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Friday, August 15, 2008

speaking is not dat hard fi3

Bein good to me. I will b good to u. No such thing as 'be nice even people are not nice towards us'.

I know something. This is what we called 0ne-to-one relationship. No matter what, one should

understand the other.Stop babbling. Today I've done my pre speaking test for my I.E.LT.S..huh.

Not a good try at all. So much 'erm' word i used while speaking. Miss Anujah said that i have the

idea but I paused too long with the word 'erm' to continue the next sentence. Hurm. I have to

improve a lot. Tomorrow I have 2 hours slot with her. I hope i really can do well. dat's it. Since

I.E.L.T.S is around the corner....I want to get at least band 7 during my exam. Wanna fly.

wanna fly.wanna fly....

wanna fly!

wanna fly!

wanna fly!!

wanna fly!!

YES, I will!!!!


That's it. Da~


lepatpisangkenamakan said...

u'll fly~~~~ huhu~~~~

Fi3LiNa said...

i will...but
waa! takot..

iman ka said...


all done and over with..

Fi3LiNa said...

haha.gonna sit for ielts dis 28th..
wish me luck iman!:P