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Thursday, July 14, 2011

What are words.

Salaam. Rainy day today, is it? Yeah, well since I love raining, it does give me comfort and joy. I can play in the rain, cry in the rain so that nobody can see and get wet in the rain because I have to travel from food court to reach Ajay Arcade without raincoat. =.=. Serves me right. Pemalas sangat nak pakai raincoat. Teeheee. ;)).. Watching over the rain makes me smile somehow even before that my heart had this kind of so called crushing pain. Have you heard about it? Let me tell you. It's one kind of a pain in which it hurts you so much without reasons. It is actually more of disappointment and sadness when you think it isn't worth to have this pain because you have to remember that everything happens for a reason. Yeah, I repeat, everything happens for a reason, why I didn't come to class this morning, why A happened and why B occurred. All in sequences I would say. Perfect timing.

Why should I over-disappointed about something that have been explained why A did that, why B said that? It's because I unfortunately own this fragile little heart that simply hurts when things went wrong even they were only simple things. so SIMPLE that I should just let it go. :(

But fortunately I am not that kind who extend the sadness over a long period of time. Now I am okay, not totally but okay. :)


Mak, abah, all of sudden I miss you both. I miss you both a lot :(

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