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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hangin on, gal.


It's a very free weekend. Free kah? Neways, actually I've got lot of things to be settled, like for example:

* settle my Journalss which are increasing day by day
* check out regarding MSP Poster.
* Studyyinggg.

But, I've done nothing on the last. In fact, I did something which weren't good enuf like:

* chatting n talking non-stop
* movie: Recently watched: Letter to Juliet.
* Eating and eating till I guess I've gained some weight. urghh. pretty cool! =.=

Whatever it is, gotta have d spirit and momentum to start struggling again.
I keep telling myself.
"At the end of this year, Imma have Unis exam. Please set that in mind. Fail? Mintak simpang sangat. :/. Cuak, of coz.

SO, Fit and all her friends, please realise that biggie thing is comin up and don't just waste your time doin something you pretty well know that it is just wasted time.

BEST OF LUCK all. =)

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