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Monday, September 17, 2012

Honeymoon Trip

Salam and hello everybody. Just now I watched some photos of my friend, just married. She went to Japan for honeymoon with her husband. So enjoyable and amazing trip, I think based on the photos! :)) Then, all of a sudden, a light bulb popped into my mind. Where would I go for my honeymoon later? Hehe, I know, it is too early to think about but who cares, that's my dream , so let it be right? ;)
I dream of one one place in which I think most of you who follows my blog would not. It's Eiffel Tower!! I've been told by so many friends who have been there, that not much things in Eiffel Tower, you just go there, and have a look at it, not much you can do. I know, I know, maybe they are right. But, I wish to go there myself and feel it myself. :)) .

So, as one of my honeymoon wish, I really wish to travel around Europe! :) Have to start saving money from now. :) I don't think I can spend a month for honeymoon since insyaAllah I will be a doctor one day, and you already know how busy the doctor would be. But, a week is enough for me, at least a week. Hee. Because I also know that once I become a doctor, there will be less less time to travel.. :( . But who cares! Europe trip please, Europe trip! And plus, my future hubby really so into Man U, and being able to visit the Manchester would be his dream too! Why don't we combine, and go there during the honeymoon? Hee. I'm too excited right now. :)) . Yes, we plan, and HE is the one who is the best planner.

But, so far, this is my dream. Europe Honeymoon Trip, with no one else but you, yeah you-know-who-you-are. :))

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