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Saturday, December 4, 2010

hey u freak, don't simply say you know me if you don't

It's not me to tell the whole world I miss you.
It is still not me to announce to all I need you.
Don't label me as me if I say I can't life without you.
I am not that kind of typical girl who is too desperate about you.
I admit, life isn't easy and kinda freak when you are not around.
I admit, sometimes I remembered those sweet memories when I was alone.
But, again I would like to express here, I still CAN LIVE HAPPILY without YOU.

P/s: abaikan jer aper I cakap nie. This is when you are too full after eating too much. lol.:p. *mood: a bit emo*

1 comment:

C-kin a.k.a Syikin said...

ak suke caption last tu! chaiya la fi3!