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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Salaah. :)

It's too much. Way too much. I just finished less than 50% of CVS while RS remains untouched. Test is just tomorrow. T_T. Now, my head is full already, have to write something to relax it before another trigger. Yeah, medicine. Don't mumble. It's your choice. Be grateful to Him for giving you the chance to study and to learn about all these stuffs. Not everybody is lucky.

Actually, there's something that pop up my mind since this morning, about how sick people perform their prayers. Based on the study I've read, 90% of Muslims( particularly in Malaysia) stop praying while they are sick. Quite a sad fact, right. We always get reminded that, Islam is easy, if you can follow. Islam never burden the slaves. But, why we use the excuse 'sick' to stop praying? It supposed to be this way: The more sicker you are, the more closer we are to the Highness. Kan? Hurm. Anyway, why this thing become the main topic is because I just read about this in the hospital itself. One of the writers said that, those who couldn't perform the prayer while standing can perform the salaah while sitting on the bed, or even if things are even worse, the patients can perform the prayers while lying down on the bed. Ya Allah. :"). It's not a problem at all for those who are admitted in hospital for chronic, acute or untreatable diseases to perform the salaah.

So think about it people. To those medical students out there, or doctors, use this chance to advise the patients to continue praying even if they are sick . It's our duties. Remember, Islam is the way of life, and it is simple if we really understand about it.

That's all for now. Gotta finish what's left. Davidson, MacLeod is waiting for me. Till then, goodbye and salaam. =)

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