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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm too young and too little, still. I'm sorry.

Hey. Salam.

Duhh. I've never thought about this, EVER in my life.

getting engaged at the age of 21 and getting married at the age of 22?

Oh, please. I am not that ready. Really.

And plus, I'm not into what they called ARRANGED MARRIAGE.

I prefer to find the soulmate by myself.

But people used to say that, we can't never get what we want.


Hmm. Whatever. Jodoh ketentuan di tangan Tuhan.

I want at least, my future hubby is also a doctor.

Cz doctor understands doctor.

Architect watsoever isn't my type.

I'm so sorry. Go find someone else.

I've got a BIG AMBITION.

And I want to achieve that first.

Thanks ma abah cz understanding what I want now.

Thanks cz you guys don't force me to accept this hard decision.

Love u guys infinity.:)