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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Nira.

Salam.. I'm here, maybe will be the last time I blog here in Manipal as such.. :(.. 5 days left, to be exact. I wish I have some extra days to feel and to appreciate Manipal as maximum as I can.. Yeah. Time is flying and we can't deny it for more. Either you wish the time to stop or to pause, it will however continue ticking leaving the rests of remaining seconds behind.

I just came back from celebrating my twin's birthday, MUNIRA MASRI. She is 22 years old on the dot. :P.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAYANG... So happy for her. Have a blast, my dear. :)

Gambar suatu masa dulu di Malpe.:)

Second of all, tonight wasn't a good night for me. I didn't know what happened and why, but I felt so much gloomy and sad. Maybe people will see me as 'just fine' but I am so not okay. :'(.. Sometimes, I wish for something to happen but, at the end of the day it turned out to be some other ways that happened.:( Yeah I know I have to accept the fact that others may not fulfill what you want, because not all agree and have time to follow what you want. :(. Enough speaking about that. T_T.

Anyway, I suppose to call Mak today but since I didn't have time to recharge I have to postpone my wish.. I really want to know what happened to her thigh,  was it getting better or get worsen? Mak, get well soon. Sayang n rindu mak. ;(

And last but not least, just want to tell you guys. I'm gonna sit for comprehensive exams on 17 and 18th August. The subjects are as follows:

  • OBG
I didn't even started yet. Maybe tonight and maybe I postpone it till tomorrow. Depend on the mood.  Good- nite peeps. Sleep tight.

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