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Friday, November 20, 2009

simply let it go.

Suddenly, it haunts me. I try to ignore it, but it keeps bugging me all the night. Suddenly, I reminisced the past memories which made me smile a long time ago with a sweetest smile ever. But, why am I keep thinking those little things when you don't even care how I feel? Do you deserve all this? Do you suppose to see what you shouldn't? Do you think what I might think when you did this to me? I wonder and wonder. It is all masked by a fake care that u seems to say every time you try to make me believe you. Will I enter your trap again? Will I just allow myself to be caught again? Am I willing to face what people might say later? Am I willing to hurt people again like I did those days before? I question but I don't even see the answer or the clues for the answer. People say the history is just a history. Just let it be and don't make it change your life in future. That is it. Enough is enough. The bruises will always be there.

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