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Monday, November 30, 2009

i am a medical student.so be strong!

Being a medical student teaches me a lot.
  • Settle things earlier than dateline because each day there will be lot of things added up.
  • To keep strong even sometimes you can't score the exams even you study so hard the night before.
  • Be confident of what you did without questioning what might be the circumstances afterwards.
  • Put all your love life aside cause you don't have so much time to think about those stuff plus, no one will understand the 'busyness' of medical student.
  • tears are my best friend these few days.
  • closer to Him cause He will always be there to listen to your prayers.
  • Make me smiling everyday trying to chill myself though I know lots of things to be finished off.


1 comment:

nadiah fatin said...

be positive all the time
keep smiling dear~
ohh..and keep eating like a gajah so bile ade tamu mangalore dtg x dpt tamu tu nak makan..ahahahaahaha~