure, and most importantly monitor your kids social life. By monitor I didnt mean you being so strict, just enough you know who their friends are, whom they are going out with, their daily activities.

This is for my reminder too. May Allah protect our generation, kids from all those negative influences from outside. Wallahualam.

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