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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i have no right,and so do u.

Salam Mr Chocolate. Here I am again. Thanks for those who wish me Happy Birthday and thanks for remembering me thou.I am sooo glad! :D..Btw, I have already started my classes for the 3rd block last Monday. The results for the 2nd block was ok with some improvement. As usual, I have to work more and add more efforts for the next two blocks, keep advising me myself. Hmm...for this entry, I just got something lingers in my mind. Something that keeps haunting me these few days. It is not so serious which can give great effects in my life but it makes my mood as dull as the cloudy day.uhuu i guess.I keep thinking y people can't appreciate me as what I am? Y people say I always make things complicated but it shouldn't be that way? I don't know what should I answer them. Ohoo..That was one thing. I got another stuff that I keep thinking till now. Saying that you are serious with me but then u lost without news even I know it was my fault cause I missed a call that very fine day? Okehh.I admit I was wrong for choosing the silent mode that day even I was not that busy...Okehh...Then, i waited again for the next day, hoping i would receive another phone call but I was wrong for giving too much hope. I was wrong. On the date of 28th of August I came back to Manipal. I forgave but I regretted for the decision. Maybe I shouldn't. :(. For the one that the name cannot be mentioned I am so sorry. Maybe I should just let you go. Go on with your life there, I will go on with my life. It is just not so right for us to stay even longer cause I have already turned back to my principle. Wassalam.

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