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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh, I don't care~

Today, I feel like writing. Hmmm, it's been ages since I last wrote and updated Chocolate. I mean, update about my current life, story and how it flows recently.Yeahh, as usual, exam was just ended. Outcome? I don't know yet, but what I can say for the time being, I'm regretted of what I did for this whole third block. I played around, spent time doing things I shouldn't, cried for those simple little things that I should really put those matters aside. But, that was it. I can't turn back and correct it. The only time to regret is now, before University Exam shows its shadow very soon. As what people keep saying to me, when I sighed to them, " U still have time Fitri to catch back what you have left before, to grab back what u lost before and to start struggling back from day one." Ohh, I nodded. That is what I should realise long before, before it's too late. :(. As a summary, what I can say now, I want to focus back again in Block 4. I'll make sure things were not the same as the previous block. Hmm, I believe in one quote, that keeps me in the line till now.
"People make mistakes cause they are not perfect.
Learn from the mistakes and live your life."

That is it for my current update in my study. Love? Don't have one till now. Huh? Does it matters after all those tears that surrounded me last 2 months? I'd better stop. Disappear like as if nothing happens really get into my nerves now. But, so what. Do I look like I care? I'm well HAPPY now with my life.(:. U are like pieces of those poems that u used to give me, and now I've thrown it away already cause it made my heart sick and plus, my Chaurasia is far better to be read and memorise compared to your so-called-love-poem. I love ANATOMY more okay? =)

Should stop now I think. I got some more planss tonight.(:

MOVIE MARATHON jom newarn? ^-^