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Monday, October 18, 2010

blurr thingy

Have you ever thought, being neglected from something at one point.
Haihhh, duh. IDK. Sometimes, there are little things that shouldn't be a big matter, or shouldn't be a strong point to get too sensitive. Okay. Don't misunderstand. I said this to myself, truly to myself. When sometimes I am not included in their conversations, I don't really care and matter much because people used to label me as 'blurrrr' little girl who knows nothing. yeahhh I pretty agree of what they said, but somehow, and in some situations I'm not blurr anymore. I'm not a seven-year-old-girl who just live happily with the chocolate and lollipop each and every day without having a care to the world, I'm NOT that girl. I'm grown up. I'm 21. Officially, 21. Please. at least treat me like an older person who can think well and without having thought in mind that I'm a blurrrrrr gal AGAIN.
oK, ENOUGH. Penat dahhh. :( Btw, I miss 'maya' my scooter so much. I really need her, to go somewhere with her. ALONE. :( Maya come back home please and get well very soon. IMY. =((((

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