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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


sedih. they went back already. :(. but many good things happened too:). Thanks to mak and abah for willingly came and visited me. Thanks to my adik-adik too. They cheered up my busy daysss. :").. Enough of 'tuang' kelas as mak and abah usually said. ;p.. focus in my study! nak abeh belajar cepat- cepat!! =))))

By the way I forgot to update that we are already in the month of December. How time flies so fast. I am at the end of 22 already, about to become 23. But, I know and I realise that I am not yet a good, perfect, smart, hardworking adult. Yeah, ADULT. That's my middle name now. Jangan tak percaya. =P. Anyway, as before, I usually made a list of wishes that I hope they become true. Same like this year. Lots of things and wishes encircle my mind, but I think I will not yet reveal the wishes. Maybe the right time will come and that time maybe I will update about those wishes later. =).

Audry is still the same. No improvement. =.=.

Thanks to him too for willingly joined the club. Sorry for any troubles during our journey together. :). And just want to let you know that you look pretty much coooll while driving. ;))

Good bye for now. :).

video ni takde kaitan dengan post di atas. it is just that, i love the song. =). untuk kamu.

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