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Saturday, August 30, 2008

settle one task.

Alhamdullilah. Thanks to Allah as

I have already done one of the test which is ielts test

today. Yeah. It involved speaking,listening, reading

and writing. What can I say? It is not too

hard..And not too easy. I juz follow the flow. And I

can do it. Hope my band that will come out

soon will make me smile again. Okeyh. Sudah

berbicara pasal i.e.l.t.s...They are lot more thing to

think..Which is A2 trial which will begin this

coming MONDAY. Harap dapat buat dgn baek

lah. The exam begins with pure maths 3... I love mr

razib! hehe... suker....lalala... orayt lah. since it

has been such a long time since i updated my daily

horoscope. hee..a bit busy with lots of thing...

But now i steal some free time juz to update all that.

ni permintaan ramai...haha [perasan!] Hurm.

Lately I'm juz wondering. Y ppl love to hide

something? Y dun ya tell da truth? It's better kn.Jgn

simpan dlm hati.Nanti merana! hurm.still

searching for the answer. Okayh. Dis is it. The daily


You just aren't sure what makes the most sense today, for you have temporarily lost your ability to analyze what's happening and to separate the facts from the fiction. You truly want to believe others now, which can set you up for disillusionment later on. Although you usually have good taste, current decisions made on subjective preference can lead you astray.

Hari ni aku malas nak komen paper... one thing that i can say is that... aku lapar neh. Waa.. Da ngarut



lepatpisangkenamakan said...

gd luck lin in ur exam... all da best... i pray for ur success and hope u will get wut u dream... take care n smile always~~ peace~~~

lepatpisangkenamakan said...

lg satu, slamat ulangtahun kelahiran ke-19.... n slamat berpuasa....