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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sip of coffee

I give myself 5 minutes to write a poem. That's it. Five minutes, then I have to start studying!

A sip of coffee in the evening
A cold, calm and peaceful weather surround the atmosphere
I'm blessed of what I have and yes I do
Off all the greatest things I have
I can never say no and can never sigh
Why am I being chosen among all others?
Why I should bear the responsibilities of future, why not others?

The answer is simple
Because it is meant to
HE wants it that way
and He believes of my capability to stay strong, to help ummah
To cure those who in need, those who is weak
Strength and choices are all ours
Being in this path long time back I thought it was a mistake
This path ain't easy as it seems
Ain't cooler as it looks
A lot of hardship and hard work I must throw
To be seen and to be appreciated
Time is leaving us behind
O Allah, bless us all, help us to achieve what we aim for, what we long

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