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Monday, August 9, 2010


Hey all. Salam. Nothing much, just want to steal maximum 15 minutes to create this post. It's nothing much like I said before, just want to release my burden, my brain's burden for these few days. Too much studying make you feel like stunned. I don't know whether the word 'stunned' is actually suits the situation or not, it is just that it looks nice to be written down. haha. whatever. Today, the topic is HEART. yeah, HEART. Simple, as simple as XYZ. :)

Have you ever thought of clearing your heart from all sorts of bad things that might get deposited on the wall of it? Some kind of 'things' that finally can lead to MI( Myocardial Infarction) or infective endocarditis if it involves the valves? Anyway, let's get cleared off about something. It's not that MI that we learn in medical school.( I specially point this to all medstu if any medstu who reads this post and for those who don't understand just let it be. haha. complicated kan?;p) Let's get back to the track. I don't know why the hell I simply HATE people so much. I experienced one disorder, yeah I called it as disorder anyway. Sometimes, I can turn into someone who always get mad without any specific reasons lie behind it towards somebody.What's the use to shout and scream here and there to others when you don't even know the point why you are doing so. Yeah I'm saying that to myself. Frankly speaking, there are so many times when I hate somebody without him/her doing so-called bad things to me. How cruel I am. (=.=) But, I don't know, I just can't stand with it, maybe you guys have experienced this. When you don't even know that person, but you simply can't get along with that person even you tried so hard to do so. I wish this disorder will end. As what the heart is concerned, I want to cleanse my heart. Yeah, there is no harm in changing to a better person right? *fullstop*