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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fairy-tale house

Hey there! Ngeee... Theory papers were all over! 
Okay, I know the results aren't released yet, but never mind, at least, the burden is over! 
I miss home already. :( Can't wait to go back home.
Hopefully, everything is okay. 
The current mode: SPEECHLESS.

Hey guyss! Hee... Can you see those 3 houses?

Haaaa, lemmi tell ya.. Those are my fairy tale houses, seriously! Heee.. Can't wait to have my own earnings and make a dream housee,,, omg so can't wait!! ;))
Yeah, I love dreaming and I love fairy-tailing.
Okay, dah, enough, nak tidur. Bubyeeeee. Muahhxxxx. XOXO.

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