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Saturday, December 10, 2011

#Wishlist Number 1

Almost in the middle of December. Yeahhh can't wait for January to show up. Not because I want to end this year as fast as possible, but because I want to improve many things in life and fulfill my wish lists in a good way of course. From January to December 2011, many many things happened. How I get through many things including bad, good journey and how I survived.

I still remembered about 2010. Tears were my best friend during the time. From the beginning of year till the end of that year. Yeah, good things also happened but being masked by things that hurt. But, I learnt a lot that time, about true love, friendship, my heart desire, and family. Then 2011 showed up. Hello to 2011. Alhamdulillah, my heart became stronger than before, and some parts of my life chapters went well as what I wished and prayed. :). Thanks to THE ONE UP THERE who strengthened myself, so that I can stand well until today.

From now on till 2011 closes the curtain, I will write out about my wishes for next year, remind me if in case I forget and please pray for me that everything goes well. =). The wishes may not always be in order, since I will just write the wish that I remember first. :). Renew your intention people, and be ready for the upcoming challenges of life in front.

  • Note: I have registered my name for the driving class. Now I am searching for good and free weekend to start off. Good luck, Fit! =)

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