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Sunday, February 20, 2011

You know you are a human, and please do know that Allah loves you. :)

Do you like even bother? You don't, do you?
Mukaddimah of the day.:)

Hey, actually, I feel like writing today, something about the thing that even I don't know how to express, so hard to explain, very COMPLICATED. Sometimes, you know, little things happened and you are too carried away with the fun and joy that surround you, and you lost in the middle, even you know this will bring you to the destruction, and resentfulness at the end of the day. But, you know what, there is still a room for a change. Repenting of what you have done in the past is a good thing to have, because you are still given the chance to revert back to normal. Allah s.w.t loves to forgive His slave, because humans tend to do mistakes, and humans aren't perfect. Reflect back to what we have done, do we realise that, sometimes when we are too happy and too excited about things that bring a lot of joy to us, we tend to forget about Him, totally put Him aside. But, when we are lost in life, we feel sad, and at that time, He comes into our mind. Oh, how cruel is that. But whatever it is, He never leaves us, He is always there, He is there to listen to our prayer. He's the GREATEST.

I'm not a good girl, really. Sometimes, I do something that I know it is not good but, because I am a human, I keep doing the same mistakes. But, at the end of the day, I regret about it too much. :'(
But, at some point I know HE is always there for me, to listen to my prayers. I just gotta regret of what I done, and pray to Him, for the things that I've done. Pray that I will never repeat the same mistakes again. There is still room for a people to change.
One friend of mine said, " Kita diuji dengan macam-macam dugaan, kita digoda dengan macam-macam benda sebab Allah masih sayangkan kita, supaya kita sedar yang apa kita buat ni salah and try berubah and ambil iktibar daripada itu. Learning from a painful way is the best lesson." Thanks. =) But, once you know you've made a mistake, just stop from repeating the same mistakes over again, and try to avoid the same thing. Enough speaking about serious thingy. :) Just now, I skyped with both my parents and my siblings. I was so happy seeing their faces. Oh, miss 'em like so much. :(

Hey, guess what. :) they are my parents, same tak same tak? hehehe. ;)) Most of my friends said that, I look like my mak more, but some said, I am like my abah.. As a conclusion, I am like both of them. Wee~
Okay, that's all for now.

Quote of the day: You never know you love something when it is already gone. ;)

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