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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

suture, breast examination. down!


I hate examss. I freakin hate examss. susah la, susah la exam . And tell me, was it worth I stayed up till subuh, but I couldn't answer much and screwed off my clinical skill labs? Mr. Raghuveer, you were too mean. :( and why the most easiest thing like sutures still I couldn't perform well???
Questions over questions.
This is only a BLOCK EXAM. I wonder what will happen to us later, during the study break for UNIVERSITY exam, maybe will be like panda or may turn into a monster? :/

But, whatever it is, just be POSITIVE. Try to think POSITIVE even you can't.

Suturing, next time I'll complete u within a minute! huh!


OyOp said...

lepak2...aku nye jarum bengkok kot...sempat je lg nk tukar jarum baru..wat balek sume..hee

Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa said...

tension doe. ak semngt last2 end up cmni.:(