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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

down with the exam, down with the cycle of life

I don't know why the questions were too tough?
I am not sure what others thought, but for me, it's freaking hard and killing.
Okay, fine, it's only the block test, don't down too much, but I don't know why it really disappoint me. :'(..Can't wait for the block examss to end. I want to end this fast. =( "btw, just so you know, the half of the heart is you. "


OyOp said...

apa motif anda letak gambar movie P.S I Love You 2?? hee....btw,cite tu mmg best pon...aku ntah bape kali ntah ulang tgk...hahaha

chill.ok!! chaiyok2!! ade lg 3 paper to go...

Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa said...

best kan yop citer tu? hee. ak suker. novel pun dah khatam. lol. good luck exm yop.;))